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Shadow Hunters Expansion Kit - Board Game Box Shot

Shadow Hunters Expansion Kit

, | Published: 2006
Expansion for Shadow Hunters
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This 15-card expansion for Shadow Hunters adds 10 new characters to the original Shadow Hunters game.

This expansion has more Hunters, more Shadows, and more Civilians to add variety to your Shadow Hunters games. Some characters include: Bryan with his MYGOD! special ability; Fu-Ka and her Dynamite Nurse ability. Totally compatible with the base game, you will leave players guessing who you really are!

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“Little more than an character pack”

10 new characters to play with! Doubling the number of available characters also increases set up time as you randomly determine which characters to use. Each character shares their first initial with a character from the base game, so they’re still easy to find on the hit point track.

The other five cards in the pack are mostly fixes and updates to existing cards. The character list on the hermit cards and Chocolate card are updated to include new names, and Bob’s text is revised.

Overall a worthwhile addition to the game.

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“Fu-Ka and her Dynamite Nurse ability”

Fu-Ka and her Dynamite Nurse ability

Yes, you read that right.

The confused look on your friend’s faces as they try to pronounce that card make the this expansion completely worth it.

When it comes to “gateway” games I feel this game is often overlooked, when the fact is I have made more converts with this game than any other in my arsenal.

One of the strengths of this game is that it accommodates a large number of players and yet the turns are engaging enough and pass by quickly so players do not zone-out and get bored. As far as the expansion I say the more merrier!

This expansion gives you more characters:
3 Hunters
3 Shadows
4 Neutrals

The flavor text for these new characters is amusing and I really enjoy the new neutrals win conditions.

Hermit's Tough Lesson of Love
I bet your HP is 12 or more…”
This should probably include the Wight even though he is not specifically named on the Lesson of Love card.


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