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I'm Gettin' the Hang of It
Go to the Forbidden Island page
Jcarpe {Avid Gamer} Jan 21st, 2021
“A different group experience each time”

My wife and I have enjoyed playing this with close friends and neighbors mainly because it just doesn’t really get old. The initial random nature of the tiles and how the overall landscape changes based on the how the group plays can create new challenges and a unique experience over and over. The learning curve is short and quiet gentle which makes this some really accessible fun. This is one that we keep coming back to.

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jhugs Jan 4th, 2021
“Very funny”

This is game is super easy to learn and great for debate class. It is also great to laugh over. It is just generally a great game. I think that it would be perfect for any class or home. I am confident that this game will be perfect for anyone. I could play this game over and over again. I wish there was an online version because it is so great. I am optimistic that everyone will enjoy this game. I am angry at how many people don’t know about this revolutionary game. I may sound like I’m laying it on thick, but it is just a great game. I would recommend playing it

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Wrenphilth {Avid Gamer} Dec 10th, 2020
“How monopoly should have been”

First impressions are intimidating but it is pretty streamlined and straight forward. The gameplay is very cut throat and once you get the basic gameplay you will succeed faster. Games played will be very close towards the end and milestone cards are a must to get. Also cornering a market. It’s a fun, game but the components are not the prettiest plus you need a lot of space to arrange the cards. But a very strategic monopoly managing game.

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Critic - Level 2
Go to the String Safari page
Michael Anino {Social Gamer} Dec 3rd, 2020
“Very Unique Game”

This is a very strange game, and it has a great Table Presence.
The big purple string circle, with the cardboard randomly on the table kind of just draws the eye.
The first game was a little hard to grasp how scoring worked, or what a good strategy was. Should you focus on getting a large group of similar animals, or do you try to set things up so more variety is available for tiles later in the game.
We had a tendency to focus on what we had available to score right now, and it made building goals later a little hard, as we no longer had anything close to the objects that were not scored earlier in the game, so we had a LOT of night creatures by the Oasis, but NOTHING over in the desert, so when it was time to try to score Desert tiles it was back to small scores, BUT there wasn’t room for the new tiles that would help improve those small scores.
It’s super unique, and I’ll definitely be holding on to it, as it’s unlike anything else in my collection, it’s both a pretty good Dexterity game and a Pretty good “Sort of Engine Builder” game. But that’s really stretching the idea of engine builder.
Weird game, but really good.

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Player Avatar
Critic - Level 2
Go to the Century: Golem page
Michael Anino {Social Gamer} Dec 3rd, 2020
“Gem Conversion rather than Spices, It's so ... Nice..es?”

I saw the art of this and thought it looked great.
I’d seen reviews of Century Spice Road which made me excited to try that, and since this is the same game, but with different art, I was excited to give it a try.
The game has a pretty simple central premise of using cards to collect and improve gems, and then using gems to collect Golems.
With the goal of “First to Collect 5 Golems” as the game end trigger rather than a certain point value, it is a valid strategy to get a lot of small golems if they’re in the Market, rather than needing to toil and create those hard to make gems to get the Big Point cards.
I like this game as it has a very easy central game concept and easy to understand mechanism, but it can lead to some clever card play if you’re careful with your selections.
I’ve seen a small card engine get a lot of good Golems, and I’ve seen an engine where almost every turn a new card was selected and then used, and the player only used the “Pick up your hand” option near the end of the game to pick up his 20 or so cards, while the rest of us had much smaller hands of cards.
I have not yet played the others in the series, but have ordered them for Christmas. If they are not posted as separate entries on here, I’ll post reviews for them under the appropriate Century Game on here.

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3 out of 3 gamers thought this review was helpful

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