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A Victory Lost - Board Game Box Shot

A Victory Lost

| Published: 2006
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A harsh, cold wind blows across the steppes of Russia. With a flurry of thundering explosions, the Russian offensive Operation Saturn begins. Can the Russians encircle and trap the extended German armies?

Originally published in Japanese in Game Journal Magazine #4 as Struggle of Army Group Manstein, A Victory Lost starts with the Russian offensive Operation Saturn and continuing through van Manstein's famous "backhand blow". It revives the simplicity of classic games such as Russian Campaign and Panzergruppe Guderian, but with some very modern twists. Easy to learn and with a compact playing time, A Victory Lost nevertheless offers a historical treatment of this subject that has seldom been seen in larger and more complicated games.

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“Hex and Counter Done RIght”

This is a simple operational game on the eastern front that gives both sides opportunities to defend and attack as well as take chances with the chit pull activation system. It has an epic feel that puts you in charge of the overall theater commander. My one complaint is that it needs a reprint with larger counters. It was created by the now highly regarded Japanese designer Tetsuya Nakamura, who most recently designed Traces of War on the same theater by VUCA Simulations.


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