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Small World: Necromancer Island expansion is free while supplies last!

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 7-Jan-11 | 7 comments

Small World: Necromancer Island Expansion

image © Days of Wonder

If you’re a fan of Smallworld, and you’re looking for something new, don’t pass this up! While supplies last you can order the Necromancer Island expansion free from the Days of Wonder online store!

In this expansion, for 3 or more players, 2 or more players play normally while 1 player benefits from lost race tokens and battles against all other players in an attempt to raise his entire army before the game ends.

For more info, check out the official link here.

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Tsk. Just a hair too slow. :/

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Ahh, someone beat me out here!! Too slow.

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Ha. first piece of news from 2011??? I joined last year and thought this was around longer. Excellent work to everyone involved in this great site!

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Funny I’ve got the same idea as you and look what was the first news post

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The first ever news post on board gaming. So cool.

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Do not be sad, this is probably the worst expansion ever added to the game. The incentive structure for all players gets completely destroyed is guaranteed to upset a table of long time small world players.

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I regret missing out on this.

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