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BANG! The Duel: Renegades - Board Game Box Shot

BANG! The Duel: Renegades

| Release Date: 2019 Q4
UpcomingExpansion for Bang! The Dice Game

BANG! The Duel – Renegades allows players to play BANG! The Duel in four new exciting ways: three with two players (two "The Third Group" modes and one "Reinforcements" mode) and one with three players ("Mexican Standout").

This expansion includes a deck of green-bordered cards called "Resources", which are a special type of equipment. Just like any other equipment cards, players must put these cards into play on their rearguard character or their opponent's active character, but unlike blue-bordered equipment, resources may be used only starting with the next turn, not in the same turn during which they were put into play.

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Game should be released in 2019 Q4, so watch the news!

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