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Yes. If you have the game you MUST have this expansion.
The expansion gives you 2 things:
1) New Tickets
2) The warehouse mechanic
The new ticket set in the expansion will replace your old one and will double and even triple the replayability of the game!!!Trust me! You will have now the option to play without the long(blue) tickets and choose from 3 different set of ticket decks.
The second part is my favourite. It adds more interaction between the players and if you are not carful placing the warehouses on the map you can easily make yourself lose. Storing cards in your warehouse when a card is drawn(face up or down) and taking them later in your hand speeds up the game, makes you play a little more strategic and it is always fun to take someone elses cards just right before his turn.
Don’t hesitate. Take this expansion and add it to your collection. You won’t be sorry!

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