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Dead Reckoning - Board Game Box Shot

Dead Reckoning

| Release Date: 2021 Q2

The 4X Swashbuckling Adventure Game you've been waiting for!

Take command of an able crew and set a course for adventure in Dead Reckoning. Explore mysterious islands, fight battles, upgrade your ship & crew, and build fortifications to protect your holdings. The player with the most treasure in their chest when the game ends wins!

Explore further with Saga Expansions which can be added and removed easily so you can reset the game to its starting condition at any time.

Will you become a pirate, haunting the sea lanes and terrorizing your opponents? Or an explorer, rushing to discover what lies beyond the horizon? Or a master merchant, with a profitable trade route and well developed infrastructure? Every game will be different as each player follows their own path to victory!

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Game should be released in 2021 Q2, so watch the news!

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