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Monsters rampage through the world of Ticket to Ride!

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 13-Jan-11 | 6 comments

Ticket to Ride - Alvin and Dexter

image © Days of Wonder

If you’ve ever gotten mad at someone for taking that train route, or blocking you from a destination city, you can finally get back at them. How about moving a giant monster on top of their city so they loose half their points? Or why not put that giant monster in their way so that can’t continue their route! (cue: evil laugh “bwahhh haa haa haa”)

The Alvin and Dexter monster expansion for Ticket to Ride does just that. On your turn, if you’ve got a one or two spare locomotives, you can trade them in and move a monster up to six cities away to get in the way of the other players!

My wife loves this game, and rarely loses, so this expansion could not have come sooner. Now I’ll finally be able to take my revenge!

You can pre-order now. It will be available early this February.

For more info, check out the official Alvin & Dexter monster expansion page.

Comments (6)

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This is great. It’s like King of Tokyo and Ticket to Ride in one! I always get so frustrated when my path gets blocked =.=

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Such a brilliant idea for an otherwise non-kaiju game!! 🙂

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Gave My First Grade

Well as I am the one that usually wins the games I see those used a lot against me.

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Anarchy is awesome!

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All games need more monsters.

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Definitely an expansion on my list to get. I’ve got a lot of Ticket to Ride fans in my family.

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