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Fluxx v4.0 box and contents

The card game with ever changing rules! It starts out simple, with just the Basic Rule card: draw one card and play one card during each player's turn. But New Rule cards quickly make things chaotic.

Even the object of the game will often change as you play, as players swap out one Goal card for another. Can you get the Rocket to the Moon before someone changes the goal to Death by Chocolate?

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“An Abstractly Simple Concept?”

As I questioned in the title this game is abstractly simple. It can abstract, it is simple, and sometimes is both or neither.

The premise and basic rules are simple, draw a card play a card.

The goals are abstract. They change depending on the card or cards played.

Game Play:

There are 4 types of cards

Keepers (These are cards you place in front of yourself and help you achieve goals.)

New Rule (These spell out new rules you will be playing by ie., draw 2 or play all.)

Action (An immediate action ie., pace one card to the left)

Goal (How you win, normally a combination of 2 keepers.)

The game starts simple enough, draw a card play a card. As new rules are introduced the game changes. The new rules can be helpful or devastate your “strategy.” As you play people will place goals, sometimes this helps, others it kills what you have been working on for four hands! But I digress. The person who wins meets whatever goal is set. They win immediately. For instance while playing with 7th graders, one played a new goal, the person across from them had the two keeper cards out, they won, game over.

That is how game play works. Never Count your chickens before they hatch. Anything can change at any time. With the right/wrong rule, action or goal played.


This is a fun quick game. I wouldn’t recommend playing it game after game, as that would be an exercise in aggravation, and may end friendships. But the game is fun.

I bought the regular version. I plan on buying at least one of the themed versions. I think the “nerd” element will get me. I think Star Fluxx and Pirate Fluxx may be high on the list. But, then again Oz Fluxx has a pretty high rating, and the rules, just like this list, are always in Fluxx.

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“Did the Title of the Game Tip You Off?”

Fluxx is a simple card game put out by Looney Labs where when you first start the game, there is no way to win. The title of the game absolutely captures what the spirit of the game is, and that’s to have things constantly changing.

There are five card types in Fluxx:

New Rule cards which change how many you draw, how many cards you can hold in your hand, and a myriad other things about how the game is played.

Keeper cards which you lay down in front of you to help you win the game.

Goal cards which you put down to show what will win the game. There can only be one goal in play at a time, so the old goal is discarded when a new goal is played.

Action cards which allow you to do various things once.

Creeper cards which play like Keeper cards, except that they prevent you from winning and you must play them when you draw them. You at least get to redraw to replace them and they don’t count against your cards per turn playing limit.

There is one more card type that was introduced in a variant (Pirate Fluxx) that will eventually be part of the base set called a Reaction card. These let you do things on other players’ turns.

The rules for Fluxx are very simple. When the game starts each player is dealt three cards and the first player to ask to go first does so. There’s a draw pile and an empty discard pile and since no player has played a goal card yet, there’s no way to win just yet.

Play moves quickly as the only constant rules are Draw 1 and Play 1. Everything can be changed, but you will do a minimum of that on your turn.

The game is won when a player has the conditions required on a goal card. These are usually a pair of Keeper cards, though other goals can include having a hand of 10 cards, or having a particular keeper with another keeper not in play anywhere.

The game is absolutely fun and shines when you have a group of people who just want to play a fun game. Players who NEED to win will get quickly frustrated and players who suffer from analysis paralysis will bog the game down if there are a lot of New Rule cards in play or if they get to play a lot of cards from their hand.

Definitely meant for a casual environment, games will take 15-30 minutes though occasionally they will run long if things get wonderfully silly, such as having the Draw 5, First Play Random, and Hand Limit 0 cards in play – Your neighbor will draw a card from the five you just picked up, that’s the card you play, and then you discard the rest, very funny when it happens.

In closing, these are the high points:
Good group game
Good gateway game (though usually not to the deep end of gaming)
Fun in a casual environment
Not for the competitive
Very affordable

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“Draw a card, play a card...until you don't.”

