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138 out of 176 gamers thought this was helpful

Morels is a light set-collection and hand management game for two players with gorgeous art and the unusual theme of mushroom hunting. It is easy to learn and teach, and can be played in about thirty minutes. If you’re looking for serious strategy and player interaction you’re better off searching elsewhere, but if you want a gentle and entertaining game this one is a choice pick.

While the recommended age range for Morels is 10+, I think younger players can easily enjoy the game as well. You just need to be sure they realise that playing the game doesn’t qualify them to properly identify actual mushrooms in the woods.

I’m definitely glad I picked up Morels to add to my collection. It’s a wonderful two-player game, and I find it has the perfect amount of strategy and decision-making for a relaxing afternoon.

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Zombie Dice

40 out of 50 gamers thought this was helpful

In Zombie Dice you and your friends are all zombies, out looking for your next lunch of tasty, tasty brains. Your menu options are represented by 13 dice in three colours: 6 green, 4 yellow, and 3 red. Each colour has a different ratio of brains to shotgun blasts. You want to collect as many brains as possible without getting shot in the face. The zombie with the most brains is the winner.

This game is high on luck and extremely low on strategy. It plays fast and makes for excellent filler in between longer, more substantial games. It’s excellent if you have a little bit of time to kill, and it is extremely portable.

Zombie Dice can wear out its welcome if played too many times in an evening (sort of like eating too much candy, cheap or otherwise, in one sitting), but it’s great to have on hand if you want a bit of mindless fun as a palate cleanser between other games.

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52 out of 66 gamers thought this was helpful

Timeline is a beautifully designed game. The rules are simple–you can easily have the game out of its tin and in play in less than five minutes. The play time of 20 minutes is pretty accurate for an average game length regardless of the number of players (may be a bit more or less depending on how well the cards play out), and because of how easy it is to learn those players can fall in a wide age range. It’s also a very portable game: the tin is small, and you can play it pretty much anywhere you can find a reasonably flat, clear surface.

This is an excellent family game, and a wonderful way to get people interested in history. Most of the cards in this set are inventions, but there are a few cards from other categories as well (the cards have different colours on the back around the date, indicating which broad category they fall under; inventions are blue).

There is going to be a point where the replay value on this game drops for many people. After a while you start remembering cards and their associated dates, and that has the potential to remove some or all of the guesswork element of the game. It will still be fun, but it’s a different type of fun.

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35 out of 54 gamers thought this was helpful

Fluxx is an excellent game for certain, specific situations and groups. It works as decent filler between longer games, and it is a great one to pull out at the start of a game night when a few people have arrived but you are still waiting for most of the group to get there.

The rules are simple, even after you start adding in extra rule cards over the course of a game. Game play itself is fast–I personally have yet to see a game of Fluxx last much more than about ten minutes. And the game relies much more on luck than on skill or strategy, so all players have a very equal chance of winning.

But…that’s all there is to it. After playing a game or two it really starts to wear out its welcome, and all but the most casual gamers are probably going to look for something else to play.

Keep it around to play on occasion, but don’t plan an entire evening around playing Fluxx.

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41 out of 52 gamers thought this was helpful

As long as most of the players are familiar with Carcassonne, the River I expansion adds a nice touch of variety to the game without increasing the overall playing time very much. It also has very little impact to the base rules, which makes it a good expansion to start with once you’ve played a couple standard games.

As with any expansion, I wouldn’t recommend using it if the majority of the people playing are first-time players, since in that case it can extend the play time by a more considerable amount.

Before going out to purchase this expansion separately, check your basic game. You may already have it.

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