The Game

Board games are tons of fun, and a site about them should be fun and rewarding too right? "The Game" provides members with an experience like no other. Below are just a few of the features.

Choose your avatar

Choose from a growing selection of high quality avatars:
• Black & White
• Color with customizable borders
• Publisher backed avatars using art from their games!

High quality avatars

Earn rewards by completing quests

Earn achievement badges, virtual gold, and Experience Points (XP).

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Great rewards

Level Up

Earn XP to increase your Gamer and Skill Class levels. Prove you are a real gamer. Leveling up may also unlock avatars!

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Leveling up

Show your love for games

Show off your favorite games, games you own, games you want, games you play, and games you love.

Spreading the love

Following Games
& Notifications has its own internal notification system! Follow games to be notified when new user reviews, discussions, strategies and house rules have been added.

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Following Games

Connect with
other gamers

Follow friends and other users to see when they've added a new review, game strategy or house rule!

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Making connections
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