There are three reasons why you might not like this game:

1. If you don’t like rules that change, you won’t like this game. The basic rule is that you “Draw a card, Play a card” but as soon as a “New Rule” is added that might change. Some people really, really (really) hate this type of thing, and will hate the game…because that’s really the core of the game. You’re constantly changing rules, so keep that in mind if that doesn’t appeal to you at all.

2. If you don’t like remembering a lot of rules, you won’t like this game every time. Don’t get me wrong, the game is NOT complicated, but there can be a lot of rules active at the same time. Some people prefer simplicity in games, and while this game can be very simple…it can get complicated fast. It can be a bit overwhelming to have to re-learn the rules every time it’s your turn, so keep that in mind as well.

3. If you don’t like chaotic or inconsistent games, there will times that this game annoys you. This rule is because of certain situations or cards in the game that reduce the “fun factor” when played. “Hand Limit zero” and “Play All” are good examples, because these two cards reduce the choices you can make.
— When “Play All” is in effect, you have to play every card you draw unless you can remove the rule. The only choice you have is the order in which they are played.
— When “Hand Limit zero” is in effect, all cards you don’t play are discarded every turn. This is very frustrating in a variety of situations.

Like most games, if everyone at the table agrees on the type of game being played, this game is far more enjoyable than normal. If nobody likes a card like Play All, then it’s likely to never get played, and everyone will have a better experience.

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“Fluxx is more than meets the eye...”

Looney Labs broke onto the hobby scene with a brilliant strategy: give people light, fun games that can offer variable game experiences, intricate but easy strategies and chaotic game play for young gamers as well as older players that are kids at heart. Fluxx and all of its incarnations – accomplishes them all – with a sense of humor.

Now, that said, there is little to it. Deep tactics? Not there. Random acts of trickery against fellow players? Oodles. Worker placement and technology trees? Nuh uh. Surprise endings? Oh yeah.

So, if you are a hard-core gamer, odds are you won’t like this game. You can skip to the overall review at the end if you wish. But wait! This game does have some amazing strong points and appealing qualities – especially for parents and families. No really…

Gameplay: (All Mathematical and Crazy-like)
The game matrix of Fluxx is innovative and a little nuts. (I meant Looney) To win you simply have to satisfy the Goal. This is a card that is in play that requires you to have (or not have) certain Keepers in front of you. (Keepers are cards that represent ordinary things: Milk, TV, Chocolate, etc.) So if you the goal is “Chocolate Milk,” you have to have both Chocolate and Milk cards in front of you. Easy-peasy. Actions are card that you play that allow you to trade cards, redraw your hand and many other things. Then there are the New Rules cards. This is the heart of the game.

Players can alter the basic game turn of “Draw 1 Card” and “Play 1 Card” by playing New Rules that allow the game turn to be extremely productive or extremely short. There are many New Rule Cards that affect every aspect of the game. Suffice to say they make the game… well… Fluxx-y.

That’s it. It’s the essence of “anything can happen.” But hold on. Let’s lean forward and take a closer look, shall we counselor?

Even in very advanced games, and no matter the player’s age, choosing whether and when to “make a play” (a card, meeple, or any other game aspect) can be the first, most basic player choice to consider. Fluxx’s game matrix typifies this game play aspect in its simplest form. In fact, it’s the only choice a player has on their turn.

So the beauty of the game play – as with most of the best games (easy to learn, difficult to win) – is in its simplicity. Decision-making. That’s the essence of Fluxx.

Style/Components: (Simple)
Cards… uh..with words on them. Oh wait there are pictures too. So cards, with words and pictures…It’s… cards.

Value: (Booya!)
Every game is different for under $20. That’s pretty good!

Audience: (We are Family!)
No matter the gamer you claim to be, try this with a family or your children. Avid, Social and Casual gamers will enjoy it for the simple fun. Strategic and Power Gamers… well … Got a sense of humor? Kids?

