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“Be carful where you place them”

Never I said NEVER place your warehouse on a city that is the first/last on your ticket(e.g. you have Madrid – Moscow and you place your warehouse on Moscow). You can easily block yourself and if someone else build a route you need you cannot place a station on Moscow coz of your warehouse.

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“Use all.”

I usually play this way – I use all my warehouses to rob all the cards from all the players(sometimes it just happens that all the warehouses are placed on cities I will pass by). And when I have those 30+ cards in my hand I will enter into “building mode”. It is not aplicapbe 100% of the games, but the logic is that if someone have 2 warehouses more that you you don’t have to spare the ones you have left in your hand – using them will not harm you.

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“Leave the Warehouses in the box”

I love this expansion, never play without it. But does anyone actually like the warehouses? It is a major hassle for little gain. I leave the warehouses in the box, and just use the extra tickets from the expansion. But, the tickets are still worth the extra $16.

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