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This is an easy to learn game with few pieces. It’s excellent for travel or just a quick game. We have played other types of letter games, but Munchkin is our favorite. There’s nothing like shouting “the duck of doom” and laughing with your friends and family.

The only downsides I see is it plays a limited amount of players. Younger players also can get frustrated if they haven’t developed a sense of strategy. Players who have a good memory (can remember what is played) will have an advantage over those with memory issues.

Overall, an excellent quick game and one of our go tos.

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4 out of 6 gamers thought this was helpful

We thoroughly enjoy the base game, Machi Koro. We have gotten to where we always have Millionaire’s Row mixed in. At the time writing this, we do not have the other expansions.

We enjoy the set up better. The market place was just too big for our table, so we enjoy having the supply cards shuffled and drawing 10 at random (no duplicates). We enjoy the addition of a variety of new supply cards.

I would have like to have seen more coins… nothing stops the flow of a game like having to stop and make change EVERY TURN because there aren’t enough ones.

Renovations… I don’t use them when I’m playing with the kids. I’m too nice. It took me a couple read throughs to follow and they still aren’t up to snuff. We only use it if they accidently trigger one on their own, as I do want them to learn how they work, but I’m not going cut throat on them. As far as adults, I haven’t been in a large enough group to play where I would feel comfortable using them.

For me, I feel the renovations are pretty harsh for a 2-4 player game, but if you mixed in the Harbor Expansion and had a larger than 4 group playing, it could make for an interesting game.

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Machi Koro

This game is great if you are trying to help your kids with math. There are several math elements in the game without feeling like a math game. Machi Koro requires nothing in hand other than when you are rolling the die/dice, so its great if you are playing with someone with less hand coordination.

You may think this may sound like Monopoly, but there is no trading of properties and you don’t have to sell “properties” if you run out of money (debt forgiveness).

One thing to always remember is to stock up on blue supply cards first. Those will get you coins when it is anyone’s turn. The coinage is smaller, but you have a higher chance of getting the coins because… more rolls. My kids forget this every time.

Teaching aside, I do still enjoy playing this with other adults.

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