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The Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Erin the Ever-Changing - Board Game Box Shot

The Red Dragon Inn: Allies – Erin the Ever-Changing

| Published: 2012
Expansion for The Red Dragon Inn
40 3 1

Have you ever tried out-thinking a tree? It’s not pretty.

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Red Dragon Inn Allies: Erin the Ever-Changing introduces a shape-shifting elf druid into our favorite Inn. How useful is shape-shifting in a game rife with revelry and gambling? Read on!

She’s a druid!

Besides the usual gambling and commiserating that patrons enjoy at the Red Dragon Inn, Erin can change into three different and unique forms (other than an elf) that have their own continuing effects. These forms are:

A Bear: The Bear form increases damage to other players’ Fortitude. But must ante more to gamble.

A Raven: The Raven form gets Erin extra Gold whenever she gains gold. And She can ante Gold from the Inn instead of her own stash when starting a Gambling round. But Ravens aren’t known for their ability to hold their drink. When in Raven form all effects that make Erin gain Alcohol content are increased by 1.

A Tree: When Erin become a tree, her turns ends immediately. This cancels pretty much any card or effect. But it also cancels any further phases of her turn. Erin also must turn back into an elf before her Discard Draw phase.

At the start of the game, Erin lays the four cards representing her 4 possible forms (including elf) near her player board and places the Form marker over her current form. Whenever Erin changes form, the marker is moved over that card and that form’s abilities are in effect until she changes form again.

Erin’s deck contains one card, “Wildshape” that allows Erin to change in to any form, but there is only one in the 40-card deck. Counting this “wild” card, Erin’s deck favors the Raven, but only slightly, so Erin will seldom be in need of Gold if played correctly. However this makes he susceptible to bad Drink effects. With four Bear form cards in her deck, opponents will also need to be on the lookout for Fortitude loss. And there is only one card (“Thunk”) that allows Erin to turn into a tree. Finally, two cards will change Erin back into an Elf. So a full third of Erin’s deck manipulates her form, and if timed correctly, some great card combos are available. Did someone say “timing?”

With this new expansion deck, the timing in which a card resolves is key to Erin and the benefits she gains from her form. The rules clearly state that when Erin plays a card that negate or ignores or modifies and effect, the modifying card resolves first, then the original effect. So if she plays several cards that change her form, the first card played will resolve last, and the form listed on that card, if any, will be the form that Erin will gain benefit from.


Erin’s expansion contains components similar to Pooky’s deck, and as with all other the Red Dragon Inn products, the artwork by Mike Bear is excellent.

Final Thoughts

Druids are a complex, deep and earthy character class. Erin’s deck is too! This most recent release for the game expands on the more diverse cards interaction and expanded mechanics that were discovered in The Red Dragon Inn 3. It demands that you pay attention to how the cards in your hand will interact, what cards your opponents have played and specifically, when exactly to play cards that will change Erin’s form to maximize that form’s effect. It’s hand-management at its best. In addition, just like some of the characters included in the previous releases, timing is critical to winning with Erin. Watch what other characters have played, and during your Discard and Draw phase, attempt to create the hand that plays off of one or two key cards you are holding. This more advanced may appeal to many more experienced players, but the deck is not really suited to those that just want a fast and frivolous turn at winning. Erin’s deck may be a bit complex, but once played a few times it is one of the most enjoyable. I mean what’s cooler than shape shifting! Winning, right? What about winning and shape shifting! Of the decks available to take into the Red Dragon Inn, Erin ranks among the very top. It’s especially good for players who want that little extra challenge!

Erin is the latest of the releases to expand the Red Dragon Inn game system. But wait! What’s this? Red Dragon Inn 4? The occupants of the Inn must be at capacity! Find out what happens when the good ship Crimson Drake docks and its crew step in to put some wind back in their sails!

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