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Mansions of Madness will have puzzles.

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 7-Jan-11 | 2 comments

Mansions of Madness - completed rune puzzle

image © Fantasy Flight Games

In anticipation of Fantasy Flight’s new addition to their Arkham Horror line of games, Mansions of Madness, they have released more information about the gameplay. Puzzles!

As you explore, your investigators will come across puzzles which are essentially mini-games. The interesting thing to note is that depending on how smart your investigator is, you will have more or less of the puzzle revealed to you, which will effect how long it takes to solve the puzzle. This is such a great way to further pull the players into the game.

Click here for the official article on Fantasy Flight Game’s site.

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Love Mansions of Madness. Now with a new edition that holds even more mysteries (as in, what did they change). 🙂

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In some reviews I noticed people saying these puzzles are very hard. I must say they are not that difficult. Years ago these kinds of puzzles were common: you could find plastic holders with 4×4 or 5×5 variants. The puzzles in Mansions of Madness are much simpler. Still, they add a lot of flavor to the game!

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