Instructions (That’s it? )
Piece o’ cake. Learn the game in minutes.

Overall Review: (Go on… you know you want to..)
Ok, so if you skipped down here then odds are you like a good rousing game of Warhammer 40K or Twilight Imperium. Have you tried Fluxx? I encourage you to give this game a shot, not as a great evening of gaming but as a bridge – from your love of gaming to a younger player or not so strategy hungry family member.

(Up on the soapbox) Young gamers are the future of the hobby, future designers and players. And Fluxx is fun enough, frustrating enough and simple enough for kids to play and feel they are included in the cool games that their parents play. Its a “hobby” thing. (Back down again).

Fundamentally, this game teaches: the basics of decision-making, tracking of cards, patience and good sportsmanship. Play one game and you may feel like Han Solo firing a blaster in the garbage masher. (Duck!) Play more, and some strategies will emerge. They really will.

The mere fact that this game inspires such a disparity of reviews makes it worth a try. Right? And that’s why Fluxx endures in all its forms (Zombie, Pirate, Star, Monty Python), because of its humor and its fundamental matrix based on good decision-making. Odds are, one of its variations will appeal to you. Or at least, the kid inside you.

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“Lightweight fun”

Fluxx is a multiplayer card game where the cards you choose to play alter the rules and the win criteria as you go along. You can also play keeper cards to try to achieve the labile win conditions.

Fluxx is an easily learned game and playable by 2 or more players, I think the largest number of people I’ve played with one pack is 9 players, it gets a little unwieldy with that number of players, but it can be done. Because it changes, it can be replayed fairly frequently. It is a lightweight game, not to be taken too seriously, it would never be the focus of an evening, but it goes down nicely as a filler between heavyweight games, or as an interlude for conversation that has become a bit bogged down.

I enjoy this game in small doses. I’m glad to have it in my repertoire and as my life has changed so I game infrequently and more often with family or non gamers, it probably comes out as often as anything else I own. If winning is important to you, this is not your game, if the experience and flow is more your style, have lots of fun with it.

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“Can be equally fun/frustrating”

This game can go from being a fun and hilarious game to people walking out on a game that just will never end. Games have lasted 10 minutes to well over an hour (more than overstaying it’s welcome). Everyone I have played this with ended up disliking the game as soon as you hit one of those types of games that seems like it will never end. Only my daughter requests the Zombie Fluxx edition anymore, and even that is rare now.

To clarify, the game starts with one simple rule – draw a card, play a card. You can have one goal in effect at a time (per the starting rules), and you get “keeper” cards that you play in front of you, to help you achieve the goal (Like Chocolate Milk, requires a chocolate bar keeper, and a milk keeper card in play to win).

It’s that simple. Until…

There are other rule cards, that make you have to draw and play a different number of cards (drawing 5 and having a hand limit of zero, making you have to play or discard everything each turn), change up how many goals can be in play at once, all kinds of stuff.

The goals are varied, but they are pulled so often (as are the rules) that it literally can change EVERY turn. For every player.

This is really fun and hilarious in quick 15 minute games, although it gets really hard for some people to keep track of all the rules and stuff in play. Then, you get the unwieldy games that have you drawing and discarding everything, and everyone is just waiting for that one card to wipe all the rules away. Those games can go on for well over an hour sometimes, and that’s just too much.

That is what has turned everyone off to this game, that I have played it with so far. The random nature and chaos is fun for a while but it can often overstay its welcome. And due to the random nature of the cards, it’s just impossible to really say what kind of game you are going to get out of it – the funny, quick, silly version or the long, drawn out, everyone wants to quit version.

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“Strange but innovative filler”

Fluxx is a really bizarre little game, the concept being that all rules of the game constantly shift depending on the cards played. You need to know some things of the rules part from what’s on the initial card, but the learning time required is 2 minutes instead of 10 seconds. Still not a big deal.

