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Triassic Terror - Board Game Box Shot

Triassic Terror

| Published: 2013
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Starting with just one herd in the swamp in Triassic Terror, players must establish new herds and grow them into larger herds, which will then migrate across the four pre-historic landscapes present, competing for the best habitats. This primaeval world is, however, full of danger. Players' dinosaurs will fall prey to the mighty T-Rex, marauding Velociraptors, and swooping Pterodactyls. Erupting volcanoes will devastate some areas and fill the skies with ash, making the affected area almost unlivable. The player who best avoids these terrors and maintains the largest herds across all four environments will win the game.

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My First Heart
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“Fun Game - Get's crazy quickly. Don't be deceived by the theme...”

This is a fun game that gets out of hand quickly!

My first impression was “Dude, dinosaurs… really?!?!”
That first impression was quickly squashed under the feet of a T-Rex!

Game play moves quickly as you have a few actions to choose from on your turn and the turns are limited.

Some actions grow the herd, others move the predators, others explore and adapt for a new environment.

The game comes down to control of land for dominance.

We played this a couple times as a group of 30 year olds with one of our buddies kids whom was 3. It was tons of fun and very accessible for people one can’t find a sitter or is having their friends over and the kids want to play too! Dad, or mom (for the gamer chicks), will have to help of course, but is still fun.


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