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The holiday shopping season is upon us!

Posted by Green Metal Box {Family Gamer} | 30-Nov-20 | 5 comments

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and for the BG’ers abroad, I hope your weekend was healthy, happy and safe!  Now that we are in the full on holiday shopping season, what games are high on your list to get for your kids? your friends? your relatives? your….self? 🙂

Where will you be doing most of your shopping?  Local game store?  big box retailer? online gaming stores? Amazon?

I’ve already purchased the newly updated Battletech Beginner Box by Catalyst Game Labs  for me and the kids, The Blockbuster Party Game for my brother-in-law, Pandemic for my sister, Marvel United looks like a load of fun and my youngest has been into Marvel a lot lately so that’s on the list for him. The Mandalorian has been a staple in our home and in large part because of that, my oldest has added Star Wars: X-Wing to his wish list.  As for me, after having such great fun with Marvel Champions over the summer, I’m going to grab Arkham Horror LCG.

I’d love to hear what everyone else has in mind for their holiday shopping plans! I have a little more room under the tree, so I’m always up for grabbing a few more tabletop games based on your ideas!!

What games are you gifting this holiday season? Have you played them or are you excited to try them out with your friends based on reviews?  

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@Elida I hate that I’m in no secret santas this year! One of my absolute favorite things to give is tabletop games! It’s awesome to bring those games to people that would have no idea about them, they usually end up getting hooked on all sorts of games! I will check out Zona too!

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I have bought a game for my Secret Santa target at BGG. I will also give a game of Songbirds to another Secret Santa target.

As for getting games myself, I got Zona from my Secret Santa. Other than that I may be getting some gamey stuff from some friends of mine. I will be gifting them Tranquility. It`s a nice game, and cooperative, too.

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GO Jim!! Add us some games!!

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I’ve logged A LOT of Marvel Champions games these last 8 months, and I love the game. I also logged a load of LOTR LCG hours, so I’m very excited to play Arkham, which as I understand it is much more intricate and complex, so that’s an itch I need scratched for my games! Really excited to see what you add!

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I can’t recommend Arkham Horror LCG enough! I’ve enjoyed all of FFG’s Arkham Horror games as well as their Lord of the Rings LCG. In my opinion they hit a home run when they made an LCG out of Arkham Horror. I’ve been eyeing Marvel Champions.

In terms of holiday shopping, I discovered an educational toy store yesterday and had to contain my excitement at all the awesome stuff they had. I’m going to add some games to the site that I discovered, so consider this comment “to be continued” 🙂

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