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Expert RecruiterBy inviting others to join, you will be helping the community grow as well as working towards completing the Recruiter quests! The goal is to recruit new active gamers, so a successful “recruit” is considered to be somebody who reaches Gamer Level One.


Note: The recruiter quests are also the only quests that award Gems!

Here are the ways you earn Recruiter Points:
1 Point every time your recruit increases their overall Gamer Level.
1 Point when the person you invited recruits somebody else (2nd tier recruit).
1 Point when the person you invited recruits another person who recruits somebody else (3rd tier recruit).

You don’t get points the instant someone you invite registers. You will start to get points once they reach Gamer Level 1.

The more active your recruits are, the easier it will be for you to level up. So yes, it’s kind of a case of who can invite whom first. Let the race begin!

Sending custom invitations

Send Invitations via Newsletters,
Facebook, Twitter and more!

Inviting others via your blog, newsletter, facebook, google+ and twitter pages is a great way to help spread the word. We want you to be rewarded for your efforts so make sure to include your Custom Invite Link below when you invite others.

Custom Invite Link:[inviteurl]

Please contact us if you have any questions about sending custom invitations.

Please note that sending an invitation to someone you don’t know or don’t have permission to email is spam and could get your account on suspended or deleted.

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