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Boss Monster 2: The Next Level - Board Game Box Shot

Boss Monster 2: The Next Level

| Published: 2015
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Now you’re slaying with power! The hit Dungeon-Building Card Game is back and badder than ever.

It’s time to take your dungeon to The Next Level! Return to the videogame-inspired world of Arcadia in Boss Monster 2. This all-new 160-card set plays as a standalone game or as an expansion to the best-selling original card game.

  • Become one of twelve new Bosses
  • Build powerful new Trap and Monster rooms
  • Cast Epic Spells
  • Face new challenges, including Hybrid Heroes and Dark Heroes

Just like the original, Boss Monster 2 is designed for players of all skill levels. This set includes everything 2-4 players need for countless hours of dungeon-building fun. Combine it with the original Boss Monster and the possibilities are endless!

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Stone of the Sun
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“Descending further Into the Depths”

tl;dr: If you like Boss Monster already, you’ll like this as an expansion for more stuff. If You hate Boss Monster, you’ll hate this just the same. If you’ve never played Boss Monster and the first one isn’t available, go ahead, pick this up.

Boss Monster 2: The Next Level is the newest Stand Alone Expansion to the highly successful Boss Monster. For those of you unfamiliar with Boss Monster, simply put, players will be strategically trying to build a dungeon full of rooms as they try to lure in unsuspecting heroes, only to kill them off and collect their souls. They’ll have to be careful though as any heroes that make it through their dungeon alive will cause wounds to their boss. If they collect enough wounds, they will be eliminated. The player that is best able to build and survive will be declared the winner.

Boss Monster has been one of my favourite light card games. It’s not a perfect game, and its no game of the year, but it offers a light/casual experience with great them and it never outstays its welcome, like other formerly successful card games (I’m looking at you, Munchkin!). Plus, and this is a very personal reason, I love the 8/16 bit theme. I like many people of my age have very found memories of the classic consul games that inspire Boss Monster. I have thoroughly enjoyed Boss Monster for the last two years now, introducing it to many of my friends, co-workers, customers, and strangers at the bar. When I heard Boss Monster 2 was coming, I knew it was an instant buy for me.

So, whats in it?
12 Boss Cards
75 Room cards
31 Spells
25 Heroes
17 Epic Heroes
Quick start guide.

So, whats different? Last weekend I got to play Boss Monster 2. I noticed right away that every new Boss was WAY better than any of the originals. I would go as far to say as they replace them. The Bosses level up ability typically give a permanent bonus, not unlike Emblems in MTG. Others just have almost a game winning ability if you can time it right.

The spells are all way better too, and offer some interesting choices and options. Most new spells have two choices of what they do, as well as other sells do different things depending on weather you played them in the Build Phase or the Adventure Phase. Good call on the designers I felt.

One of my original complaints with the first game was that the developers went to all the trouble of making all the unique flavor text for all the heroes, even giving them all unique art and names but they all were more or less the same, minus a point or two of strength. Boss Monster 2 fixes that to a degree. Some heroes marked with a Star icon have special abilities that other players can activate, as well as change things around a bit. For example, players may discard a room card to give a hero +3. Some heroes have multiple treasure types and are a little more challenging to bait.

Finally, the rooms all seem to have a design overhaul. More emphases is put on rooms all complementing each other, rather than the “every room is broken” complaint often said of the first game.

So, what are my thoughts? I wanted to try the game out as a Stand Alone Experience to see how it felt. Because the game included everything you need to begin with playing it I felt I had to try it as a stand alone, before just deciding to add the cards into the cardpool of the first game. Overall I felt that Next Level played very different than the first game. I’m still unsure if I would recommend people begin with this one or the first. To be honest, I felt that my dungeon wasn’t as exciting in each game as the first. I felt that my dungeon was near identical to my opponents dungeon, as we literally had the same rooms far more often because the multiple copies. Personally, I don’t think I will play this as a stand alone again, I think it will do perfectly in just combining it into Boss Monster 1. That being said, if Boss Monster 1 isn’t available and you see this on the shelf, I can recommend you buy it if you’re looking for a light card game with a lot of luck and some negotiation thrown in for good measure.


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