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Player Avatar
Gamer - Level 4
Go to the Last Will page
Pentegarn {Avid Gamer} Sep 17th, 2019
“The Brewster's Millions board game you never knew you needed”

As other’s have said I am sure, this is basically Brewster’s Millions: The Board game. Does such a concept work in board game form though?


Mix parts engine building, worker placement, and hand management, then add in a heavy dose or the absurd, and you have a game that manages to get that theme out there in euro form. Taking a page from Mad Magazine the board game, the object of the game is to LOSE all your money, a counter-intuitive concept usually, but this game makes losing it all fun! You start by choosing turn order which also gives you how many cards you draw, workers you may place, and actions you can take. You then place your top hats (workers) and take your actions. Actions are how you blow your financial wad and stringing together the proper combination of real estate, companions, and activities effectively will help you lose more money per action you take. The game plays over 7 rounds, unless you manage to lose all those millions early which triggers endgame in the round where you go into debt.

Where this game actually shines is in the cards, for example in one turn a player took a horse to the theater and a dog to a fancy restaurant, causing us to laugh and say “This game is stupid, I love it!” It is rare for theme to carry a game that plays like a Euro but Last Will does so quite well (let’s face it adding a horse to most things makes them funnier, that’s just comedic law)

The Bad

It’s an older title, and that shows as the play itself is fairly basic worker placement and engine building fare. If you’re looking for unique gameplay that has never before been seen, this is not it.

In conclusion

Pedestrian gameplay aside (which is fine, it’s solid gameplay regardless) this is a fun time! If you like a bit of silly in your game and enjoy playing with like minded buffoons like myself who crack wise excessively and giggle like idiots when silly things happen or are said, this one will deliver.

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4 out of 4 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Go to the The Mind page
JulieL {Avid Gamer} Sep 16th, 2019
“Simple to learn, but the receipe didn't take with me”

Great fan of ‘The Game’, I was thrilled to try “The mind”. It’s an experience! But I didn’t get it.
I like cooperative games, even Magic Maze, where you are not allowed to discuss strategy with your partners. But in this game, there is no strategy possible. It’s just observation and luck to play your card at the right time.
Maybe it works better with people who know well each others, but when playing with complete strangers, the difficulty is very high!
ANd of course, there is not really a solo mode.

Won’t try it again, but I agree it’s an experience.

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1 out of 2 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Go to the Geek Out! page
Vladimir Sep 15th, 2019
“Bid To Best Your Buds”

Trivia? Love it, but it can be difficult to review or recommend. Fun, but with a set ‘shelf-life’. Only so many plays before the same questions start coming up; hurting replay value. Here is the brilliance of Geek Out!, there isn’t a ‘right’ answer; only accepted ones. Geek Out is a blend of trivia, Name That Tune, and game-night debates. Convinced you know more about animal themed super-heroes than your friends? Time to prove it! Take turns rolling for category deciding minimum bid and topic. For example, Two Animal Themed Super Heroes; now comes Geek Out’s twist. You can agree to that number OR you can bid higher, then everyone will have a chance to do the same until everyone is out and the highest bidder must deliver on their geeky bragging. Can you outbid, out-geek or outwit your friends through a combination of knowledge and strategic bluffing? If the high bidder manages to name the promised quantity, they get the card (worth 1 point) and the bragging rights. If, however, their bidding bests their brains, they get a Penalty Chip (worth -2 points) making more work for themselves. The official rules suggest playing to 5 points, but you can adjust as you see fit for longer or shorter play. If time is a factor, you can also play ‘marathon’ style; set a timer and see who can get the most points before the bell. Get the determined point total and hold your head high; you’ve out geeked your foes! Play or Nay: Quality: Cards are a bit on the cheap side. Not unheard of in the genre but with so few components and most being cards, it is notable. NAY Ease: Setup is basically just opening the box, play is quick to get into. Perfect for a party game. PLAY Fun w/ Friends: Great for any number of people. Teams are best with more than 8. PLAY Fun for One: Not made for solo play, but I’ve been known to challenge myself with cards in downtime. PLAY Value: Coming in under the 20 dollar mark, with mechanics that lend themselves to greater replayability. PLAY Overall: We don’t know about you, but arguing about nerdy things is a large portion of our day anyway. Add in that I can do so and maybe win? Don’t mind if I do! PLAY Pros:

Lends itself to replayability thanks to bidding mechanic
Engages all players with bidding and challenging answers
Easy to set up and clean, as a party game should be


Group Dynamics can make or break the fun, best with nerdy but amicable groups that are looking to have fun, not ‘rule lawyer’ their way to victory.

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1 out of 2 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Smash Up: Zombie Faction Fan
Shadow Elves - Summoner Wars
Go to the Nemesis page
Alexandre {Avid Gamer} Sep 2nd, 2019
“Amazing work from Awaken Realms!!!”

Hello! If you are thinkig on play Nemesis, please, read this!
If you are an Alien films lover and you love hard boardgames, this is your game!
Play Nemesis it’s like live an Alien film, an the most you play, the most you feel it.
The game is cooperative, you are a group of explorers in your spaceship, but wait, there is something with you, the intruders.
The intruders are very difficult to kill, they are strong, so the best idea you can have is to scape.
You have the common objective os survive, but there is something more, every member of the team (Captain, Mechanic, Pilot, etc..) has his own secret objective. This make the fact that you need the help of your allies to survive, but, there are danger in believe in all their words. Maybe they want to destroy de ship, maybe they want to scape alone, or even kill you!
This makes a game that in even party can be 0 winners to 5, lots of posibilities.
Another fact are the components of the game, Awaken Realms has made awesome figures, the art of the game is amazing.
The mechanics of the game are impressive too, very difficulto to win, but is tath sansation of danger the mos important thing of the game,it makes you feel like every sciencie fiction horror films,
and every time you play that movie is different.
Enjoy your adventure!!!

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4 out of 5 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Belfort Fan
The Bronze Heart
Go to the Deception: Murder in Hong Kong page
NS Oakey {Avid Gamer} Aug 30th, 2019
“Mashup Mystery ”

This is a great game for a large group! (up to 12 people)

It is the lovechild of Clue, Werewolf and Mysterium.

The group must discover who amongst them is the Murder (as well as their weapon and the evidence left behind) but the person who knows the truth can not speak, they can only provide information through randomized cards (like the ghost in Mysterium)
Game play is quite short (15-20 minutes) so we always end up playing 5 or 6 rounds.

The expansion adds some fun roles, but it most valuable for the added clue cards.

Best for groups that are vocal, and enjoying bluffing!

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6 out of 7 gamers thought this review was helpful

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