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jhugs Jan 4th, 2021
“Very funny”

This is game is super easy to learn and great for debate class. It is also great to laugh over. It is just generally a great game. I think that it would be perfect for any class or home. I am confident that this game will be perfect for anyone. I could play this game over and over again. I wish there was an online version because it is so great. I am optimistic that everyone will enjoy this game. I am angry at how many people don’t know about this revolutionary game. I may sound like I’m laying it on thick, but it is just a great game. I would recommend playing it

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Wrenphilth {Avid Gamer} Dec 10th, 2020
“How monopoly should have been”

First impressions are intimidating but it is pretty streamlined and straight forward. The gameplay is very cut throat and once you get the basic gameplay you will succeed faster. Games played will be very close towards the end and milestone cards are a must to get. Also cornering a market. It’s a fun, game but the components are not the prettiest plus you need a lot of space to arrange the cards. But a very strategic monopoly managing game.

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Michael Anino {Social Gamer} Dec 3rd, 2020
“Very Unique Game”

This is a very strange game, and it has a great Table Presence.
The big purple string circle, with the cardboard randomly on the table kind of just draws the eye.
The first game was a little hard to grasp how scoring worked, or what a good strategy was. Should you focus on getting a large group of similar animals, or do you try to set things up so more variety is available for tiles later in the game.
We had a tendency to focus on what we had available to score right now, and it made building goals later a little hard, as we no longer had anything close to the objects that were not scored earlier in the game, so we had a LOT of night creatures by the Oasis, but NOTHING over in the desert, so when it was time to try to score Desert tiles it was back to small scores, BUT there wasn’t room for the new tiles that would help improve those small scores.
It’s super unique, and I’ll definitely be holding on to it, as it’s unlike anything else in my collection, it’s both a pretty good Dexterity game and a Pretty good “Sort of Engine Builder” game. But that’s really stretching the idea of engine builder.
Weird game, but really good.

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Michael Anino {Social Gamer} Dec 3rd, 2020
“Gem Conversion rather than Spices, It's so ...”

I saw the art of this and thought it looked great.
I’d seen reviews of Century Spice Road which made me excited to try that, and since this is the same game, but with different art, I was excited to give it a try.
The game has a pretty simple central premise of using cards to collect and improve gems, and then using gems to collect Golems.
With the goal of “First to Collect 5 Golems” as the game end trigger rather than a certain point value, it is a valid strategy to get a lot of small golems if they’re in the Market, rather than needing to toil and create those hard to make gems to get the Big Point cards.
I like this game as it has a very easy central game concept and easy to understand mechanism, but it can lead to some clever card play if you’re careful with your selections.
I’ve seen a small card engine get a lot of good Golems, and I’ve seen an engine where almost every turn a new card was selected and then used, and the player only used the “Pick up your hand” option near the end of the game to pick up his 20 or so cards, while the rest of us had much smaller hands of cards.
I have not yet played the others in the series, but have ordered them for Christmas. If they are not posted as separate entries on here, I’ll post reviews for them under the appropriate Century Game on here.

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Embir {Avid Gamer} Nov 20th, 2020
“Sleeper hit!”

Now this is the game that I would call a sleeper hit.
Bought it a few years ago driven by the impulse – I just had enough of discount in my LGS that I could get this game basically for free. As it stands I am glad I did – because Runebound happened to be the best fantasy adventure game I have ever played.
In a way one can call it a gamer’s version of Talisman – you take role of the brave hero and try to get enough skills and magic equipment to take on powerful archenemy (dragon, powerful necromancer, etc.) at the end of the game. And to get skills and equipment you need gold and experience – those you get by completing quests scattered all over beatiful board game that represents fantasy realm of Terrinoth. Those quests might be achieved by slaying monsters, finding secret places or treasures, or by completing encounters with strangers. Greatest thing Runebound does is perfect mix of strategic gameplay and evocative theme. You feel as if your hero travelled through dangerous fantasy land searching for quests and dangerous monsters but also mechanics of the game give you a lot of room for strategy and decision making. Also, it is game of practically infinite replayability – there are many scenarios, three modes of play (co-op, single, competitive) and a lot of random elements that make this game fresh every time you play. Without a doubt it is the best game in it’s class – and yes it is better even than Mage Knight when it comes to fantasy adventure games.

