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Go to the Last Will page
JohnBoer {Strategy Gamer} Apr 13th, 2024
“Last Will: A Race to Financial Ruin”

Last Will is a delightful blend of strategy and chaos, where the objective isn’t to amass wealth but to shed it as quickly as possible. Gather your friends (3-4 players) for a hilarious romp through financial mismanagement in this engaging board game.

The beauty of Last Will lies in its simplicity yet depth. While the goal seems straightforward—lose all your money—the paths to bankruptcy are diverse and intriguing. Whether you opt for a streamlined property strategy or explore other avenues, the game ensures a nail-bitingly close competition every time.

Seasoned players, known as “Last Will veterans,” may seem unbeatable in their ability to hemorrhage cash at breakneck speed. Yet, what sets Last Will apart is its uncanny balance. Regardless of the chosen tactic, victory—or rather, defeat—is always within reach. It’s a testament to the game’s design that every strategy, when fully exploited, leads to a thrilling race to insolvency.

But beware: changing tactics mid-game is akin to financial suicide. Last Will punishes indecision with merciless efficiency, making each decision a high-stakes gamble.

For newcomers, the learning curve may be steep, and victory against experienced players may seem elusive at first. However, the journey from financial solvency to destitution is brimming with laughter and camaraderie, ensuring fun from the very first playthrough.

In conclusion, Last Will is a captivating and refreshingly unique board game experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the world of financial folly, Last Will promises hours of laughter, strategy, and memorable moments. So gather your friends, embrace your inner spendthrift, and embark on a journey to financial ruin like no other.

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Go to the Stone Age page
“One of the easier games to pickup”

Some Eurogames can be pretty heavy but Stone Age is not so much so. Probably a good entry into this type of gaming and a go to for our family.

Rules are fairly easy to remember, setup is quick, and there are many elements and actions you can do. Only drawback for those that are unlucky, is that there is a cup of dice involved for materials and strategy needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Still a great game and one we get out when we want to spend a couple of hours on a rainy day.

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Go to the The Settlers of Catan page
TomTraplin Feb 28th, 2024
“An exceptionally simple, yet deep game with tons of replayability”

Catan is a great intro game before getting into more complex titles. It’s one of my favourites for playing with friends and is typically the game I refer to most when talking about board games to try for people who haven’t played more than Monopoly and Scrabble before.

It’s all about gathering up resources, trading with your pals (or not, if you’re feeling sneaky), and building up your spots on the board to snag those victory points. It’s got this perfect mix of luck and strategy that means you’re always engaged, but you don’t have to be a grandmaster strategist to stand a chance of winning.

I can’t speak on the expansions other than the 5-6 player one, but the base game is a timeless classic. What’s really cool about Catan is how it’s pretty much become the poster child for getting into more modern board games. It’s not just about rolling dice and moving pieces; it’s about thinking ahead, making deals, and sometimes, a little bit of luck. And it’s super social. You’re not just staring at the board; you’re chatting, laughing, and yeah, maybe a bit of friendly trash-talking.

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Go to the A Victory Lost page
Belisarius88 Aug 25th, 2023
“Hex and Counter Done RIght”

This is a simple operational game on the eastern front that gives both sides opportunities to defend and attack as well as take chances with the chit pull activation system. It has an epic feel that puts you in charge of the overall theater commander. My one complaint is that it needs a reprint with larger counters. It was created by the now highly regarded Japanese designer Tetsuya Nakamura, who most recently designed Traces of War on the same theater by VUCA Simulations.

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Go to the The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow page
Oddity Games {Avid Gamer} Apr 16th, 2023
“The Best Social Game for Large Friend Groups”

If you know your friends and you know their persuasion skills, this is the game for you. A murder-mystery at the dinner table and just an overall fantastic experience that you can pick up for less than $10 most of the time!
Best for groups too that like to get into costume for game night as well, My group is one of those and it just adds to the experience. I don’t know what else to say, play it!

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