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Monster Fluxx

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It's Frightfully Fun!

Let the monster mash begin! Classic monster movies and TV shows are the theme in this basic Fluxx deck. Despite the prominent monster presence, this deck is Creeper-free. Designed to introduce new players to the Fluxx system, it has just the four main card types and comes in a hang-tab style box at a slightly lower price point.

Game Play

Draw a card, play a card. Seems simple enough, right?

But that's when the fun starts! Fluxx features New Rule cards that change the rules of the game, Goal cards that change the object of the game and Action cards to create some chaos! Match your Keeper cards to the current Goal to win! Just when your opponents think they’ve got you beat, you change the rules and win the game!

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“Cereal Mascot Monster Mash”

General Fluxx info:
Basically, fluxx is a card game where the rules can change throughout the game. The goal of the game is to match what is on the goal card, but be weary, the goal card is constantly changing… players place “keeper” cards which are used to fulfill goal cards and declare victory. But watch out, some Fluxx games feature “Creeper” cards which can infect your play area and prevent you from winning (these cards are NOT found in MONSTER FLUXX). Players can play new rules which can drastically change the game or can play action cards or surprise cards to effect the game play as well. basically, the game starts with a draw 1 and play 1 rule but can quickly change as there are “new rules” cards which vary from specific rules to increasing draw and play amounts, and there is even a play all rule which forces players to play every card they have (this usually leads to a faster game depending on the draw rule).

Monster Fluxx vs Other Fluxx themes
In monster fluxx there are no creepers and many of the card abilities are simple so this version of fluxx is much easier to play than say Star Fluxx or Cthulhu Fluxx. The theme is based on what seems like 1950s horror icons like dracula, witches and cauldrons, frankenstein,mummies, etc… The Monster theme is what I like the most about this version as I am a big fan of early horror films. My favorite goal card is the cereal mascots goal card as I use to eat cereal with monster mascots. Gotta love those Frankenberries. Other than the theme, this version of fluxx does not offer anything unique or unusual from other fluxx games.

Overall, this game can get a little crazy, as all fluxx games can, but is easier to learn than some of the other fluxx games, even though they are all relatively easy to learn. Fluxx, in general, isnt a very long game and is great for short to medium game sessions. This version of fluxx has no creepers so the game generally goes even faster than some of the other Fluxxs. That being said I would recommend this as a good intro to tabletop gaming, especially for people who are into horror/classic monsters but are hesitant to play or for casual/family gamers.

Dont forget to check out other fluxx games. From Batman Fluxx to wizard of Oz fluxx to Zombie Fluxx to Cthulhu fluxx to just the original basic fluxx theres a lot of fluxx to be played!

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“Much simpler than star Fuxx”

the first fluxx game i played was start fulxx and have also played zombie fluxx. this version is much simpler as in the monsters/keepers don’t have any special abilities. there are also only 4 types of cards in this version.

if you want to play fluxx choose a different version this one is probably for younger players

the website wont let me stop at this point but there is nothing much more i can say about the game. the cards of of standard manufacture nothing to complain about there and the artwork is reasonable but nothing to make you go wow.


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