I find it strangely amusing to play this game, but forget everything concerning strategies, the everchanging rules (and more importantly, goal to win the game) makes any such plans completely void. The only thing you can hope for is to grab a hand with a goal card you can fullfill yourself (perhaps in conjunction with other cards) and then pray that the rules admit you to keep those cards until your next turn.

A game can vary in length very much. Some sessions have ended before two rounds, basicly 3 minutes… Others have kept going for half an hour, the chaos in the game itself makes game time as hard to predict as a vial strategy.

So, it’s a filler. Some hate it, some love it. I recommend that you try it, but don’t expect a “real” game. The rules changing is quite hilarious if you’re in that mood. And if you’re intersted in game mechanics it’s a must, because the rules are very innovative to say the least.

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“A Fun Silly Game for Casual Play”

Fluxx is a card game of ever-changing rules. The basic rules at the game start is you draw 1 card and play 1 card. Everybody starts with 3 cards.

The 4 card types you can play are:
Keepers: Cards you play and keep in front of you to help meet a win condition
Goals: Defines the win condition. Usually this is having two specific keeper cards in play under your control. There may be only one goal card at a time.
Rules: Change the rules of the game by having players draw additional cards, play additional cards, have a hand/keeper/goals limit change, or other more crazy game changing rules.
Actions: Have you do something immediately. The action is specified on the card.

This game is very random but full of silly fun, making a good casual game in moderation. It is a bit too random to be liked by most people though.

-Silly fun

-Ever-changing rules can be difficult to grasp for some people

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“Almost like pulling teeth”

Almost like pulling teeth
The gist of the game:
The game starts with one rules card. Draw one and play one. You do just that. The other card types in the game are Goal, New Rule, Action, Keeper, and Creeper cards.
Creeper cards must be put into play and you can not win while they are out, unless they are part of the goal.
Goal cards tell you how to win the game, only one can be out at a time. They pretty much all involve having some combination of Keepers.
Keepers are like your items or minions that you play in front of you. These are the items that will help you win the game.
New Rule cards are how the rules are modified as the game is played.
Action cards perform some task based upon what the card says and are then discarded.
Replay Value:
If everyone masters the game play, the replay value could be high, especially if people can still play while drinking… but that isn’t usually the case.

There isn’t much in the way of components. The cards are of pretty good quality.

Easy to Learn:
The game can be easy to learn based upon how you explain the rules. Although explaining the rules isn’t done up front, you have to explain as you go, which makes it not as fun for the one who knows how to play.

2-6 players The game is more fun with more players unless the majority of players are not gamers. 8+ age I’d almost say that this game would be better for just kids and not for adults. The age should really be 8-14, not 8+ 5+ minutes is a very deceptive number. Sure, I game could take one turn if you get lucky. The game could also take a marathon of time.

Stay away from this game unless you are playing with kids or… you are kids. There is no depth to this game and the game can just go on forever. This is not fun for hardcore gamers and those action cards can get to be too complicated for non-avid gamers.
Action cards just often can’t be handled by people that have been drinking unless they are gamers. This limits the utility of this game.

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“What the Fluxx is going on in this game?”

General Fluxx info:
Basically, fluxx is a card game where the rules can change throughout the game. The goal of the game is to match what is on the goal card, but be weary, the goal card is constantly changing… players place “keeper” cards which are used to fulfill goal cards and declare victory. But watch out, some Fluxx games feature “Creeper” cards which can infect your play area and prevent you from winning (these cards are NOT found in “FLUXX” the basic set but are found in other fluxx sets like Zombie Fluxx, Cthulhu Fluxx, and Star Fluxx). Players can play new rules which can drastically change the game or can play action cards or surprise cards to effect the game play as well. basically, the game starts with a draw 1 and play 1 rule but can quickly change as there are “new rules” cards which vary from specific rules to increasing draw and play amounts, and there is even a play all rule which forces players to play every card they have (this usually leads to a faster game depending on the draw rule).

