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YamiNoZeref {Avid Gamer} Sep 19th, 2021
“Bluff and Expose!”

It’s an excellent game of bluffing and exposing.
Best played with 4-6 players, to prevent from finishing too fast and keep the fun at its peak.
Anyone playing for the first time would always want to play more, match after match. I’d say the duke is a little bit of an overpowered card.
Which is why i’m going to try out the expanded version and then review it.

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Merlin8888 Jul 10th, 2021
“Has serious design issues”

The game has a serious design issue (which they tried to correct in later version). With good players, the last turns become a constant stopping of others to complete the victory conditions thus it drags on in an unending blocking game which only boredom Leads to Someone just giving up.

At a two player count, it feels repetitive and completely predictable.

Cards and components are nice but not worth playing at any player count. The Art on the cards is beautiful and the way the map fits together is good.

Pity but more playtesting early on might have solved the issue. The exp Asians tries to solve the issue of the never ending blocking game by introducing the concept of „we need a king“- ie the Game will end no matter what.

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“Great game that offers a surprising amount of fun.”

I love the look and feel of the game. Basically players are taking dinos from their hand and putting them in their zoo habitats. You get rewards for different placement bonuses. Once you have played around 20 times you get to a pretty comfortable strategy but there is enough that gets mixed up to keep you thinking each time you play the game. A perfect filler or warm-up game. I highly recommend for kids as you can put the dinosaurs anywhere and get some kind of points, and it is enough for adults to have a good time as well. Your hard-core gamer friends might not be too impressed, but I would be very surprised if there isn’t something in here that everyone can enjoy.

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“My munchkins love to loot this game”

This is an easy to learn game with few pieces. It’s excellent for travel or just a quick game. We have played other types of letter games, but Munchkin is our favorite. There’s nothing like shouting “the duck of doom” and laughing with your friends and family.

The only downsides I see is it plays a limited amount of players. Younger players also can get frustrated if they haven’t developed a sense of strategy. Players who have a good memory (can remember what is played) will have an advantage over those with memory issues.

Overall, an excellent quick game and one of our go tos.

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I'm a Gamin' Fiend!
Amateur Advisor
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Shelexie {Avid Gamer} May 10th, 2021
“Fun Story with good mechanics”

Stuffed Fables is a storybook adventure where the stuffed animals protect their children from nightmares. It is designed for ages 7+ but as it is written, I would guess it needs to be closer to 10+. Here are the reasons I like it and why the age should be modified:

There is a lot of story here. I liked the story and enjoyed getting into the world. However, the kids I know (and some adults) can’t sit still listening to a page of story before anything happens. If you are playing with youngsters, I would suggest reading the story ahead of time and paraphrasing for your audience.

The mechanics are straight forward. Different colored dice go into a bag and the colors you pull that turn determine if you can heal, move, melee or ranged attack, and if the bad guys activate that turn. There are wild dice to group with other colors. Dice can be rolled individually for more actions or same colors can be rolled and added together for more chance of success. Items and abilities also grant bonuses and/or change the color of dice.

The scenario book is also the map. There are times I want to set out massive tile maps and there are times I just want to play. The book drastically reduces setup time. In our first play through, we did the whole first adventure in 3.5 hours and we went through 4 maps. Side note – the adventures are split into smaller sections and we could have split them up and come back later if we wanted to.

Who this is for: Players looking for a lighter version of Jaws of the Lion, a game to play with youngsters, and adorable miniatures.

Who might enjoy this less: Power players looking for crunchy tactical battles, those less interested in the the children’s story style, or those that want a heavier plot.

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