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Ticket to Ride: USA 1910 - Board Game Box Shot

Ticket to Ride: USA 1910

Ticket to Ride - USA 1910 is a new card expansion for the original Ticket to Ride board game. It consists of 181 new large format cards (the same size as Ticket to Ride Europe and Märklin), that include: 35 new Destination Tickets, a new GlobeTrotter bonus card for completing the most tickets, plus a complete replacement deck of all the cards from the original game deck.

You'll also get a new rules booklet that includes 3 new ways to play Ticket to Ride. This is a must have for Ticket to Ride fans.

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“Great expansion for a great game”

I’ll start off by saying this: if you have large hands, this expansion is worth buying simply for the larger cards.

But, surprisingly, there’s actually a lot more it than it may appear, given how small of a box it comes in.

Here’s what you get in the box:

1) Larger reprints of all the cards form the base game.
2) 39 new destination tickets
3) A new bonus card
4) Rules for 3 new ways to play the game

As I said before, the expansion may be worth it simply for the larger cards. For whatever reason, Days of Wonder continues to sell the original Ticket To Ride with a small set of cards inside. They theoretically would be nice for smaller tables, but given how large the board is for the game, you’re going to need a lot of space anyway.

But the rest of the expansion is well worth the price as well. 39 new destination cards might not seem like much, but if you play the base game enough times, you might find that the destinations are becoming too predictable. Some of the new destinations include cities that were previously ignored or overlooked in the original set (like Las Vegas and D.C.).

The new bonus card is called Globetrotter, and awards 15 bonus points at the end of the game to the person who completes the most routes. I still prefer using the Longest Route bonus instead, because chances are the person with the most completed routes is probably going to have the most points, and the Longest Route was therefore a way for someone with fewer routes (but a longer continuous one) to have a shot.

The three new ways to play is what really makes the expansion worth purchasing. The four ways to play are as follows:

1) Just the destinations from the base game
2) Just the new 1910 destinations
3) Just the Big Cities destinations (a mix of the original and 1910 cards)
4) A Mega Game using all the destinations

I generally play versions (1) and (2) the most, as I enjoy changing up the routes every other game or so, so consecutive games never feel too similar. The Big Cities variant is a great way to play if there are only 2 or 3 players, because everyone will be trying to connect the same spots (the “Big Cities”), so it makes the game much more cutthroat than it would otherwise be with so few players.

Ticket to Ride Europe might still be the best standalone game, but the original Ticket to Ride with the 1910 Expansion is better.

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“We won't play the Original Ticket To Ride without 1910.”

Ticket to Ride was a good gateway game when it came out: easy to learn and fun to play, even for those gamers used to games that offered…more. Ticket to Ride: Europe arrived on the scene and offered more variety. It had a new (albeit more confuding, at least for those unfamiliar with european cities) map, and a small new mechanic: stations.

In my opinion, the greatest change between the original and “Europe” was the cards. The “train cards” in the original which originally seemed “normal” could now be considered “atrocious” in comparison. Really, they looked like a set of cards out of a gumball machine.

“1910” really remedied this and put the original ticket to ride back on the map, as well as reinvigorated it with new tickets and a new goal: the globetrotter card. This expansion really is worth the $$, and would be even if for only the new train cards.


New train cards: 10/10 – Great, especially for men with average or larger hands. As an added bonus they help you feel like you’re not playing a child’s game.

Globetrotter card: 9/10 – A superb addition, it really brings a whole new level of strategy, making going after tickets and not focusing on making one long line of trains a viable (and many times better) strategy. Saying this is “revolutionary” would be a bit much, but it definitely gives more options for how to play the game.

New Tickets: 9/10 – The new tickets really were a must. With the different options/variants, the tickets really at least triple the replay value of the game. Initially, gamers who played a certain number of times could almost know from a given few moves what ticket another player was trying to complete. The new options – to play with certain sets of cards, such as the big cities, the mega game (all old and new tickets) really remedies…or at least significantly combats this. The additional tickets also means that instead of getting bored after the repition of maybe 15-20 games, you won’t feel the same repition until much later, say 60-90 or more games or more, depending on your play frequency.

If I could say anything critical about 1910, it would be that you really can’t stash it in the original box (unless you were to remove the plastic insert) — not a big deal, but in the future, maybe a redesign of the original box, or release both together in a pack that all fits in one box (maybe an anniversary edition???)

To conclude, 1910 really adds variety without changing the game too much, which some expansions suffer from. Like I originally said, this expansion would be worth it to me just for the train cards (even if you don’t play with the other components often). We usually play the mega game scenario, but never play without at least the replacement train cards.

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“WIth So Many Rights, What Can Go Wrong?”

