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Alhambra: Big Box

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"The palace of Alhambra," the game of the year 2003 was, globally, together with its extensions to more than 1,000,000 copies sold. Now there is the popular family game for the first time with 5 extensions (each containing four modules) in a large box. This You can use all 20 modules available, which are freely combinable. This means endless hours of fun always new compilations.

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“Never the Same Game Twice?”

There is little debate that this is a gateway game, but with the Alhambra: Big Box edition, not only do you get the gate, but also the walls, treasure chambers, camps, huts, bazaars, art, power, favour, and even some change! These, and many other expansion modules, are the ones that were released as five separate expansion packs (The Vizier’s Favor, The City Gates, The Thief’s Turn, The Treasure Chamber, and Power of the Sultan) which had four individual modules in each. The Big Box takes all twenty modules and packs them together with the base game.

What makes this game so nice to have is the fact that you will not be able to play all the combinations possible with the twenty modules included with the base game. You can add one, or two, or three, or whatever you desire. (While I wouldn’t recommend more than three or four in a game, more is possible.) This allows you to progress up from a basic gateway level by small steps so that the level of complexity is entirely in your hands. So while this game still does not become a deep, strategic, brain-burner, it has its role and performs it well.

The twenty expansion modules that the Big Box comes with also vary widely in complexity. Some are extremely simple, and in the case of the Vizier’s Favor module, consist of just a single token per player, yet we always play with this if we have four or more players. Others, such as the Art of the Moors module, are more complex and add completely new facets to the game.

Whether the module modifies existing game elements, adds another layer to them, or introduces a completely new element, the variety found within this package is incredible. There are 1140 different ways to add three modules to the game; 4845 ways to add four modules, and 15504 ways to add five modules! I dare you to try them all!

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“Big box vs. original game”

I originally bought this version because I thought it was the one used in the table top episode for Alhambra. The edition Wil Weaton has was actually a limited edition version that’s tough to get a hold of. This version includes the original print of the game, plus a bunch of expansions (not exactly sure, about 5 or so). Even though most players have a good time playing the original, we’ve never once moved on to the expansions, so I can’t really review them. What I can say is you should probably buy the original version of the game first, and work your way up from there.

Regarding the original game, here’s my quick review:


-Easy to learn, yet compelling strategy
-Good quality cards, wood pieces, pretty score board, and a nice bag for the card board pieces
-Up to six players
-Medium play sessions (60-90 minutes)


-Theme is a little confusing (Egyptian? Arabic? Spanish?)
-Scoring is time consuming and complicated for a casual game


This game is great for newer gamers and six player sessions. I’ve played it about 10 times and have enjoyed it each time. I recommend the original version should be in your collection, but the big box version is a bit too much.

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When I was first introduced to this game by my in-laws, I really didn’t think that I would like it. It seemed that it would be WAY too long for the amount of player interaction that it boasted. A dozen or more games later and I am glad I was wrong. I can’t quite say what it is that makes me want to play yet another round. The scoring is unique, and I love building my city. The expansions in the big box certainly offer different styles of play, though some are rarely used (love using encampments). It definitely has that ‘Euro’ feel and is well worth the time invested.


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