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High Noon - Board Game Box Shot

High Noon

| Release Date: 2020 Q4

High Noon is a stimulating journey into an alternate dimension with charismatic and diverse characters that become familiar faces in a high stakes game of intrigue, vengeance, and redemption. In a Western Epic with unfinished railroads, red rock deserts, native aboriginal warbands and gunslinging bandits. High Noon creates a fun, competitive and selectively cooperative experience for players to eliminate opponents on the board to be the “Last Posse Standing” or collect the most gold within 12 rounds of intense action. While no dice are required, High Noon players draw cards to entice their actions. The game has captured a broad appeal by being relatively easy to learn yet allowing the element of strategy to obtain a winning edge.

Unlike other board games, High Noon is ever-expanding. The board consists of beautifully designed tiles that represent buildings, roads and various terrain which can be arranged in any formation, ensuring no two games are ever alike. Throughout the game, players control groups of characters known as “posses” using multiple decks of cards. Each deck is unique to each team, giving them special abilities to use while attacking their opponents. To entice further actions, every battlefield is filled with crates of randomized loot that players can equip and customize their characters with. Additionally, new poses are introduced throughout the story arch of the High Noon Universe, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. Players can collect them all or choose their favorites, providing for a unique and versatile play experience with no wrong way to pick your posse and dominate the board.

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Game should be released in 2020 Q4, so watch the news!

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