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Small World

50 out of 57 gamers thought this was helpful

Small World is all about taking land. The problem is there seems to be more people than land available, and that is where the conflict begins. Each player has a different race. These all possess different abilities as well as unique classes which are assigned randomly. All this allows for a game that is constantly changing and able to offer new experiences and challenges each time you play.

I found this game to be quite enjoyable. It has lots of variation…and lots of little cardboard pieces. The game does have a little bit of a setup time. Nothing as bad as Arkham Horror or anything, but just be aware of it. Even though you have tons of little cardboard pieces, they are pretty well done and the game provides a good way of sorting them and keeping them organized. Everything fits into it’s own compartment in the box which I was quite pleased with.

The game also provides 4 different maps. You get two double sided game boards. Each side corresponds to a 2 player game, 3 player game, 4 player game, or a 5 player game. This helps balance the game better than some games instead of trying to force a larger or smaller amount of players into something that it just doesn’t play as well with.

I just picked up this game recently but I have already played it multiple times and have really enjoyed every game. It’s not too heavy of a game, but it doesn’t feel like it skimps either. There is some light strategy and plenty of opportunity to use some smart tactics. There is very rarely a dull moment in the game as new races seem to always be moving in and out of the game and lands change ownership quite often.

Small World may not be my favorite game, but it has a good chance to see more table time than some of those. It’s not a bad setup, it has a good medium play time, it’s easy to teach and it’s just plain fun. I recommend this game to anyone that needs to fill a strategy gap in their game collection but just doesn’t feel like a multi-hour game or a set of complicated rules. Sometimes you just feel like destroying a hill troll with a flying halfling. Ooops, you forgot about the dragon master tritons. Goodbye halfling.

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120 out of 138 gamers thought this was helpful

Portable versions of games, especially digital ones, haven’t always inspired the greatest amount of confidence in gamers. They are usually slimmed down representations of their games namesake, that are barely even comparable, or clunky facsimiles that require the highest level of determination and stubbornness to control.

With touch devices such as the iPhone and iPad, this is no longer the case. By throwing out the keypads and buttons, you can touch the game pieces on the screen just as you would on your table. This opens up the ability to play the actual game portablely, not just the portable version of the game.

Ticket to Ride takes advantage of this and runs with it. This is the actual game. Sure, they have stream lined a few of the things here and there, but they haven’t changed it to a different thing. This feels like you have the board game right in front of you and it’s just as enjoyable. Sure, it will never replace the actual board game. The feel of the pieces, the setup, the actual cards in your hand, but this comes close. It’s a great alternative for when you don’t have room for the full spread.

If you like Ticket to Ride, it’s a real good bet you will like Ticket to Ride Pocket. It’s responsive, there is minimal unneeded animations, and it preserves the elements that made the board game so popular. It’s very affordable which makes this an even easier purchase. If you want to play a game of trains at your convenience, this is the game for you.

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Toc Toc Woodman

132 out of 139 gamers thought this was helpful

Toc Toc Woodman is a super simple game, but surprisingly fun. You take a little plastic axe and hit a little plastic tree. You try to knock the little plastic bark pieces off without knocking off the little plastic core pieces. You get two hits with the little plastic axe. Little plastic bark is 1 point, little plastic cores are -5. Once all the little plastic bark is gone, you add up the points and figure out who the little plastic winner is.

The rule book can be read in about 37 and a half seconds. This is a game screaming for house rules. There is an expansion as well consisting of a golden axe and golden bark and core pieces. The components are sturdy and well made…and also loud when they bounce off the floor or table. It’s fast and easy to setup and even faster and easier to knock it all down again…just try to have more bark pieces than core pieces. Little plastic defeats are fun, but little plastic victories are even better.


-Fast, simple, and appealing. Most anyone will play this game and have fun doing it.
-Fun. The important part of a game. It is. It has it. Have some of it.
-Affordable. It’s a good price for a box full of little plastic fun.


-Hoping for more stuff in the future. It has room for some strange and entertaining expansions. I hope to see them.
Super simple. This isn’t so much a con as it is just a heads up. Even though this game is super fun for a while, you won’t want to play it to much. Put it aside, do other stuff, and the next gaming session you will break it out again, but only for a short period of time.


