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Small World: Tales and Legends - Board Game Box Shot

Small World: Tales and Legends

| Published: 2010
Expansion for Small World
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54 Event cards invite you to (re) write Small World's history!

Small World - Tales and Legends was created by Laurent Verrier, Special Prize Winner of the Small World Design Contest. Philippe Keyaerts, the original game's author, provided additional development assistance.

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“Small World, limited options”

This is a deck of cards for Small World that add an effect to each turn of the game except the first one. Each card in the deck has an icon showing the difficulty and type of effect that the card contributes to the game making it possible to fashion a deck for each game based on the play style that the players choose, conflict, fortune, etc. I think that this is a great addition to the game because it add just enough uncertainty to the turns (you get to see what card is coming up) but doesn’t add a ton of new rules to the base game. A great low cost expansion.
Thanks for reading my opinion.

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“These cards are going to be the death of me... literally.”

Tales and Legends is an 54 card expansion for Small World that adds special events and rules before each round as you play the game(except the first). Most cards only last through one round, but some are persistent. I like the cards, but it does turn Small World into a more tactical experience, as it can force you to change your strategy from turn to turn. It does change the flavor of the game if you’ve been looking for some new blood.

There are three ways to set up the game (provided in the rules). One way is to shuffle the 54 card deck and randomly pull out cards. The number of cards to use is the number of rounds the game will last minus one (first round). There is a Current Event and Upcoming Event card Marker… which allows you to see an upcoming event and think about what your strategy will be one turn ahead.

The second way to setup the game is to use one of their predefined sets of cards (they use symbols to distinguish the sets):

The Gods Must be Crazy
One For the Ages
Miracles for Sale!
Bloody Well Right
A Wind of Change
Pax “the Menace”

The final way to setup is hand-pick the “craziest” cards and remove the upcoming event mechanic. Now, you really don’t know what’s going to happen. This can be truly chaotic.
They also provide two blank cards if you want to see what kind of mayhem you can cook up.


Tales and Legends is not too expensive, and it does provide a new experience. I’m an expansion junkie, so I had to get it. However, it is not a necessary expansion for the enjoyment of Small World. It will get played from time to time, but I don’t see it getting used often. However, it’s a definite “nice to have” expansion, especially for those of us looking for ways to spice up SW.

Happy Gaming!

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“Well-made, but not a great fit”

Tales and Legends maintains the great quality found in the rest of the Small World line. The art is fun and clever, and the cards are of good quality.

Aaaand, I just don’t care for it much. I had really hoped to like it, but it just adds way more chaos and bookkeeping than I’d expected.

The cards introduce a new, overarching rule for each round of play. On top of managing your race and its powers, and your in-decline race, and watching your opponents’ races and powers, you now have to keep track of the special rule for each round of play. It doesn’t seem like it would be that much of a difference, but it really is.

We often forget to change the card, or we forget to apply its bonuses until it’s too late. Some of the cards require a small, simple auction. Some people love auctions – some hate them. It seems to me that tweenagers, who seem to be the ideal age for most of the game, just don’t get into them.

We will continue to play the other SW expansions, but this one won’t be in the mix very often.

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“Great addition to Small World”

My wife and I are huge Small World fans. We have most of the expansions (Grand Dames, Cursed, Be Not Afraid, etc.) for the base game. Of all the expansions, we think this one is the most unique.

Tales and Legends adds an event card for each turn (number of cards is dependent on the number of players). These events can range from relatively benign to potentially catastrophic (frequently for all players involved!). All players get a “heads up” before each event–each event card is shown to the group on the round before it takes affect. Depending on the event, players have to make individual decisions–what’s best to weather the storm or strategically get the upper hand on their opponent(s).

If you have played Small World a few times, the cards (and new rules) can be quickly added to a game with little effort.

These cards definitely add another layer to this game, and it is a welcome addition, especially if you are a hard core Small World player.

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“Good for the less casual gamer”

I like this expansion, as Small world is a fun game, albeit a little simple for my tastes. I felt that the main game was lacking a mechanic or two.

The way in which this expansion adds random events, and allows you to see not only the current event – but what is coming up next turn as well, adds a nice extra level to the strategy.

I you’re not playing this with younger or more casual gamers, I’d reccomend adding a deck to your standard game.

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“Fun expansion”

This expansion introduces some additional strategy in the form of changing events each round. There are enough cards that the replay value is high. I think it is well worth purchasing.

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“Must have expansion”

These cards add a different strategy aspect to the game. Sometimes the upcoming event card can ruin your plans, but usually by planning appropriately you can take advantage of the event and earn big points each round.

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“Game Changer”

Tales and Legends is a set of cards that change up the rules in some fundamental or silly way.

Each round a new card is introduced. As you play you get to see the upcoming card so you have time to plan.

The cards have funny illustrations and add new flavor to the game.


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