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Go to the The Settlers of Catan page

Catan is a great intro game before getting into more complex titles. It’s one of my favourites for playing with friends and is typically the game I refer to most when talking about board games to try for people who haven’t played more than Monopoly and Scrabble before.

It’s all about gathering up resources, trading with your pals (or not, if you’re feeling sneaky), and building up your spots on the board to snag those victory points. It’s got this perfect mix of luck and strategy that means you’re always engaged, but you don’t have to be a grandmaster strategist to stand a chance of winning.

I can’t speak on the expansions other than the 5-6 player one, but the base game is a timeless classic. What’s really cool about Catan is how it’s pretty much become the poster child for getting into more modern board games. It’s not just about rolling dice and moving pieces; it’s about thinking ahead, making deals, and sometimes, a little bit of luck. And it’s super social. You’re not just staring at the board; you’re chatting, laughing, and yeah, maybe a bit of friendly trash-talking.

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