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Asara, the land of a thousand towers opens its gates to you!

Compete with your fellow players for the most beautiful towers. Players take on the roles of famous architects and using their chicanery, try to obtain the best construction parts. With these the exuberant towers are erected. Think ahead, use your tactical sense and it will help you to stay ahead of the other players and thereby become the greatest architect of the country. Exciting construction entertainment for the whole family.

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“A Good Introduction to Worker Placement Games”

Asara is a fun introduction to the worker placement mechanic, and the unique aspect of the game is that you are actually building towers with little tiles.

You score points at the end of each of 4 rounds, so it’s good to get started on your towers early, then gradually build them taller and build more of them as the game progresses. At the end, the scoring is based on building the tallest towers or the most towers, and on top of that … building the most expensive towers.

A round (or “year” as it is called in the game) consists of each person taking turns placing a buyer card on different spaces on the board to buy different tower pieces, get more money, draw an extra card, take the first player token, build your towers, and a couple of other options. After everybody has placed all their buyer cards, the round is over, you collect some year-end points, clean stuff up, draw a new set of buyer cards, and start the next round.

At the end of each round, you get a point for each tower as well as the special gold-decorated sections on your tower … so you normally want to try to ****** up the gold tower sections first. Oh, and you also get a point for having the first-player token.

The age listed on the box is 9-99 and 9 is a pretty good minimum age. I was introduced to this game at GenCon 2011 and like it so much that I actually played it more than once in a row because I really wanted to try out a different strategy the second time.

The game is pretty easy to learn, especially when taught by somebody who has played it. This game is fun for newcomers on the first play through, and first-time players can be competitive if they know that they should be going for the gold-decorated sections and trying to get a couple short towers started early on. After that, it’s a matter of looking around at what types of towers other people are building to decide on your strategy.

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“Let`s build some towers”

Your goal in the game is building towers. The tallest, the most towers, stash them up in order to earn more points. To do that, you need to buy parts for the tower; base and top are most crucial. After that you can buy windows, shields, and other parts to make the towers tall. But you also need money.

On each area the first person to lay down a card sets the color for that area. You can still go there to buy parts, if you instead pay two cards. To put out parts for your towers you need to put down a card AND pay for the part; one coin for each part. Minimum requiered is that a new tower has a base and a top. After that you can expand as much as you like. You score points immediately after that. When everybody have used up their cards, the round ends, and you score for all your towers. Then a new round begins.

In the end you also score for having the tallest tower in each color and having the most towers. Winner is, of course, the one with the most points in the end


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