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Ticket to Ride: Europa 1912 - Board Game Box Shot

Ticket to Ride: Europa 1912

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Ticket to Ride - EUROPA 1912 is an expansion in the Ticket to Ride: Europe. It enables 3 new variants to the Ticket to Ride Europe map: Europe Expanded, which adds 19 new routes to the original 46; Big Cities of Europe, with tickets to 9 major European cities; and Mega Europe, which uses all the new routes as well as the 46 original Destination Tickets.

Europa 1912 also introduces Warehouses and Depots - two new game elements that bring an exciting new layer of strategy to all versions of Ticket to Ride.

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Time Well Spent - Games
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“Must Have Tickets”

First of all, I ALWAYS play my Ticket to Ride: Europe game with the expansion cards. Having more routes makes the game twice as much fun. The Big Cities cards are a blast, and just shuffling all the cards together gives lots of unpredictable options. My family enjoys using alternate rules to the tickets. We start with 3 short routes and 2 long routes, and must keep any 3. Then, we shuffle the remaining routes into a giant pile of draws and play from that. I really adds some fun to the game.
The second part of 1912 is really a let down. The ‘warehouse’ mechanic gives you a chance to earn extra cards at various points in the game by taking them out of your warehouse. Unfortunately, the cards get into the warehouse by drawing one at random and placing it in the warehouse EVERY TIME YOU DRAW CARDS! Which, as you can imagine, gets old very fast. I”ve tried playing with the warehouses a few times, and I just leave them in the box now.
If you enjoy Ticket to Ride: Europe and feel like you want some more out of the game, I highly recommend 1912. I’d almost go as far as to say that the expansion is a must have. Just leave the warehouses in the box.

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Yes. If you have the game you MUST have this expansion.
The expansion gives you 2 things:
1) New Tickets
2) The warehouse mechanic
The new ticket set in the expansion will replace your old one and will double and even triple the replayability of the game!!!Trust me! You will have now the option to play without the long(blue) tickets and choose from 3 different set of ticket decks.
The second part is my favourite. It adds more interaction between the players and if you are not carful placing the warehouses on the map you can easily make yourself lose. Storing cards in your warehouse when a card is drawn(face up or down) and taking them later in your hand speeds up the game, makes you play a little more strategic and it is always fun to take someone elses cards just right before his turn.
Don’t hesitate. Take this expansion and add it to your collection. You won’t be sorry!

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“Tickets Tickets Everywhere”

We recently picked this up and have really enjoyed the new routes. Its livened the game up for us again, since while fun, it had become a little stale seemingly always fighting for the same routes. There is still overlap (the part that makes it fun) but much more variety.

We personally do not use the warehouse part of the game. It did not increase enjoyment in any way so we have opted to leave it out for now. Perhaps if things start getting stale again, we will revisit this option but for now we are happy with adding the new routes.

The tickets however are definitely worthwhile and I would recommend anyone who has this game to get this expansion for the tickets. 🙂


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