If you like dexterity style games like Jenga, Toc Toc Woodman improves on that. Anyone of any age can play this game and enjoy it. It won’t see a lot of long play sessions but there is a good chance it will be played often, even if only for short periods of time. Hitting things is fun. Knocking things over is fun. And there is even a funny looking bird on the box. Bonus!

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38 out of 45 gamers thought this was helpful

Translation key for title:
PvP = Player vs Player: Indicating each player will fight the opposing characters attempting to kill or stop them using combat techniques.
CTF = Capture the Flag: Each player has a flag or item that they are protecting and the opposing players are trying to take and return to their base to score points.
MtG = Magic the Gathering: An addicting card game that has wizards duel using spells.
FTW = For the Win: I arbitrarily decided to include another initialism for mild humorous effect.


Wiz-War combines all the above elements into one extremely fun board game. Four wizards are battling in an underground labyrinth. Each has two treasures they are protecting. You gain points by successfully stealing the treasure and bringing it back to your base or simply killing another wizard. The first wizard to acquire 2 points wins.

Each player draws cards from a group shared deck. There are tons of different spells you can get. Everything from simple attacks to destroying or creating walls in the labyrinth. The labyrinth is formed with four different two sided game boards. These can even be rotated with specific spells making the board an active part of the game play.

-Great components. Card art is well done. Miniatures look good. Very good quality all around.
-Fairly simple rules. There is a lot of different stuff in the rule book, but most everything will be recognizable to gamers. Doesn’t take long to get everything in order.
-Amazing fun and balanced. It’s fast paced and seems very well designed.

-Some of the cards can be a bit confusing at first but it does seem to work it’s self out quickly.

I had a blast playing this game. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m always ready to try a new game, and it’s gems like this that make that pay off. I can’t wait to get another game of this going. It’s got a good amount of action mixed with humor to keep everything going at a nice pace. You are not overwhelmed with options so turns seem to go pretty quickly. I can’t recommend this game enough. Buy it and be happy.

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82 out of 89 gamers thought this was helpful

Get a medium size to large table, open up the Carcassonne box, and build cities and roads and fields until the cows come home. Because cows in your home might knock over the table and mess up your game of Carcassonne so that might be a good place to stop.

Carcassonne is a game of tiles. It’s like a multiplayer puzzle. Each player picks a tile and places it on the board/table/floor/playing area. This tile will have different things on it such as a field, or part of a road, or maybe even a city wall. These pictures must match up to their surrounding tiles and build off them. Once you complete a section, such as completely walling off a city, you get the points for that city if you have claimed it.

You claim an area by placing a meeple on it. A meeple is a little wood or plastic person-ish shaped counter. The most points at the end of the game wins. Fairly simple, pretty straight forward, but the end result is usually an entertaining game and a funky looking french countryside littered with the oddest shaped cities and most ignorant road placement you have ever seen.

-Easy to learn.
-Good play time. Not too long, but not too short.
-MEEPLES! What more do you need man?

-There is a lot of luck involved concerning tile draws, but not so much that it overrides good decision making on placement.
-Some of the scoring might be a little confusing at first, but nothing a game or two more won’t fix.

Look. This is a very popular game for a reason. It’s not super flashy and the box might not exactly scream “Excuse me kind sir. Will you please play me because I’m fun and WOW EXPLOSIONS!” or anything like that, but after your first game you will see why so many people put this game so high on their list. Some people use it as a gateway game to get new players interested. The really good thing is that even after they are hooked, they will come back to Carcassonne again and again even after they are addicted to the sweet sweet drug of board gaming.

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62 out of 69 gamers thought this was helpful

Quarriors has been called a dice builder game. It does play like some deck builders but this isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. Simply by utilizing the dice, there is a fairly large amount of luck involved, but that doesn’t mean there is no strategy in this game. It’s a fast paced and fairly short play time game, but it’s fun and has a lot of replayability.

