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Race for the Galaxy: The Brink of War - Board Game Box Shot

Race for the Galaxy: The Brink of War

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As conflicts spread, galactic prestige becomes all-important, both to extract concessions and to fend off attackers. Meanwhile, the Alien departure point is located and the Uplift Overseers arise. Can you build the most prosperous and powerful space empire in a galaxy on the brink of total war?

This expansion adds new start worlds, goals, game cards, and rules for galactic prestige to Race for the Galaxy and its first two expansions, The Gathering Storm and Rebel vs Imperium. New solitaire game counters and drafting rules for six players are also provided.

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“The Brink of Bloat”

The Brink of War is the third expansion for Race for the Galaxy. As with the other expansions, it adds a host of new cards that expand various strategies within the game, and adds new components that players may or may not like to include. I don’t think the game is brought to the point where it has too much going on, but I do think this latest expansion really pushes the line.

The contents are similar to Rebel vs Imperium: you get four new start worlds, 44 new cards, and five new goals that round out the various strategic paths in the game. There is also a new type of point that can be earned in the game: prestige. Prestige points are worth victory points at the end of the game, but they can also convey some nice bonuses to the prestige leader, and each player can spend a prestige once per game to use a kind of super-card for their phase selection. In some ways, prestige can help make takeovers easier, but still not enough in my estimation to bother with takeovers at all. It just bogs down the game too much for too little return.

Bottom line is that if you don’t want the prestige mechanic at all you’ll basically need to pass on this one, since it’s not optional in the way that goals and takeovers can be excluded without trouble. But I’m happy enough with prestige, and with a huge deck, six player gameplay and tons of starting worlds to choose from, this is a great way to round out an existing collection.

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“Great Expansion”

The best thing about this expansion are the goals. They make they game by far more interesting. A must have for everybody who liked the base game.

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“Not the greatest expansion”

While we love RFtG, this expansion is the weakest of them all. Our group feels the additional mechanics don’t improve the game, only make it more difficult to keep track of. You can skip this one.


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