Overall, this game can get a little crazy, as all fluxx games can, but is easier to learn than some of the other fluxx games, even though they are all relatively easy to learn. Fluxx, in general, isnt a very long game and is great for short to medium game sessions. This version of fluxx has no creepers so the game generally goes even faster than some of the other Fluxxs. That being said I would recommend this as a good intro to tabletop gaming, especially for people who are hesitant to play or for casual/family gamers who dont want anything too deep or too complex.

Dont forget to check out other Fluxx games. From Star Fluxx to Pirate Fluxx to Zombie Fluxx to Cthulhu fluxx to the fluxx dice expansion, there’s a lot of Fluxx to be played!

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“The cotton candy of board games”

Fluxx is light and fluffy, and anyone can play it. However, like cotton candy, I feel sick if I have too much Fluxx. A game can last ten seconds, and it can last a half hour.

Having said all of that, it is still worth owning.

The rules are very simple, but some basic math can be required as new rules are introduced. It isn’t hard to play a quick hand with a group of people and then walk away.

The keepers, goals, and rules are colorful and light enough to amuse most non-gamers.

It scales perfectly between 2 to 6 players.

It is a great game to have around when dealing with children, drunk buddies, or other easily amused folks. I have even brought it out when a non-gamer expresses concern about playing a board game. While I am not sure I would call it a Gateway game, it can break some preconceptions of board games for people that had bad experiences with them as a child.

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“Fast Fun For All”

I’ve read some of the reviews to this delightful game and while some hit the theme just right, others, I’m afraid seem to miss the point (no offense).

Fluxx isn’t meant to be a grand strategy game for hardcore gamers. It isn’t supposed to be the game you expand and expand and keep expanding. With Fluxx, there are a lot of versions of the game, from Monty Python to Cthulhu, etc. but each starts with the same core and basic structure. The variants aren’t meant to be added to the base game so they can’t be considered expansions.

Fluxx’ game play is as others have stated… draw a card and play a card. New Rules cards can change this to draw more or less cards and/or play more or less cards. The Goal of the game changes according to the Goal Card(s) in play. Playing a Keeper card allows you to meet the Goal card’s requirements. Creepers prevent you from winning, so you have to find a way around that like giving them to someone else or playing a card that allows you to ignore that liability.

When we’ve played, winning or losing comes down to one surprising card play or another. Strategy is there, but it’s a quick fire, rapid response sort of strategy. Luck of the draw and luck of what your opponents play seems to lead to victory more often than anything specific that you can do to help.

Overall, Fluxx is one of those games we go to when we just don’t feel like pulling out a game that takes a while to set up, an hour or more to play and more time to put away. Fluxx is silly and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It’s as much fun to lose by doing something you didn’t think was a bad idea at the time as it is to win. Fluxx is like a gamer’s junk food! Enjoy it for a quick game or two and then start another game. On the other hand, if you only have a little time or just feel like short games, Fluxx should be at the top of your list…along with such games as Tsuoro, Zombie Dice and Mr Jack Pocket.

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“One of my All-Time Least Favorite Games”

For the same reason that some people love this simple, chaotic, family-friendly game without strategy, I absolutely, totally, in all the senses of the word, “hate” this game.

I don’t rate it a “1” for the fact that it is most definitely playable. In fact, it plays relatively smoothly, and WHEN you actually get a turn, you receive a chance to lay a card or two that will either be negated by the time it’s your turn again, or more likely, have no effect since the game will be over before you get a second turn. My first play ended in two or three turns. My second play allowed me one turn before another player played another crazy card causing the game to end two minutes later.

