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Gamer - Level 9
Explorer - Level 6
Guardian Angel
Go to the Chimera page
Marvin K. {Avid Gamer} Feb 26th, 2020
“Rarity-Balanced 3 player game”

This is a rarity. A game designed for 3 players that overcomes one of the main stumbling blocks for 3 player games-one player vs. 2 that leads to 1 being beat up the whole game or running away with the game. The game mechanisms deal with this problem. The game will be played at least 4 hands and usually 6 or 7 or occasionally longer. the play is as follows: Shuffle the deck and 1 of the players who is not the dealer(choose your own method of selection) cuts the deck and then flips the top card from the lower half face up and places it on top of the top 1/2 of the deck and then places bottom half on top 1/2 of deck. Then deal top 3 cards from deck into a pile face down and set them aside. This is the “Chimera’s Nest”. Deal out all remaining cards into 3 piles 1 for each player. After looking at your cards you can bid 20, 30 or 40 or pass. Passing does not eliminate your chance to bid on future rounds. If the bidding passes all players twice the cards are turned in and re-dealt. On this second round of bidding if everyone passes the dealer has to then make a mandatory 20 bid. The bid winner adds the “nest” cards to his hand and plays first. The object of the hand is to be the first person to get rid of all of his cards. If the player who made the bid goes out first he gets double his bid plus points for all 2s and 11s captured as well as certain special bonus points. If he doesn’t go out first he gets negative points for his bid but still gets 2s and 11s. There is a reference card for each player on what are legal plays and you must follow the type of trick played with a higher trick of that type. There are also traps-which are 4 of a kind are playing the 2 special cards in the deck together. The other 2 players win the round if one of them goes out first(doesn’t matter who) and both get 20 points for “setting” the bid winner and points for the 2s and 11s they capture, but none for the traps played.

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2 out of 2 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Go to the Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig page
Maturemindedgamers {Avid Gamer} Feb 17th, 2020
“Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig - Played and Reviewed!”

Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig is published by Stonemaier Games as part of a collaboration with Bezier Games. It’s a fun cooperative tile placement game that seems daunting at first because of all the pieces, but isn’t that bad. Once all players get the hang of it, the game flows very well. I found the scoring at the end to be the slowest part, as with almost all tile based scoring it tends to take forever to figure out who actually wins.
We did a video review for it.

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5 out of 5 gamers thought this review was helpful
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Gamer - Level 9
Explorer - Level 6
Guardian Angel
Go to the Wingspan: European Expansion page
Marvin K. {Avid Gamer} Feb 15th, 2020
“new birds and new mechanisms added”

The base game focuses on birds of the Americas and has excellent art and is a fun engine builder. This expansion continues by adding the European birds. You still have the same excellent art work. In addition to adding the birds you also get new bonus cards, and new game mechanisms. You can now get birds that have end of the round bonus scores and once per turn bonuses such as “once per turn if another player takes the lay eggs action this bird will lay 1 egg in an X type nest of another bird”. This can give potentially higher scores and new engines to build during the game. If you enjoyed the original game I believe you will enjoy these new possibilities.

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6 out of 7 gamers thought this review was helpful
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Movie Lover
Comic Book Fan
Go to the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game Starter Set page
Mat {Avid Gamer} Feb 15th, 2020
“All Wings report in...”

My favorite game, my main game, which I play every week. A miniatures game for people who don’t play minis games… and for those who do as well! Beautiful prepainted models, great components overall, easy-to-learn rules, simple movement/maneuver mechanics, replayability, strategy/tactic/luck/bluff, it has it all.

I’ve been playing since the release of the First Edition, in 2012. The Second Edition has been released in 2018 and it made everything much better: balance, easier access, streamlined rules, ability for designers to keep tweaking the game as needed through the new “digital” point system, etc. The points for ships/pilots/upgrades are no longer printed directly on the cards. It’s all managed with an app now, with updates about twice a year. There are several options too for this: the official FFG app and third-tier ones. There are pdf files on FFG’s Website as well with all the relevant info for players who don’t want to go digital.

There are also 7 factions now (instead of the 3 available in First Edition): Rebellion, Empire, Scum & Villainy, Resistance, First Order, Republic, Separatist. And you no longer need to buy expansions across factions to get some hard-to-find upgrades like in 1st Ed. If you want to play Rebels for example, you just get the Rebel ships you wish to fly and you won’t be missing anything. There is a Core set with cards, tokens, dice, maneuver templates and 3 ships: 2 TIE Fighters and 1 X-Wing BUT if you want to play other factions and don’t need those ships, you can now just buy the templates, dice and (very soon) a faction-themed damage cards deck separately and, of course, the ships you want and be ready to play.

