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Alea Iacta Est

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If you’ve got friends or/and family at dinner party, and someone want to play a game. Not to complex or time consuming, this is it.

Alea Iacta Est was the words from the Roman War Hero, Julius Caesar, when he crossed the river Rubicon with his army, and marched against Rome, where he became Emperor Julius Caesar.

You roll your dices, and place a part of them, where they are most needed. There are 5 destinations where you can place your dices, read the Publisher Overview, then it’s the next players turn and so on.
On your turn, reroll the rest of you dices and place them again.
When one of you are out of dices, the roll fase stops.

The player with the best result will collect his/her reward in form of:
The Templum: Points directly from the Godess Fortuna,
The Senatus: Bonus Cards,
The Castrum: Provinces in the Roman Empire,
The Forum Romanum: Patricians to populate the Provinces,
or The Latrina: Unused dices are transformed to a reroll chip.

This was 1 round. At the end of the 5 round, the game ends, and points are counted.

Behave, and be a good ruler. But mind your back and beware of friends or familymembers calling themself Brutus.

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15 out of 25 gamers thought this was helpful

Now I really have to walk the memory line.
My grandmother gave this to me, at the age of 15.
This was published by Parker, and could be played by 2 to 6 players. NOT 2 to 5, that is published in these days.
Why the lack of the 6th player.
If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought that someone has decided, that You shal not have to many boardgameplaying friends.

Aim of the Game:
Conquer the world with 3 dices in your hand, a lot of plastic- soldiers, well played RISK cards, some luck and a lot of diplomatic knowhow, that can turn your sworn enemy to your belowed allied friend, than backstab that stupid oaf.

Theres gonna be a lot of emotions, some crying, possible some braging and at last, a Victorious Winner.
You and your other friends, are going to make him/her pay for this, the next time you play this.

Enjoy, and make them cry 🙂

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