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The Gamer represents each member's overall experience and participation with the site. Improving your Gamer score and leveling is something to be proud of, and even boast about!
Gamer Quests

Your Gamer
Score & Level Seal

Almost everything you do on this site will boost your Gamer XP. Reaching Gamer level 1 rewards you with a wax seal for your avatar, which shows your gamer level. Once logged in, your user ID at the top of the page will show your gamer score progress.

Gamer score and level seal

Unlocking &
Buying Avatars

As you level-up as a Gamer, you will unlock avatars that can be purchased with the BG gold you've earned!

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Unlocking avatars

Give a heart

Hearting costs 20 BG gold, but it's worth it! Games you heart will go on your profile game shelf which displays how many hearts you’ve given each game. You will also help boost the game's popularity.

The number of hearts you can give per day is 1 + 1 per Gamer level. (ie: a level 2 gamer can give 3 hearts out each day)

profile game shelf and hearting button

Track your plays

Tracking when you play games is a great way to show your experience with a game. Games you’ve played will be put on your profile shelf, along with showing how often you’ve played them.

Each day you can say you played up to 2 games + 1 additional game for every 2 Gamer levels. (ie: a level 2 Gamer can say they played 3 games each day)

profile game shelf and played it today button
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