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Review: Garden Dice

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 11-Feb-13 | 6 comments

Garden Dice game in play

Garden Dice offers a unique and fun approach to dice rolling and tile placement games. Each player takes the role of a gardener; planting seeds, watering seeds and then harvesting veggies. You’ll score points for the veggies you harvest during the game and then gain bonus points at the end of the game depending on what sets and collections of veggies you have.

Sounds easy enough, but where it gets tricky is players all share the same garden. This means you won’t always be able to plant where you want, but it also means you can strategically plant your veggies so that other players end up watering and harvesting them for you!

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Comments (6)

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This game seem really nice for a family play.

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Watched a youtube review of it, seemed like it could be fun

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This looks like a game I can get my wife to play

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I think you may have forgotten to medal/rate the game though.

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Lets farm!

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This seems like one of those games that I would enjoy if my friend bought it.

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