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Mythic Quests: The Card Game - Board Game Box Shot

Mythic Quests: The Card Game

| Published: 2022

Rule Summary for Mythic Quests
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Overview: Be the first adventurer to collect 500g, or 200g for a shorter game with more players

Use a single deck of cards to play quests, individual challenges, and collect gold coins. Aces are high, K,Q,J,10,9,8… etc. Use a single deck of cards to play a series of quests that make up your adventure. A quest is made up of challenges, with gold coins collected at the end of each quest and tallied on the Quests score sheet.

The Fate: Spin a card (see the arrow on the back?) to determine the first fate. Shuffle and deal cards until the deck is gone and everyone has the same number of cards. Place leftover cards to the side. The role of fate moves to the left after each quest.

The Boast: Moving clockwise, each player boasts about how many challenges they think they can win during the quest. Record the boasts on the score sheet. The adventurer with the largest boast (or first in a tie) leads the first challenge.

The Challenge: The leader of the challenge plays a card. Each player moving clockwise must play a card of the lead kingdom, or a Joker. If they do not have a card of that kingdom, they may play any card. Once each adventurer has played one card, the challenge is over and the highest card wins the challenge. The highest card is the highest trump card, or the highest of the lead kingdom if no trump is played. Winner leads the next challenge. If you win a challenge, keep the cards in front of you to keep track of won challenges.

Jokers: “Ally” Joker is wild of any kingdom and value of your choice. Any Joker (including Dragon or Treasure) can be played even if you have cards of lead kingdom.

The Treasure: Cannot win a challenge, but is a bonus 50g at the end of the quest to whoever wins it.

The Dragon: Cannot win a challenge. The winner of the challenge with the dragon does not collect the cards and cannot score that challenge. If treasure is in this challenge, it does not get scored.

The Score: Get 10g for each challenge won, up to the amount of your boast. For extra wins above your boast, you do not get extra gold but you get a Threat. If you exactly match your boast, collect an extra 20g. If you win fewer challenges than your boast, you collect 0g.

The Threat: You earn 1 Threat for each extra challenge won above your boast. Threats accumulate from quest to quest.


The Fate: Decide first person to be fate. Fate chooses a deck (and therefore the trump suit), shuffles and deals all cards (equal # to each player). Fate moves clockwise.

The Boast: Starting to the left of the fate, each player declares their boast (# of challenges they think they will win this round). Largest boast (or first in a tie) leads the first challenge.

The Challenge: Leader plays a card. Other players each play one card, following suit if possible or may play a joker. Highest card wins the challenge (Aces are high).

The Score: After each round, get 10g for each challenge won, up to amount of boast. Extra wins above boast get 0g and 1 Threat each. Exactly matching boast gets 20g bonus. Not meeting boast = 0g. When you reach 10 Threat, lose 100g and set Threat to 0.

The Ally Joker is wild (any 2-10 or JQK card).

The Treasure gives 50g bonus. Set aside after played. Winner of next challenge (unless the Dragon is played) wins the Treasure.

The Dragon wins the challenge, but the cards are set aside and not counted as a win for anyone (does not count toward boast).

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