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Game of Energy - Board Game Box Shot

Game of Energy

| Release Date: 2021 Q2

In a few years, the modern world will plunge into turmoil. Countries around the world will panic, widespread chaos will ensue, and civilized society will change virtually overnight as citizens cope with the loss of a modern-day vital resource. A resource needed for commerce. A resource needed for communication. A resource needed for life-sustaining technology. The resource… is energy.

But that time is not here yet! The United Nations cannot fix this problem themselves, but they know who can: the Captains of Industry. These people are experienced with building energy industries, and they are just the ones to solve this problem before time runs out! They are more than willing to do their best to save the world from this crisis. Of course, the resulting United Nations contract worth billions of dollars awarded to the Captain that accomplishes this task does not hurt, either...

Compete with other players to win the contract and ensure that your company will become the #1 global energy power for many years to come! Obtain government industry permits by using energy credits allotted by the United Nations Council for aligning yourself to their environmental objectives. Industries you own will constantly increase the energy credits you are allotted, but they also increase the terawatt-hours, TWh (energy) generated by your company! And it is ultimately out-performing your opponents and hitting the optimal level of terawatt-hours that will win you the U.N. contract, and win you the game!

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Game should be released in 2021 Q2, so watch the news!

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