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Games Added – Dec 4

Posted by Tiana901 {Family Gamer} | 4-Dec-20 | 6 comments

Dead Reckoning
Alderac Entertainment Group | Release Date: 2021 Q2

Quality Beast | Release Date: 2021

Forgotten Waters
Plaid Hat Games | Published: 2020

Avacado Smash
Ridley’s Games | Published: 2018

Horrible Guild | Published: 2018

13 Monsters
Twisted Stranger B.V. | Published: 2020

Planet Apocalypse
Petersen Games | Published: 2020

Unlocking Insanity
Petersen Games | Release Date: 2020

2 Minute Dino Deal
Petersen Games | Published: 2020

8 Bit Attack
Petersen Games | Published: 2019

Evil High Priest
Petersen Games | Published: 2018

Published: 2017

Yummy Yummy Pancake
Cube Factory of Ideas, Korea Boardgames Co., Mayday Games | Published: 2017

Bottom of the 9th: Clubhouse Expansion
Dice Hate Me Games | Published: 2017

Aeon’s End
Indie Boards and Cards, Matagot | Published: 2016

Placentia Games, Post Scriptum | Published: 2015

Commands and Colors: Napoleonics
GMT Games | Published: 2010

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Thanks Tom. I have been busy lately, but I try to get couple games ready when I can.

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That 8-Bit Attack looks very interesting!

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New Games!!!! *Happy Days!*

Can’t wait to check these out!

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Hello Tiana, and welcome back! It is good to see your username at the head of a new post, and it is always great to see a game update.

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Woh! New games! I thought we saw the last of these.

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Wow!! That is a lot of new games to study!! Thank you!!

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