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“Obfuscate your intentions”

One part is planning ahead for fulfilling all your tickets. Make sure to secure choke-points that are near the center of the board and popular. Anything that’s easy to get that you’re going to get what you can when you can.

Also, don’t ever feel like you have to pick up more tickets. If you’re not going to have a chance to complete them by the game end. Instead, and alternate strategy is to build up and buy big point routes.

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“Worth the Money Just For Larger Cards”

This expansion is worth the money just for the fact that you get the larger cards to replace the tiny Euro cards that come in the original game. Obviously getting all of the addition route cards is awesome too, but for someone like myself that has larger hands, the larger cards are a huge bonus.

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“Build Solid Branches”

Tickets are the key. Building a solid initial route, with a branch or two, makes drawing tickets like drawing instant points. Chances of drawing routes you already have, or very close, are high.

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“Claim long connections whenever possible.”

The longer the connection the more points you get and not in a linear way. 1, 2, 4, 7, 10, 15. So a length 6 connection gets you more than 2 points per train. Maximize your points per train placed with this simple strategy.

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“house rule and tip strategy”

try drafting destination tickets. take 1 and pass until you pass the last one. It makes it more interesting.

house rule in my games:
if it is a two player game, take out all dual tracks, a player picks which color to use, but the other track can’t be used. Makes it more strategic for a two player game.

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“1910 Expansion Available for Ticket to Ride Pocket (iOS) $0.99”

I have been very impressed with Ticket to Ride Pocket (iOS)K/i>, and find it well worth the normal price of $0.99.

The game has now been expanded upon by making available the 1910 expansion for an additional $0.99. While 1910-iOS doesn’t upgrade the Ticket to Ride Pocket-iOS as much as the cardboard version upgrades Ticket to Ride (in my opinion the large train cards are enough to justify the expansion itself), the new routes and achievements are a welcome addition and worth the $0.99 asking price.

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