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Embir {Avid Gamer} Nov 20th, 2020

It was 3rd edition of Twilight Imperium that started board gaming hobby for me – it was 2013 and big, colorful box promising adventure, strategy and epic space opera conflict drew my attention – Twilight Imperium was the game that catched my imagination and showed me how great board games can be.
But it was not a perfect game by any means – despite my love for this title I had opportunity to play it only about 15 times – it was heavy, it needed expansion to work properly and there were some in-game mechanics that made 3rd edition great and epic, yet flawed classic (in a way it was a board game version of “Conan the Barbarian” movie – a lot of great stuff wrinkled with some bad elements. Anyways, there was room for improvement and fortunately FFG saw it too.
4th edition of Twilight Imperium is not a revolution but an evolution of previous edition – former 3rd edition players will feel like at home with new game. But all changes made are just perfect. In 2 years I already played in 4th edition about 20 times – all my gaming buddies hold an opinion that it is the best currently available strategy game on the market. And I concur.

Strategy cards are refined and works perfectly, new technology development rules are clear and easy to grasp, PDS are built only by using Construction Strategy Card – thus turtling got removed. Also, contrary to many FFG titles, base game works perfectly and is a complete game. In a way I am worried that expansion is coming because in my opinion basic version of Twilight Imperium 4th edition is just perfect game – and I am truly worried that new stuff will „spoil” perfect balance and elegant design of basic game.
Anyways – if you got at least 2 other gaming buddies don’t hesitate and buy this game – it is one of the greatest strategy/ameritrash games ever published.

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Keyzersose {Avid Gamer} Nov 18th, 2020
“Unique in so many ways.”

From the first ‘tile system’ board I’d ever seen, through the activation of magic that flips the tile to specific types of magic, empowering certain characters and weakening others, to the first diceless (thank you, thank you) combat system that could have flavors of poker to it, this game is truly an overlooked gem.

It’s not difficult to learn, (but this set up is probably the original one that inspired Fantasy Flight games forever) but the mechanics require some attention early on until everyone gets a feel for the game flow. Once that happens everyone goes off questing until they have what they need to satisfy victory conditions. Then it’s a race to be the first, so backstabbing ensues, but thoroughly under control, nothing like the Munchkin BS.

It’s just that there were so many *ed tiny cardboard markers to keep track of, because if you lost the one +6 dagger for thieves, it made the thief pretty useless. All the parts had a tendency to rattle around in the box, contributing to that loss.

Much like the original Cosmic Encounter from Eon games though, the artwork on the character cards is suitable for framing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new artwork,(in cosmic, and other modern games) but it suffers from a “cartoony-ish” bent. The old, classic artwork owed more to Vallejo and the like. It was adult, but without the adult oriented themes in heavy metal.

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WeViewGames Nov 9th, 2020
“You won't find me in this dungeon”

This review can also be found on our website with images included: Boss Monster Review

Boss Monster is a retro-inspired dungeon-building game published by Brotherwise Games and can be played with 2-4 players. In this game, you compete with other players to build the best dungeon and score points by defeating heroes that’ll try and steal the treasures of your dungeon. But be careful, as the other players can disrupt your plans with a well-timed spell.

Boss Monster itself is quite an easy game to get started with. At the start of the game, you’ll be able to choose a boss monster for your dungeon. They all come with a special effect that triggers when the 5th room is placed in your dungeon. Each boss also comes with a priority number indicating which player can go first. This makes the bosses very unique and each one of them has its own benefits.

There are two types of cards that you can play. You have the dungeon cards and the spell cards. Let’s start by explaining the dungeon cards.