Ticket to Ride is an amazing game and for many people the prefect gateway game for new gamers. I know I use Ticket to Ride often to introduce board games to new players often. Having this little expansion can add a lot to your Ticket to Ride experience.

Here are a few things you will get with your USA 1910 Expansion.

Replay Ability: For me, the best part of the 1910 expansion is that it ups Ticket to Ride’s replay ability. Being able to play the game online or with a number of handheld devices, the game can get a little stale and predictable. The USA 1910 Expansion adds a number of new routes for you to complete.

Man Hands: No, you don’t get man hands, that would just be awkward. But if you already have man hands this expansion updates the train cards to match the size of your hands. No more playing with those Thumbelina sized cards! Now your man hands have man sized cards.

New Achievements: Travel the World!!! Or just the United States, but whoever does the most, collecting the most tickets receives a bonus.

Affordability: It’s nice that for such a low price, you can add so much to an already amazing game.

Overall Ticket to Ride is one of my favorite games. As much as we play it and use it to introduce to new players, this USA 1910 Expansion is a must have. Your man hands will feel the relief.

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“This expansion is all about the BIG cards...”

The expansion includes:

1) 35 NEW Destination Tickets
2) 1 Globetrotter Bonus Card
3) ALL Large Card Versions to replace the tiny original cards

The new destination tickets can be added to the original destinations for added variety. There are also some new rules (Mega Game and Big City). The 15 point Globetrotter bonus card provides a bonus for the person with the most tickets.

Ultimately, my favorite part of this expansion is having the larger cards. The small cards were unwieldy, and this expansion makes the game more enjoyable at a decent price point. The extras are nice as well. I consider this a good buy.

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“Refreshes the base game without taking anything away”

Isn’t it great to find something for a game you like that just makes it better? I mean, it doesn’t detract or add a new set of rules that change the normal rhythm of the game, it just takes that base game and adds variety and longevity!

Not much to talk about really so i don’t see this being a huge review.

Why should you purchase this small box? I’ll tell you:

The cards are bigger. They are now the size of normal playing cards and I cannot say enough how this improves the game! Easy to read, easy to hold and shuffle, they just feel right and it makes you wonder why the mini cards were used at all!

There are more tickets than before. No longer will someone just focus on the long routes, now they have to contend with other people building to the furthest stretches of the map to finish numerous short routes. This can seriously hamper the longest route strategy. The scoring also goes much higher due to this and this really adds to the excitement during the final tally.

There is now a most Routes bonus as well as a longest route, giving other players more strategic options to consider.

There are other game modes you can opt to play, Largest Cities, let you focus on routes that connect only the big cities and 1910 lets you work on the routes that would have existed then… or something.

Doesn’t matter as the only way you will want to play is with everything being used, all the cards, all the bonuses This makes this a triple AAA game.

Replay Value: Yes, increases the life of this board game and adds variety.

Components: Larger versions of the already beautiful cards by Days of Wonder, who we all know make beautiful games. Good card stock too.

Easy to Learn: Yes, you already know how to play and it’s as easy as ever.

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“A Must Have Expansion for the Base Game”

USA 1910 reprints the cards from Ticket to Ride and includes additional route and bonus cards. It also adds variants to how you can play the game. Some variants are using only big city route tickets, or only long route tickets. The cards are clearly marked to distinguish which cards can be used in a given variant.

The cards are also larger than they were in the base game. This makes it much easier to hold the cards in your hand and shuffle through to look at what you’re holding. So even if you want to play the base game, the cards reprinted in this expansion are a great replacement for the original cards.

If you have and enjoy Ticket to Ride, I highly suggest getting this expansion with it.

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“Exactly what Ticket to Ride needed, at the right price.”

You have Ticket to Ride already.

Like many people, you love the game but do not like fussing with those tiny cards.

This expansion replaces all those cards with full size ones. The new destination cards make it a little easier for people to find cities, which helps when you’re dealing with children (or, as I realized last time I played, foreigners).

It also tweaks the values of a couple routes and adds a few other new wrinkles, including a bonus for “Most Routes Completed.”

If there is such a things as a “Must have” for a game, this is it.

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“You should play with this expansion all the time”

If you have played Ticket to Ride just once, then you are ready for the 1910 expansion. It doesn’t change the rules all too much but it adds more destination cards and that is exactly what is needed to the base game. Having the possibility to obtain more bonus points as well as having more options to prompt you to want to claim certain routes is a really good addition to an already fantastic game.

I will always play with this expansion. It makes the game complete. Although, when you are playing Ticket to Ride, the base game, you will feel that is completely fine the way it is, adding the USA 1910 expansion just makes it even better without changing it too much.

Go and buy this to compliment this wonderful game. You will be breaking this game out on gaming sessions very often.

