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My wife and I are huge Small World fans. We have most of the expansions (Grand Dames, Cursed, Be Not Afraid, etc.) for the base game. Of all the expansions, we think this one is the most unique.

Tales and Legends adds an event card for each turn (number of cards is dependent on the number of players). These events can range from relatively benign to potentially catastrophic (frequently for all players involved!). All players get a “heads up” before each event–each event card is shown to the group on the round before it takes affect. Depending on the event, players have to make individual decisions–what’s best to weather the storm or strategically get the upper hand on their opponent(s).

If you have played Small World a few times, the cards (and new rules) can be quickly added to a game with little effort.

These cards definitely add another layer to this game, and it is a welcome addition, especially if you are a hard core Small World player.

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