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Go to the Scythe: The Rise of Fenris page
Mark B {Avid Gamer} Mar 13th, 2019
“Showcase for the best of modern board gaming”

I play this with the same group every year, and try to play several times outside of that. Even with new players at a full count, it’s quick–two and half hours max, shorter if everyone knows the rules. Decisions are tense and interesting. Strategies feel rewarding, and the game flows very smoothly. This game took all the things I like about modern board games (place a worker, take an action, build your engine, upgrade, manage resources, tactical movement, excellent blind auction combat, area control, exploration, just the right infusion of story and style), and combined them into one slick package.

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4 out of 4 gamers thought this review was helpful
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Go to the 5 Second Rule page
Donovan Zanz Mar 10th, 2019
“Say 3 Words! Yay!”

What it wants to be: Here’s an interesting category, now name 3 things (or the names for a thing) in five seconds!

What it really is: An excuse to use euphemisms for genitalia. You spend more of your turn reading through several cards until you find one that’s actually interesting enough to read to another player, and hear those same three words every time a particular card is played in a game. Repeat this for every round.

Replay: 1 – Extremely Repetitive

Components: 1 – Boring (some meant to be “risque,” but are not really) categories

Easy to Learn: 5 – Read a card, say three words. Can’t get any easier than that.

Overall: Can be challenging when drinking (unless you’ve played more than a couple times), boring when not.

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4 out of 5 gamers thought this review was helpful
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Book Lover
I play blue
Go to the Crypt page
Elida {Avid Gamer} Feb 23rd, 2019
“Didn`t get enough inheritance?”

Crypt is a dice game where you compete to bring back some good treasures from your father`s tomb.

Yeah, your father is dead…such a shame. Now set your servants to work.

Each player has three dice which represents servants. They are sent into the crypt to bring back treasures, represented with cards. The cards have an image, a value and a color. These colors are also connected to collectors, that give you some extra bonuses. Instead of rolling the dice you set the value on your own. If you want two servants to work for one treasure, you set both dice to the same value; i.e. two 3s, which equals 6. When all dice are set, one player, holding the torch, gets to set any remaining dice if they want. That happens when dice are getting bumped off a card because someone else set a higher value to their dice on the same card.

What happens next? Going into a crypt is hard work for the lowly servants. Each player rolls their dice for each of the cards they obtain. If the value they set on the die/dice is higher than what is rolled, the servant is exhausted, and left in the box for later returns.

The game plays over several rounds, and the one with the highest score/best treasures win.

With this game you also have an opportunity to play solo, against your father`s ghost. Then you roll your father`s dice to see if he kicks out some of your dice, and you try to get a good score in the end by gathering the treasures and keeping your servants with you at the end of the game.

This is a quick, easy, little game, that can be played just about anywhere. It has a nice, new take on dice placement, as you don`t roll the dice to place them, rather to see if you get to keep them in play the next round. The fact that the game comes with an official solo version is an added plus for me these days, since I mostly play solo games. The artwork helps set the mood for the darkish theme, drawings are good. The dice are somewhat small, but they have a small box to fit into.

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8 out of 8 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Z-Man Games fan
I play red
Indie Board & Cards fan
Go to the Gizmos page
iambfg {Avid Gamer} Feb 10th, 2019
“Fast Engine Building Fun”

Ever since Splendor came out in 2014, there has been a bunch of games that have been given the title of “Splendor killer” to the point it really has no meaning. And last summer CMON had a release that many called the “new” Splendor killer. So does Gizmos kill one of my favourite games ever? Or does it offer crazy combos and engine building to stand on it own merits? Let’s hit the lab and find out.


CMON Games started out as Cool Mini Or Not. And while Gizmos does lack killer minis, the production quality is top notch. Start off with it’s spiraled notebook like ascetic, good artwork on square cards, high end transparent marbles, and a really cool marble dispenser, and Gizmos has a very good table presence. I played the game with my niece and the first thing she did was grab a marble and sing its praises. So if you like games with a bit of a toy factor, Gizmos delivers.

Game Play – Basics

Players take turns in a clockwise order, performing one of four actions:

File: File 1 Gizmo from the Display Area.
Pick: Pick 1 Energy of your choice from the Energy Row.
Build: Build 1 Gizmo from the Display Area or from your Archive.
Research: Draw Gizmo cards from 1 of the facedown Level Decks and choose
1 to File or Build.

It’s a pretty simple setup. Play continues until one player has either aquired their 16th Gizmo, or their 4th level 3 Gizmo, triggering the final round. But what makes Gizmos really fun is the engine building that comes out of the game creating some crazy combos.

Game Play – Advanced Tactics

The secret sauce of Gizmos is the way that one action can trigger a bunch of actions. These chain reactions, with one Gizmo triggering another, allows players to set up big turns, score a lot of points, and purchase other Gizmos that seem very expensive. Even better, when you take your turn you get to choose the order that your Gizmos fire off.

One example of a mega combo can be that Sally decides to do the Build action. She chooses a Red card (there is a thematic name for Red, but we will get to that), discarding one Red marble. Based on her other Gizmos Sally is allowed to perform an addition Pick action. Sally picks a Red marble from the general supply. This fires off Sally’s other ability of taking a random marble from the supply when picking a Red marble.

And once you have multiple Gizmos built, you may find yourself firing off multiple actions every turn. One thing to keep in mind is that while there is no limit to the number of Gizmos that may be activated, each Gizmo can only activated once per turn. For some players, you may want to “tap” an activated Gizmo by turning it 90 degrees.


Gizmos has great table presence, but the theme is pasted on. At no point are you going to call the marbles Heat (Red), Electric (Yellow), Atomic (Blue), or Battery (Black). They are simple Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black.

Replay Value

I still play Splendor. It’s still one of my favourite games. But others feel that after a certain point it gets samey. And while Gizmos offers 108 different Gizmos, most of them do the same types of things. “Pick” Gizmos allow you to grab an extra marble. “Convert” allows you to use a marble as two marbles, or a certain colour of marble as wild. Build, File or Research lets you perform one of the other actions. So after a while this will leave you either feeling you’ve seen all the game has to offer, or feeling like you know what the cards do and wanting to see how you can combo things together.

Over All Impression.

I’ve mentioned Splendor more than once previously, because Gizmos does offer a lot of what Splendor does. Both play in a short amount of time, with really simple rules. Both have you building a tableau that makes future purchases easier. But what really shines in Gizmos is the combos. I often find myself super engaged on another player’s turn not because I want to see what Marbles or cards they are taking away from me, but because I want to see all the combos they fire off on their turn. If you like to engine build and setup combos, I think you will really like Gizmos even if you found yourself tiring of Splendor after a couple of plays.

Gizmos is the kind of game that will constantly hit the table for me, with different types of games, and had earned it’s spot on my game shelf.

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5 out of 5 gamers thought this review was helpful
Player Avatar
Go to the Dominion page
Cama891 {Avid Gamer} Feb 4th, 2019

One of the best deck-building games ever. Easy to learn, easy to carry, hard to master. It’s a peefect game to introduce new players. Every match will be different and its replaying value offers thousand options and choices. Also Expert players could find new strategies in every single play. Althogh its multiple qualities, Dominion is a card game and like all card games is characterized with a percentage of luck that Can determine who finally wins. Expansion aren’t Mandatoriccio, but of you like base game you Will buy them. I suggest Seaside and Intrigue (the second one is also a standalone game).

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9 out of 9 gamers thought this review was helpful

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