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“Worker Hut House Rule”

We like the Worker Huts, but being free just makes it a free for all for them. So, we made them sort of like the Bazaars. We put them in the bag, when you pull out a worker’s hut, it goes next to the building slot you were pulling for. That worker hut now costs the same amount as the building in that slot. Easy. 🙂

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“The d20 Randomizer”

As an alternative to the agony of choosing modules (or the staleness of always having the same ones chosen), I keep a 20-sided die in the box for determining which modules are used in the game. Generally, we give each player a roll of the die, meaning more modules are used when playing with more people (Vizier’s Favor is always used with 4 or more players).

If a player rolls the number of a module already included (or a 1, being the Vizier’s Favor) we allow them to chose to reroll or to say that no module is included for their roll. This could be varied to suit the group too. For instance, you could just predetermine that there are “X” number of modules to be used and so roll that many times. You could also allow the player that rolled a duplicate roll to chose a module.

You’re using a die so just roll with it! Sometimes the combination is much better than you would have guessed.

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“Gateway House Rule”

We like the concept of the Gateways, but it seems a fail that you have to (A) use up a turn to place them and (b) it can only be used on legally placed tiles. I mean, really, can’t your contractor put a hole in any wall? So we decided that you can play the gateway cards from your hand that same time you place a tile into your Alhambra with no limit on the number of gateways you can play. We also include all the gateways into a game, no matter how many people are playing. This way, if you had 2 gateway cards, you could take a tile with 2 walls and place it basically as if it had no walls. Makes the gateways a lot more useful.

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