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Mythic Challenge: The Card Game - Board Game Box Shot

Mythic Challenge: The Card Game

| Published: 2020

Mythic Challenge is a brand new card game playable with any standard 52-card set of playing cards. It was designed specifically to be played with the Tournament of the Mythic Kingdoms set of illustrated playing cards, a Kickstarter campaign run by your very own! Greg illustrated the cards. Jim did the design work. Jon came up with the game.

Visit the Kickstarter Campaign (Ends Aug 20th, 2020)

THE THEME: The Mythic Kingdoms is a fantasy world where the Orcs (clubs), Elves (hearts), Dwarves (diamonds) and Undead (spades) hold tournaments to compete in challenges of strength, skill, and strategy.

OVERVIEW: The game is played as a series of "challenges" or rounds where you try to have the highest total score in your field of played cards. You continue to play cards in front of your (within your field), adding the values of your cards, until there is a winner of the challenge. Soldier cards (numbers 2-10) are worth their specific number of points (2-10), all royalty and champions (JQKA) are worth 10 points, and Jokers are worth 0 (zero) points. You win a challenge if at the start of your turn, the total score of the played cards in your field is higher than any other player’s score.

It has a little bit of the game War in it, some trick-taking, a little bit of role-playing if you want, and our favorite part: each court card has special abilities that can affect you and/or other players. You can play individually (up to 4 players) or in teams (up to 8 players).

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“More than Your Traditional Card Game”

I designed this game based on the theme for our new illustrated playing cards. We came up with the idea for a new fantasy world where the characters in that world were fans of games. They would meet together in tournaments to play board games, card games, sparring matches, and mock battles. This is the theme within which Greg illustrated the characters.

Instead of creating a card game that was really only designed to play a single game, we wanted a custom set of playing cards that would add a special layer of fun to the traditional card games that our families enjoy playing together.

This game was play tested by my own family and friends before we even got a prototype set of cards created. Even then, the game was fun, but playing with the actual cards is definitely better.

Some people have found that they prefer just the basic rules. My family prefers including the special rules. We also prefer the team rules over playing individually.

I was inspired by many different games when coming up with this one: War, Loot, Hearts, Spades, Skull King, Magic the Gathering, Team Canasta

Ultimately my thought process was this:
(1) Multiplayer War makes sense for this theme, but I hate the pure randomness of the game War. So, how about applying the mechanic used in the game Loot where you only win the cards if at the start of your turn you have the higher score and like in Loot, you can only stack more cards of the same color (i.e. suit).
(2) Let’s call each round a “Challenge” in keeping with the theme of the tournament. Plus, it would be fun to make up what the challenge actually is.
(3) Having recently played Skull King, I liked the idea of having some special rules beyond a typical trick taking game. So, hope about giving each court card it’s own special ability. It was then just a matter of thinking about the theme to come up with special abilities that might make sense in the context of these characters making challenges to the other contestants.
(4) The Jokers need to be something a little different, but instead of making them all powerful, what if they are only like support units without adding to the challenge score.
(5) I have more than 4 people in my family so there needed to be a way to play this in teams, so we play tested a few times until we figured out a simple way to make it work for teams (team canasta was the inspiration). If only there was a good way to play with 7 people (have not figured that one out yet).


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