I’ve heard that sometimes the game can overstay its welcome if players are familiar with the cards and play screw-over tactics. This I find funny, because I never wanted to play again even before I started my second, very short game. The humor of “chaos” is very quickly exhausted. There is no tension, because of the number of card combinations and no real way to gauge if someone is ahead or behind. I’d much rather play Pit! which is very chaotic, but almost always seems tense and close each round.

If random luck and reading card abilities is your thing, or if you like watching the chain reaction of events without being able to interact with them, this is a fun game for you as it gives everyone an equal chance of winning. If you dislike all the things I just mentioned, and gang-up/kingmaker mechanics and chaos, steer clear of this game. I give this game 2 lobotomies out of 10.

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“Easy to learn, for some people”

We played this with our usual gaming group. It was a blast, and was played almost exclusively for a while.

I taught a 9 year old to play. He learned it instantly and loved it.

We took it to my in law’s. Even after three games of explaining each turn, they simply couldn’t pick up the rules. On the fourth of July we played with the other side of my wife’s family. Same thing: they couldn’t follow along.

I think it’s all in the sort of person: you need to be able to grasp fluid rules, because that’s all Fluxx is: constantly changing chaos. There’s no long term strategy, as anything you plan could be totally demolished by your next turn: hand limit 1, rotate hands, player to your left picks your first card, new goal.

That’s fine, though: this game is something to play when you don’t want to have to think about strategy and want utter chaos. I’ve joked that when I play it my alignment shifts to chaotic neutral, because I care more about doing crazy stuff than actually winning.

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“My 8 year old is a Fluxx Master”

I bought Fluxx after watching Star Fuxx played on TableTop. Unfortunately, my LGS didn’t have Star Fluxx, so I bought the original. So far, I’ve not been disappointed in the slightest.

The basic game play is draw a card, play a card, win the game by accomplishing the goal card. But the rules can be changed at any moment. Cards can be played that change anything from the number of cards you draw each turn, how many you can play, to even how many you can have in your hand. A player wins by completing what ever the goal is, but goals can change as well.

Fluxx is a fun, fast, and every changing card game. We’ve had games last as long as 30 minutes and to reshuffle the deck a few times. We’ve also had a game last less that 2 minutes.

It’s a game where you really need to think about the cards that you play. How they effect others, and how they affect you. Play cards in the right order and you’ve just won! Not pay attention to what’s going on and you might find yourself with a winning hand, but someone else wins before your next hand.

At first, I was worried that it would be too complicated for my 8 year-old daughter. Truth is, she’s better at it than I am! She picked up the game mechanics very quickly and after a just few plays had most the of the cards memorized. She’s given her self the title, “Queen of Fluxx.” To that I say, log live the Queen!

Fluxx is a great game and one that I don’t have to hold back and let my kids win at. I’ve also introduced Fluxx to tons of my friends, many of whom speak English as a second language, and they all love it!

I’ve yet to play any of the other varieties of Fluxx, but I’m sure they are fun a well. Do yourselves a favor and grab a copy of Fluxx. It’s worth every penny of the $15 I spent!

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“Fun for a fluid group, but that's it.”

The game begins with each player having three cards and a deck in the middle of the table, from which all players will draw.

“Draw a card, play a card.”

Those are the rules.

As the game goes on, new rules (and winning objectives) are added, changed, and taken away. The cards you play from your hand can be rules (“Draw 2 cards at the beginning of each turn,” “At the each turn discard down to 4 cards,” and so on), actions (“Draw as many cards as there are players and give a card to everybody,” “Discard all the rules in play,” and so on), Keepers (“The Tree,” “Ice Cream,” and so on), Creepers (bad Keepers: “War,” “Taxes,” etc.) or Objectives (normally related to Keepers: “If you have the Toaster and the TV, you win.”). On your turn you play a card, or more cards if the current rules dictate, and you can play any one of the card types. Rule cards change the rules, of course, but they can be changed again, and indeed probably will be.

The goal is to reach the objective in play with your Keepers. So if the current objective is “Toast: the player with Bread and the Toaster is the winner,” and you have in front of you the Keepers Bread and the Toaster, you win.

