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King of Tokyo: Halloween - Board Game Box Shot

King of Tokyo: Halloween

| Published: 2013
Expansion for King of Tokyo
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King of Tokyo: Halloween, which is subtitled "Collector Pack 1", includes two new monsters for use with the King of Tokyo base game: Pumpkin Jack and Boogey Woogey. What's more, each monster comes with its own set of eight Evolution cards – first introduced in King of Tokyo: Power Up! – so that each monster can mutate into an even more nightmarish version of itself!

King of Tokyo: Halloween also includes six orange-and-black engraved dice (to fit the Halloween theme, of course) and twelve new Power cards to be shuffled into the deck. These cards are all Costumes, a new type of card that provides a powerful effect, but which can be stolen by any monster that rolls three claws and rips the costume off of you.

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“Great, flavorful addition to a already fun game!”

Aside from the Costume Power cards, there really isn’t anything new to this seasonal expansion to King of Tokyo. That aside, who doesn’t want to add a little extra spooky flavor to a great family game, especially close to the Halloween holiday?

First up, there are the two new Monster skins: Boogey Woogie (a giant bump in the night) and Pumpkin Jack (the monstrous trickster of Halloween). As with all the other Monster skins, the pawns and game boards have no mechanical effect on the game.

The Evolution cards for these monsters however are very flavorful for their respective monsters; Boogey ‘s giving him a lot of staying power through healing or energy generation and Jack’s making his opponent’s life chaotic with his trick or treating. Also included in each monster’s Evolution deck are two Gift Evolutions, cards which may be given to an opponent’s monster when you damage them, and convey certain negative effects to those who control them, while often still buffing there own monster.

The Costume Power cards are certainly the focus of this expansion, but they feel a little overpowered for what they cost in Energy. This is balanced by the ability for these cards to be stolen (in reality, bought from) any monster rolling 3 Claw dice and damaging another monster with a costume. They are a lot of fun, but probably only something I would add to the Power deck during the month of October.

The real highlight of this expansion are the black on orange dice. They read clearly and quickly, even more so that the green on black dice included in the base game. In addition, having a second set of dice to pass around the table speeds up play in those large 6 player games.

For the small price, KoT: Halloween really brings a giant presence to the game, and is certainly worth picking up.

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“Definitely a Fun Addition”

Daidoji Ryushi covered all the changes very well.

Overall, this is a great addition to add to your standard game. The artwork is awesome for the characters and these are often some of the most sought after characters because of this, even when playing without evolutions.

The costumes are certainly a lot of fun and add a new dimension to the game, I particularly love the cheerleader which makes you actually cheer in game for people to do extra damage. Makes it a bit more active and fun in my opinion.

The expansion cards are very unique and also a huge draw. My husband tries to play Pumpkin Jack as often as possible because he enjoys the unique expansion set for this character so much.

I highly recommend adding this to your collection. We managed to fit this in the original box once we took out the plastic shaped piece, so you won’t even have to carry around an extra box when you take this to your game shop or to a friend’s place. 🙂

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“More expansion means more fun!”

I already love King of Tokyo. I can’t get enough of that game and when I saw both the Power Up and Halloween expansion, I had to get them both. And finally I cracked open the Halloween expansion to try it out.

I wouldn’t say it changes the game all that much. As a matter of fact, all it does is that it gives you more options specifically by adding more characters for you to play with. And of course with more characters, that means more evolution cards which were introduced in the Power Up expansion.

However, the evolution cards in the Halloween expansion are somewhat unique because they have Gift Evolutions, which are essentially curse cards. You “gift” them to other players and then something bad happens to them while they hold onto them.

Other than, that you get a few new action cards called Costume Cards. They have silly artwork on them but what they are are Keep cards that can be bought off you from opposing players. I find that abilities on the Costume cards are pretty good and beneficial and they really add some good variety to the game. And in order to make one character not too over powered, they give you the ability to buy them off the other players as long as you roll the appropriate amount of claws on the dice and also have enough energy cubes.

Overall, even though it feels like adding Power Up and Halloween together feels like a lot, it actually isn’t. It is impossible to go through a game where you actually go through the entire deck of cards and the evolution cards always change up your character every time you play so it really adds great replay value on an already excellent game. Must buy for fans!


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