The Professor Characters
Professors take gaming to an even higher level, and share that expertise with others. Discussions are a great way to share your wisdom with fellow professors. If you enjoy sharing tips and strategies, creating custom rules, or discussing aspects of a game with others, the Professor skill class is for you!
Professor Quests

Share your
knowledge & expertise

Whether it's a quick tip, or a custom rule set to expand on a game, simply go to the game your interested in and post them.

Share your knowledge

Create new ways to play

Be rewarded for taking a game to new places. Wether its new rules, new scenarios, new monsters... anything. Visit the game you’ve created something for, click on "game tips", and add your creation as a house rule.

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Creating new ways to play a game

Help other gamers improve their game

Have a clarification on a commonly misinterpreted rule? Want to share a strategy that took over 10 play-throughs to discover? Gamers out there would love to hear it!

Help other gamers


Followers will be notified anytime you write a new game tip. You'll find there is no better platform out there that allows your expertise to be heard!

Status Indicator

Legitimate status

Your professor level directly reflects the quality of your contributions. Through positive feedback of others, you will gain the necessary Professor XP to level up.

Unique Professor badges

Professor badges

Each class has a unique set of badges that are rewarded each time you level up which can be displayed next to your avatar.

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