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Pentegarn {Avid Gamer} Jan 19th, 2019
“A worker placement almost everyone can enjoy”

While I wouldn’t say this is my personal favorite worker placement game, I would say it is an objective worker placement masterpiece that most avid worker placement fans will enjoy


As a family running a vineyard you use your workers through the year to grow various kinds of grapes, turn them into wine and fill orders with the various people looking for certain kinds of wine of certain ages. The game is played over multiple rounds where you go through 4 seasons doing things throughout each season to help make your vineyard the best. You start by placing your rooster meeple on the turn order track to get a reward, the better the reward the later in the round you go. In the summer you choose to build improvements, plant grapes, get grapes to plant, entertain visitors or give a tour. Fall gives you a summer or winter visitor then in the winter phase you can harvest, make wine, entertain winter visitors, hire an additional worker, or fill an order. The catch to all this is you only have so many workers to spread through the entire year and a summer worker cannot be played in the winter (barring certain visitor cards changing this of course). Play continues till someone scores 20 then the year is played out and the player with the most points wins. With all the different visitor cards you will find a new way to play every time.

The Bad

Very little to talk about here. I guess if you hate crass jokes about a word that is a synonym to rooster then you might get irritated when people say “ok it’s wake up phase grab your roosters” and all the people as immature as I am start giggling. Also the theme is a little dry (Ha! Get it?!) but I found myself enjoying the game theme and all.

As worker placements go you can’t go wrong with this one. Get the essential edition though it really improved the original game by leaps and bounds

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3 out of 3 gamers thought this review was helpful
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Pentegarn {Avid Gamer} Jan 19th, 2019
“Solid Dice Placement game”

Artifacts Inc. is a nice dice placement that packs into an easy to carry box. Good for trips where you might be looking to kill an hour


In Artifacts Inc. you race to get to 20 points first and then have the most points after all players have taken an even number of turns. Players do this by gathering various kinds of artifacts like fossils or idols or gems or parchment. Each player starts with 4 cards that give them 3 different locations and 3 dice per turn to roll. The 3 locations give players 2 expeditions and a place to purchase upgrades to their artifacts for hire company. Money can be made by selling artifacts in amounts to various museums or by selling them to a public space where you can get 1 dollar per artifact with a bonus per extra unique type you sell. This money can be used to buy upgraded buildings which give you points. All points are tracked as you buy which can make the game seem to end sooner than expected, but it is often a tight race where having majority in things sold to a museum (the only end game bonus) can make all the difference. Every game the buildings are randomized so each play is different, though the dive mechanic will remain the same every game.

The Bad

This game can be prone to AP for some as you get more and more to do with upgrades giving yo u more dice, rerolls, or the ability to increase/decrease a die roll. More options means more thinking about what the best move is. Also it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing game yo have ever looked at and at times you will not have enough cubes (you can use a site that sells cubes to fix this however.)

All that said for what it costs MSRP wise this is a good little middle of the road dice placement game

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3 out of 3 gamers thought this review was helpful
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Scott Hayes {Strategy Gamer} Jan 10th, 2019
“Our favorite word game”

This game is great for a quick play (10-20 minutes depending on your skill) that is different every time based on the letter tiles that you draw. Form your own “Scrabble” board in a race against your opponent. Every new word must connect with a previous word, so you must choose whether to go for the simple words for time or figure out longer words to give you more options later. My wife and I enjoy playing together after a meal. If you like word games, this is definitely for you!

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6 out of 6 gamers thought this review was helpful
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Scott Hayes {Strategy Gamer} Jan 10th, 2019
“Better than Checkers or Chess”

Much more replay value than checkers or chess since you have the strategy of placing your own pieces and certain parts of the board are inaccessible. My wife and I played a 4-hour game on our first go-around, but I don’t think that’s necessarily how each game will be now that we understand the mechanics better. Depending on what version of the game you buy determines the quality of your components. We opted for the cheaper and easier-to-find version which comes with plastic pieces which you have to manually place the stickers on the first time you play. But do it once and you’re set for life, so it’s not that big of a deal. Simple gameplay, easy to learn, but fun and replayable due to the various setups and tactics you can employ. Plus it’s a great 2-player game, which can be hard to come by. We are excited to have finally got our hands on this game!

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7 out of 7 gamers thought this review was helpful
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TH3 DISC1PLE {Strategy Gamer} Jan 10th, 2019
“Great Intro to Coop Games”

This game is a great introduction to cooperative style games in my opinion. Simple game mechanics and objectives, easy to understand rules, but still fun because it makes you think out loud with your teammates as to the best strategy to win. It’s very replayable because you set up the board random every time, and you can increase or decrease the difficulty to your liking and depending on the group of players you have. It’s a great game to travel with because it’s relatively compact and lightweight, easy to introduce new players, and has a shorter play time. We will be playing again soon!

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6 out of 7 gamers thought this review was helpful

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