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Galaxy Trucker

56 out of 63 gamers thought this was helpful

Nothing really new to say, but we’ve been having a lot of fun lately since the Missions expansion came out and I felt like promoting and piling on.
One of the most fun gaming experiences with every sitting.
The new Missions expansion has re-energized our group for this chaos game.

The first part is an enjoyable exercise in building and planning. the speed element adds tension and can fluster some folk.

The 2nd half, the Flight, is always a chaotic, often hysterical race to see who’s carefully constructed starship will be blown to smithereens the least/best. But it isn’t just a sit-back-and-let-the-fates-whack-you-with-adventure-cards thing. There are important decisions to be made at every turn (whether to sacrifice crew or wait, to land for cargo or race to front, spend the batteries now or save for later, etc).

And when the USS Enterprise-shaped ship has it’s single connector neck piece obliterated by Sabotage or the Pirates’ lasers, leaving that player to decide which half of their ship to leave behind, their opponents will always moan in sympathy (or raucous laughter and high-fives, the schadenfreude is real).

Approached with a light heart and good sense of humor (and expectation of losing, perhaps spectacularly) and this Vlaada game is tough to beat for an hour or two of ridiculous fun!

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Dixit Odyssey

59 out of 66 gamers thought this was helpful

Truly. What a wonder to behold this game was/is.
It had been on my (peripheral) radar for a long time, just never pulled the trigger. Got the base game for a good deal at GenCon 2012 and sprung it on my weekly Game Group (NWIBGA) the following Monday. I expected mixed reviews, but was dying to give it a play. Wow. It was a smash. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but if you knew our game group: Euro-gamers, Ameri-Trashers, historical/military war-gamers, minis gamers, the whole shebang, you’d be more impressed!

I immediately decided to dive in 100% and ordered 2 and Odyssey (to expand to 7-12 players)!

I love Marie Cardouat’s artwork (1 & 2), and Pierô’s work in Odyssey is true to form & theme. A little weird, yes. Some cards might evoke “creepy” imagery, esp in young players, too. But all are so wild and fantastical that you can see the same card 10 times (and I have now) and find 10 different things in it that inspire you! THIS is truly the wonder of the game.

Since the purpose of the game is to get at least one, but not all, of the other players to guess your card, itmakes sense to pick out a person or two (best friend, mate, sibling) and go for the “inside joke” that only they would know. But it’s really funny how many times that doesn’t work!

This game is very creative, entertaining, and full of laughs and memorable moments. It’s also a pretty quick play, even with a ton of players.

I’ve played with creative people (they adore it), engineers (they don’t fare so well, one didn’t care for it, admittedly), war-gamers (who all, surprisingly, liked it, one buying it immediately for his kids), and even our Euro-gamers (majority like it alot). So, no, we aren’t 100%, but since i’ve played it with about 30 different people now and only 3 really did not like it, i’d say it’s a hit and worth your attention.

Oh, it can play as few as 3, but seems to hit a sweet spot of about 5-8 players.

Find your muse, dazzle your friends with your wit, and get your creative juices flowing! DIXIT!

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153 out of 180 gamers thought this was helpful

Railways quickly jumped to my Favorite Game spot. After first few plays (on Western US map), I realized that I had discovered a game system that I enjoyed immensely, regardless of how well I did. It was the Process that I enjoyed, the Gameplay. Not simple, but not complex either, Railways takes Pick Up & Delivery and Route-Building to the next level from Gateway games like T2R. Once players know the game, it can be played quite quickly too! The goods distribution and card draw order keep each game different from the last. I can’t recommend this game system enough to those ready for the Next Step!

My group have now played all of the expansions –
* Eastern USA (comes w Base Game) – 10. NE is a battle! Great map with 4-5P.
* Western USA – 10. Excellent map for 5-6P! VAriety of geography make it new each time! (Use the rotors w/ all maps once you get this one!)
* Mexico (also in Base Game) – 7. Good Starter Map for 2-3P. 2P is good, 3P is brutal & combative. Not my favorite.
* Europe – 10. Tricky due to geography, but our favorite. Gets a bit nasty w/ 5P. Best w 4P. 3P is ok, but ends too quickly! There’s also a fan-made Military History Event Deck that we find really enjoyable.
* England/Wales – 9. Very balanced, good for beginners. Good 3-5P. Geography makes it less confrontational.
* Australia (fan variant) – 8. Ok w 4, best w 5. Very fun, “donut-shaped” map (5P forces people to leave the coast and go into the center.
* Railways Through Time – 7. Neat twist on the game, lets players jump from board to board, each board representing a diff time period!
* North America (Canada) – 8. Nice new map, mines are a good addition, ferries haven’t been a huge hit w us yet.
* North America (Trans-Continental) – 5. A disappointment. Our resident Game Designer re-did it (as a Team Game on E.US & W.US simultaneous!) and we like his version a whole lot better. 9.
* California Gold Rush (fan variant) – 9. Very fun, with interesting Gold Rush mechanic. A new favorite map!

EVENT DECK – 10. Essential addition. Adds some randomness, but all thematic and you can customize the deck for your group’s taste. We don’t play w/o anymore.

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