Gameplay is pretty straightforward. Each turn you secretly select a maneuver for each ships with its matching dial. Then, in ascending initiative order, you reveal and executes maneuvers and select actions. After, it’s engagement time, where ships attack/defend this time in descending initiative order. The last step of a round is the cleanup phase where you remove certain types of tokens. This is the most common format of the game, where the objective is to destroy your opponent’s squad. There are now several other formats available, like free-for-all (where more than 2 players each have 1 ship and play until someone has a predetermined number of points), missions/scenario/objective games, Epic play with or without the game’s Huge ships, etc.

I hope this review/overview was helpful. I love this game and the 2nd Ed. is SO much better.

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6 out of 6 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Go to the Western Legends page
Maturemindedgamers {Avid Gamer} Jan 24th, 2020
“A Fun Western Showdown”

Saddle up! Because today we are talking about Western Legends by Kolossal Games. It’s a choose your own play style Wild West centric game. You can play a variety of characters; some start you out on the lawful side, others the lawless side. You can still decide to go bad on all characters, but once your bad there’s no going back as they say. While choices did seem a little limited on what actions to take it did help streamline things that could normally bog down similar style albeit Heavier Titles such as Xia: Legends of a Drift System by Far Off Games.


You start off the game as a Famous or sometimes Infamous, Wild West Character. You are seeking Legendary Status and you must choose between two paths. Marshal (Lawmen) or Wanted (Outlaw). Each path provides multiple ways to earn Legendary Status (Victory Points) while limiting you on how you can interact with the world. Being an outlaw provides quick and easy Legendary Points every round, but you have to watch out for the Sheriff (A NPC) who is roaming the Country looking to bring Justice to the West. From robbing banks, stealing cash or cattle from your friends the West is not a safe place. As other players may be working with the Law trying to stop your nefarious deeds and bring Frontier Justice by way of creating their own Legend. Which bring us to the Lawmen. Fighting off countryside Bandits, transferring cattle safely to the train or arresting outlaws the lawmen life was never easy, and it isn’t about to get any easier as legendary points do not come as quickly but are much less risky.

You can also just entertain yourself with poker, both with other players and the house if no one else is game. Each player looks at his hand of poker cards trying to make the best possible set with the river cards, all while staring your opponent in the eye trying to read his bluff. These cards are not only used for poker, but combat as well, so keeping that ace up your sleeve might be more valuable later.

Combat is straight forward and not a long-drawn-out affair or a dice fest. You and your opponent both lay down 1 poker card to decide the winner, high card wins. Most cards have other abilities, some are reactions to being played and others are actions themselves, which adds some fun and variety to combat. They do a good job of balancing the cards, lower value cards which are not good at winning fights, tend to have better reactions, thus giving some balance.

Quick, easy and stress-fully entertaining. The world does give other options that you can follow. Let’s not forget after working in the mines digging for gold, you can always sit back with a brew at the Local tavern and play some simplified Poker Mini-games or stop at the Local brothel to unload some of that extra cash. The west sure did have its perks.


The biggest complaint we had about this game was the component quality. Western Legends comes with a handful of miniatures. These are barely up to board game quality. Maybe if this game was made 15 years ago it would be amazing. But with other companies doing such a great job with miniatures these days like Fantasy Flight Games and CMON. I really think they need to up the quality on this one to justify the hefty price tag. The game comes with ALOT of cards. Standard card stock, while not bad, again I do feel this game especially the poker deck should have hard paper quality upgraded to linen finished cards. Also included in the game is a little cardboard general store, which is basically a tray that holds all the things you can purchase/upgrade. I’m not sure if the board thickness was not where it needed to be or if the quality of board, but it seemed flimsy, my guess is the later.

Final Thoughts:

Western Legends provides some great story elements that change every game through a relatively simple card system. Cards are activated after a certain action or when ending your turn on a certain type of location. Mature Minded Gamers, encourages you to check out Western Legends by Kolossal Games. Grab some brews, slide a few aces up your sleeve and just ask yourself one question……… You feeling Lucky?

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7 out of 7 gamers thought this review was helpful

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