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Power Grid: The Robots - Board Game Box Shot

Power Grid: The Robots

| Published: 2011
Expansion for Power Grid
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You finally have a new opponent for your Power Grid games: a robot that acts as an additional player. Thanks to his different actions and special abilities he is a strong opponent. You will manage the robot's "decisions" and can use him to act against the other opponent(s).

With this expansion, Power Grid is an exciting and fun experience for two (and more) players!

Power Grid: The Robots is designed especially for two players, but you can use a robot with up to five human players, too. You can even use more than one robot in a game.

The robot consists of five tiles, one tile with rules for each phase (except phase 1 »Determine Player Order« and phase 5 »bureaucracy«) plus a special ability, which the robot uses during the game.

With a total of 30 tiles - six different tiles for each phase - your Power Grid games will never be the same again!

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“A Great Addition”

I have a problem; I don’t get to play with large groups of gamers often. Usually, it’s just me; other times, one or two opponents. So a game like Power Grid, that needs players taking up space and taking resources to remain interesting, really needed this expansion.

Due to the way the Robots go together, running multiple is not just possible, but effective. They don’t make for super intelligent opponents, but they are behaving surprisingly accurately as dummy players; a person will tend to make certain choices and having certain buying patterns, and that’s reflected well. They can make occasional ‘stupid’ moves, but people can do that, too!

I’ve played with one robot to add to a two-player game, and run four while attempting a solitaire. If you have trouble getting three to four player games of Power Grid together, this is a must-have expansion.


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