The game can be over in three turns, or it can go on interminably, and what you need to win is a ton of luck and a pinch of skill.

I find this game very boring, and I’ll play just about anything. The one thing it offers that most games don’t: it doesn’t make a bit of difference if a new player joins (“Here are three cards. Welcome to the game!”) or another one departs. Which is a nice feature, in a light party game.

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“Zen and the art of card game playing”

There are a lot of varied reviews for Fluxx both here and elsewhere, and I think most of them are right: it’s light and fun, very silly, makes little or no sense, can be over in one minute or half an hour, can be very frustrating, and can’t be taken seriously.

My experiences have been almost entirely positive. I have introduced a good number of non-gamers to it and after initial confusion (“what do you mean, there’s no way to win yet?!”) they have invariably enjoyed the game and wanted to play again. I should rephrase that: they have enjoyed the experience of being in a group playing the game. That, I think, is what Fluxx is all about, having fun with friends. Strategy is minimal, and gameplay is chaotic, but the table talk and overall experience is generally great.

In summary: just relax, try to enjoy yourself, don’t think too much, and be at one with the game and the other players.

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“Fun and easy. Can be over in seconds.”

This is a great game to break out when you are waiting for “the rest” of your group to show up. It is fast paced and can be very cut throat (if you play it right).

You don’t have to be a gamer to understand and play it. Just when you get started remember to tell everyone “I don’t know yet” when they ask how do you win. The goals change. The rules change.

When you start the only rule is Draw a card and play a card. There is no way to win. You will play more rule cards which will change the number you draw, or play, or keep. You will play goal cards and if you meet a goal then you win. You will steal other people’s cards and they will steal you hand. You will play a Keeper so you can win the next round and someone will steal it and then you will have to figure out how to get rid of the card you were going to use without letting them win. Every card played changes the path you are aiming for.

Many times you will pull defeat from certain victory or draw the card that would cause you to win moments after you lost another card you would have won with. Part of the fun is realizing how many time you caused yourself to lose seconds before you win. Needless to say, Fluxx is the only name they could have picked ultimately.

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“Mindboggling Game - Fluxx! ”

I just played this on Friday night! I did not know it was going to join my pre GenCon party but here we are! Fluxx is a CRAZY game! The goals change, the rules change, then, there are cards that will reset the entire board. I can be hesistant with new games. However, I jumped into the game and gave it my best shot!
Of course, I ended up winning the game being able to play an goal card that started with: “You win when .” Since I had met the criteria, I played the card and promptly won.
In this game you have to pay attention. I put one rule out there where you must make a noise if you acquire a creeper card. When I did not make my noise I had to discard that type and start over. So you must pay attention to the rules and call out any player that doesn’t follow the rules!
Keeper cards are part of the goals. Most goals require Keeper cards but usually specific Keepr cards. SOME goals require creeper cards but you usually want to get rid of the creepers.
Action cards are played to help benefit those that want to fulfill the goal and usually include something like, “find all the creepers in the discard pile and distribute them to yourself and the rest of the players”.
I had a lot of fun and was surprised that I won, but I will definitely play this again. I think more people will make it confusing but the game will go faster.

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“Fun in small doses”

Fluxx is an excellent game for certain, specific situations and groups. It works as decent filler between longer games, and it is a great one to pull out at the start of a game night when a few people have arrived but you are still waiting for most of the group to get there.

The rules are simple, even after you start adding in extra rule cards over the course of a game. Game play itself is fast–I personally have yet to see a game of Fluxx last much more than about ten minutes. And the game relies much more on luck than on skill or strategy, so all players have a very equal chance of winning.

But…that’s all there is to it. After playing a game or two it really starts to wear out its welcome, and all but the most casual gamers are probably going to look for something else to play.

Keep it around to play on occasion, but don’t plan an entire evening around playing Fluxx.


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