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Welcome to the Dungeon

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You all stand at the entrance to the dungeon, but only one will enter: the bravest, the craziest, or maybe just the one who hasn't had a chance to flee yet!

To see who has the guts to enter, take turns setting aside equipment or adding monsters to the dungeon. Are you tough enough to hit the dungeon? Or will you let someone else go down -- and hope they stay down?

Welcome to the Dungeon is a subtle game of "chicken." Don't get cold feet, but enjoy icing your opponents!

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“this review isn't for everyone, nor is the game... Yet.”

This review might not be for you. If you are a game collector this review will be a 9, but if you are a game buyer… Yeah… This review is a 5… Currently.

So, back when the only games we owned were Ticket to Ride and King of Tokyo we were vacationing outside London for Christmas. We were in Lovely Kent and were planning on moving the vacation into London on Boxing Day. Quick aside for tourists… If an englander tells you London is lovely on Boxing Day because everyone stays home trust that they haven’t been to London on Boxing Day since the War!

Well, despite the millions of people per square of sidewalk cement we found ourselves at a small game store on a circle not far from a more famous circle down in the shopping district. If I can find it on google maps again I’ll give them a plug here later. (Future Mike here… Cambridge Circus stop on the subway tube thing (what a great downtown shop!! (Go there and buy more games!)))

Anyway, we saw all sorts of games we’d never seen before and needed some extra hel from the staff. They let me buy Zombies!! (Which we loved for many nights) and then recommended Love Letters, eh… Ok, I’ll try it, I said. Oh… We use the rule that you are actually tripping to poison the princess! Said the clerk. Sold! Said my 8yo.

On our way out, the clerk suggested we take Coup too.

We loved love letters, loved (for a few nights) Zombies!!, but could not like Coup.

We didn’t get it. I hated lying. My wife was WAY too good at it. We were always looking at the cheat sheet trying to remember the powers… We hated it (except for my wife) and never played it again… No strategy. Lie or die.

75 games later we pulled it out again and we ALL loved it.

So, currently we HATE Welcome to the Dungeon. There is nothing to this game. Pick a hero, put down some powers and dump in some monsters. Count the cards, divide by three pull a power wait for two more to go and PASS! As soon as you pass someone else will pass and it is some poor soul’s time to die. Sorry… We’ll just wait until you die and continue on.

That’s all this game is to us, toss a few monsters, pull a few random power cards and pass,

I can’t see much more than that! Is it a great concept? Oh yeah! I love the idea and I really wanted it to be Love Letter and not Coup. But now, I just wishwe could find the bit of Coup that we were missing and let it come to this game.

Oh, but there are 4-different heroes to use… No, not really. They kinda all seem the same.

Oh, but each hero has a different color… Yup, there’s that.

Look – everything about this game should be perfect! For those small games we play so much..l Coup, love Letter (franchise), port royal, franks zoo, bohnanza, mü, even Shadows over Camelot: the Card Game that we love so much… I so wanted this game to be a part of that! I spend 150 days a year on a bus, and this game could be such a wonderful addition…

But it isn’t.



But I don’t think so.

We are trying to keep it coming out to see if someone will find a path to strategy and then to actually winning… Maybe. Gah, I wish I liked this!

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“A push your luck game that pushed its luck too far for me”

Nice art, good price, a solid game with a couple flaws. First is the “well, I died, so I’ll just sit over here while the rest of you have fun” effect. It’s just not fun 2 of 4 players die and are playing with their phones for 15-20min. The second issue is replay value because the complexity is hard to find. There is some bettering strategy involved but it falls flat unless a couple of the players are playing randomly. That said, if you get addicted to pushing your luck and maybe have some drinks on hand this might be your game.


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