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“Don't play without it”

This expansion really adds a lot to the base game. I can’t imagine playing without it. First off, the normal-sized cards are awesome. You can finally shuffle the deck compared to those tiny ticket-sized cards from the base game. A lot more destinations are added for some extra game play. The Big Cities variant is made to make 2-player TtR shine over the base game. That is one limitation of the original game is that it is a snooze fest with 2 players. You can also play with all the destination cards for a lot of variety. The downside of playing all the destination cards is a bigger luck element is introduced towards the end game, because players will be drawing more destinations to find routes they already have completed for extra points.

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“Essential Expansion for Ticket to Ride”

This is an almost required expansion for Ticket to Ride. Anyone that’s played for a while can usually tell what you’re up to in your tickets without having seen them based on what you’re buying and where.

1910 adds in a slew of new ticket cards, which makes it a lot harder for someone to tell where you’re headed. Also it replaces the train cards with normal size cards. That, is fantastic. At least, for someone like me, the little cards are hard to handle, especially when you’re hoarding them.

Get this. It’s worth the cost and is completely needed for the game.

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“Revives a well played game”

Do you feel like the routes are too obvious while playing TTR? Then you must get this expansion. It comes with multiple ways of playing and great looking route cards for the base game. We had played TTR so much that after anyone put down a single connection the other players seemed to automatically know where they were going. This changed all of that and brought the game back to life. If you own TTR and don’t own this you are missing out! Buy it!

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“A must have for Ticket to Ride fans”

They might as well just sell this with the base game. The regular sized ticket and train cards are very welcome (the small cards were so annoying). I also felt that with the core game, you could figure out your strategy, and just play the same way every time.

The extra tickets and different game types can really vary the gameplay, and give you more options in terms of strategy.

If you like Ticket to Ride, you’ve got to get this!

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“Should've Been Included in the Original TTR”

These cards are a requirement for any true Ticket to Ride fan. The “Big Cities” variant also adds some nice spice to the vanilla ticket set. Having everyone’s tickets require connections to only a few different cities on the board is a great change up.

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“I never play Ticket to Ride without it!”

Ticket to Ride: 1910 has been a great addition to my Ticket to Ride collection. While keeping the rules almost unchanged, it managed to breathe new life into the game. In addition to increasing the number of routes, as well as adding themed groups of cards like “Big Cities”, and adding a Globetrotter bonus to encourage more tickets instead of just grabbing the long routes, they changed to full sized cards, for both the routes and the trains.

Larger Cards
I didn’t mind the small cards that came with Ticket to Ride until I tried the 1910 expansion. The larger cards work much better for me. They are easier to shuffle, and easier for people to see. They will take up a bit more room on the table, but you can still get the five card selection pile to fit within the width of the game board, so you’re not requiring significantly more gaming real estate.

It’s also a fairly low cost option that I feel is well worth the cost. Many of my friends already own Ticket to Ride, and always end up happy when they receive this as a gift.

The new routes are nice, but the big benefit are the larger cards. I’ve yet to meet anyone who prefers the smaller cards. This is definitely worth the price if you play Ticket to Ride/i> regularly; even when playing with basic routes, this expansion is now always included in my Ticket to Ride sessions.

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“Awesome must have expansion”

This should have been part of the base game from the start. The larger cards and added strategy from the additional routes completes the game. Go out and get this if you love Ticket to Ride, your family and friends will enjoy it.

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If you like ticket To Ride USA this just makes it better!!!

The cards are full size. I hate the little cards that came with the main game. And it comes with more tickets. (also full size)
It makes the game better with just that.
So if you have this game get this. it is a must have for Ticket To Ride!

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“Revives Ticket to Ride”

The original US Ticket to Ride board is great but I found it becoming tiresome relatively fast once I got my hands on the Europe version. Plus when I got it the original had tiny cards this add full size train cards as well as some excellent and challenging tickets really bringing a nice shine to the game. If you have Ticket to Ride this is a must have.

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“A great addition to a great game!”

Not only does this expansion add a lot of balance to the game, but it also gives us cards big enough for people with large hands (like myself) to shuffle easily. God, do I hate small cards.

On top of this, they did it with a small and reasonable priced expansion set, instead of milking the components until it’s big enough to put in a big box and charge $40 for. All in all, it’s perfect. A must have for all ticket to ride fans.

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“THE expansion for Ticket to Ride”

Adds so much extra to the game; new routes, proper sized cards and loads of variety. This is a must have for TTR.

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“Never go back”

It’s really good when an expansion brings in 3 new ways to play the original game. Yes, it’s just versions of the same game play, bit it doesn’t matter. This is just what the original game needed.

And if you playing the Big Cities version and take time to learn the cities used the game becomes a fun competitive race. With good planning and a little luck you can score up to 200 points which really makes counting points a joy.


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