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Go to the Eminent Domain page

Eminent Domain

93 out of 154 gamers thought this was helpful

I really wanted to love this game but after a couple of plays my group just fell flat with it. Its not complex by any means, I just think it felt like a semi-multi-player solitaire. Maybe we were doing something wrong, maybe not but man it just didn’t sit well with us. I see potential there for the right group, but we’ve gone so massive player interaction now its tough to go to such games. To each his own, I see someone loving this especially looking for that almost RPGish style Dominion where you can build upon what you already have I did think that was neat and well done.

Go to the Space Hulk page

Space Hulk

35 out of 69 gamers thought this was helpful

Love this game, yea there’s only X missions but you technically can double that as its fun to play both sides and see how the strategy changes. The tension you get sometimes as the Marines can be incredible just hoping that when you round that corner the blip you see on your radar reveals a single Genestealer, as opposed to a swarm of 3. Then you panic fire hoping to wipe them clean hitting 1 or 2 as you see some coming at you from the left corridor now too, please let them faulter as they attempt to rip you to shreds.

This is a great game, very well executed, the models are incredible as well as the board. I recommend this to anyone who can find it for a reasonable price.

Go to the 7 Wonders page

7 Wonders

42 out of 73 gamers thought this was helpful

Love this game, so much fun and scales really well. The strategies you may try to develop will never hold out after multiple games, people will learn to read your cards and put the kabosh on them quick so you need to try and see what they are planning and plan opposite so you need not worry about losing your strategy to badly.

I must admit it plays ok though with 2-3 it really shines at 4-5 and gets chaotic fun with 6-7. The Leaders Expansion is a must after your group gets comfortable with it, that really makes this shine on the top of my list.

Go to the Ticket to Ride: USA 1910 page
60 out of 94 gamers thought this was helpful

The original US Ticket to Ride board is great but I found it becoming tiresome relatively fast once I got my hands on the Europe version. Plus when I got it the original had tiny cards this add full size train cards as well as some excellent and challenging tickets really bringing a nice shine to the game. If you have Ticket to Ride this is a must have.

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