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Dungeon Dice (2014) - Board Game Box Shot

Dungeon Dice (2014)

| Published: 2014
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The king of Elorim has been killed. No surprise, really. The kingdom is overrun by monsters. Fortunately for you, this means there is a vacant throne.

The previous king was eaten, and the king before him was burnt to a crisp. The people have unanimously decided that the next king must know how to hold a sword.

This is where you come in. You may be a bit green, but you did stab a slime once that was creeping into your kitchen. You might have a chance to prove yourself.

Unfortunately, every half-wit, braggart, and two-bit warrior in the kingdom has the same idea. If you are to prove yourself in battle, you will have to do it before anyone else or *cough cough* die trying.

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