Room cards
Each turn you draw one room card from the top of the room deck. A room card can be placed in your dungeon to strengthen the dungeon, lure any heroes in, or just generate more room/spell cards. You can place a total of 5 room cards in your dungeon before it’s full. However, you can replace existing room cards with new ones and you can upgrade your room cards to more advanced room cards. And you’ll need a good defense to be able to defeat any heroes coming to your dungeon. Each card has a value indicating what treasure it holds. You can have 3 gold rooms and 2 spell rooms for example. If you are the player with the most gold rooms, any hero seeking out gold will come to your dungeon. If you manage to kill them with your rooms, you’ll score a point. If they manage to survive the dungeon, you’ll get a wound.

Spell cards
Spell cards are only generated through rooms that you have in your dungeon and you get some at the start of the game. Spells cards can be used to help your dungeon by doubling the treasures in them, increasing the damage that your rooms do, and much more. But spell cards can also be used to disrupt your opponents by making the heroes that enter their dungeon stronger, countering their own spell card, and much more.

The first player with 10 points wins the game. If you get 3 wounds then your dungeon boss is defeated and you’ll be kicked from the game. You’ll also win if you are the last dungeon standing.

While the box only contains cards, a quick start guide, and a rulebook. There is nothing of bad quality there. I like that the box isn’t that big so that you can easily take it with you. I really like the quick start guide as it helps me remember the rules when I haven’t played this game in a while.

Then there is the card art. And I have to say that it is very good. I really love the 8-bit style that’s going on throughout the whole game. That’s also one of the reasons why I picked up this game.

Due to this being a card game, you’ll always need a bit of luck to get the right cards to play. However, I always felt that I was somewhat limited by my options to expand my dungeon. Sometimes I would want to strategically build a room to be able to lure in some heroes, but I wouldn’t have the cards for it. And sometimes you’ll just lose because you have no strong rooms and there is a horde of heroes trying to steal your treasures. And then there is also the possibility to discard room cards from your opponent’s hand, basically handicapping them even more.

And while I think you can’t really avoid this in a card game, it can just feel very restricted sometimes as you don’t have any control over it. If you were able to draw 2 room cards every time, you give the player so much more freedom to build their dungeon in a way that they want. Or even have an action that the player can take to draw extra room cards. I know that there are cards that let you draw more room cards, but by that time you usually are mostly setup.

Different heroes
The idea of having different heroes in the game is a very nice addition to the game. There is even a hero that goes to the dungeon that has the least points. And I think heroes like that are very good for such a game, as you can easily fall behind on the other players. I think it would have been great if there were more conditional heroes. Like one that goes to the strongest player or heroes that have a special ability.

Is it any good?
While Boss Monster looks like a fun game, it’s not something that I’ll be playing any time soon. I love the style, idea of the game and I love the heroes that come into your dungeon to defeat your boss, but I feel like there are some areas where the game just isn’t fun for us. I would have loved more freedom with the room cards and some less punishing spell cards. While you can focus on different tactics in your dungeon, the strongest rooms will usually always come on top. A game I like the compare this game with is Wingspan. Now, that might be a bit weird as they are two very different games, but seeing what makes the engine building fun in Wingspan, I wonder if that would also work for this game.

Now, I don’t know if any of the issues above will/are fixed in any of the expansions and I am sure that there are people that absolutely love this game. But I would rather play a game of Wingspan than Boss Monster.

Happy playing!

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kaju {Avid Gamer} Oct 30th, 2020
“I own the digital game.”

It’s a great implementation and superb game.

I almost bought the physical board game few years ago but decided against it due to budget constraints. So when the digital version went on sale it was great chance to try it out.

It has been a joy to play this game. Most games with my friends are nail biting finishes. The game play allows many stratergies that lets you progress and catch up.

The board (screen) can get a bit cluttered with all the expansions.

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Taylor {Avid Gamer} Oct 24th, 2020
“Struck a Chord”

This is a fun little quick push your luck game with some interesting tableau building. Build up your Gold and hire towns people for special abilities. Hire Settlers, Priests and Captains to gain Mission cards for extra VP and Gold. The weight and length of the game are in perfect harmony. Great filler. This just struck a perfect Chord with me. I give this game a 10 by pure simplicity and genius design.

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