The components of this game are high quality. The art on the cards are well done and imaginative, the dice are very well made as well as quite abundant, and it even comes in a nice metal box. A score card as well as wooden place markers are included. The packaging and presentation are convincing enough to make the purchase, but the fun keeps you from regretting it.

Game play is pretty simple. You roll your dice, use the points or spell or creature that is showing on each dice, then use them for yourself or against your opponents to score points to win. Word of caution though, the rule book isn’t the most easy read. It is not complicated, but some things are out of order from the way I figured they would be presented, or just not very clear. After a full playthrough or two everything will be fine though.

The game can turn into a game of “first person to get the dragons” pretty fast though. It’s easy to go for the big monsters and just go for the win, but this game offers many other interesting spells and creatures. Remember your other options and take out the dragon hoarders.

-High quality components
-A lot of fun
-Short game
-Easy to learn, teach and play
-Game makes it an ease to play multiple times in a row and still want to play again the next week

-It can feel like there are not enough different variations on your card options at times. There is an expansion for this out and another one on the way which could resolve this issue pretty easy.
-If you don’t like dice/luck based games, this may not be for you. Lots of luck, but you still have options and strategies.

I purchased this game based only upon a few reviews and the packing presentation and description on the box. I mean, a game with 130 dice is enticing. I was not disappointed. I keep wanting to play this game and I’m planning on picking up both expansions. It’s an easy game that will entertain. Worth the money and worth the time.

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59 out of 66 gamers thought this was helpful

Sometimes a simple game is all you need for a good time. The rules of Guillotine are quite basic. You can learn the game rules or show them to someone else in a few moments. This helps make Guillotine a very approachable game, but what makes it keep getting played is just how fun it is.

You are an executioner, You cut off heads, and being good at your job is important. Collect better heads at the end of three days, and you can be the best darn executioner in the kingdom. Well…until the next game anyway.

The game has a line of cards. They are the heads you are trying to acquire for points. The point of the game is to move the line around so the cards you take are better than the cards your opponents take. You always take the head on the right side of the line, but cards allow you to move the order of this line. Some of the heads give extra bonuses, some are just straight up points, and some are going to cost you points and make you look like an executioner in training which is quite embarrassing indeed.

There is a lot of variation in the types of cards you can play. Everything from changing the way certain heads contribute points to removing all the heads and getting an entire new line of victims. For a simple game, you can have a good amount of strategy. You can also play this game as a lightning fast point collecting game. Both are fun and both are available with this game quite easily.

The cards are well illustrated, they are humorous, and the game flows very well and very quick. The theme may be of beheading, but it is with a tongue in cheek approach. This is Saturday morning cartoons executions we are talking about here.

-Very affordable
-Easy to learn
-Enough cards to keep things fresh and new

-Even though there is a good mix of card abilities, there could have easily been more.
-The game can go by faster than you might hope for. Play another game, or make house rules to lengthen the game, otherwise it goes by pretty fast.

Guillotine is fun. Simple as that. It’s not complex, but it doesn’t set out to be. There are some interesting strategies with the cards, but those are limited as well. As long as your not dead set against simple games, it’s hard not to have fun with this. It’s very affordable and bound to be played again and again.

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40 out of 47 gamers thought this was helpful

Return of the Fallen is a great expansion. It adds new cards to the Ascension mix without taking away from what made the original great. There are some new play mechanics but they fit so well with the flow of the game it makes it seem like they have been there the entire time.

This is a stand alone expansion, which means you can play it without the original Ascension game, but because only with 2 players. This is limiting, but not really a problem. You will probably want to mix the two sets anyway.

-More of the same. Added some new stuff, but everything fits.
-Amazing art.

-Small set to use as a stand alone.


Ascension is a great game, and Return of the Fallen is a great expansion for it. Nothing feels out of place. The game doesn’t get changed so much that you won’t recognize it, and the new things that are added seem to be a welcome addition to most players. If you like Ascension, pick up this expansion. You will be able to support more players and get some great new cards.

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Kill Doctor Lucky

139 out of 146 gamers thought this was helpful

Some games have you searching for clues to solve a murder, but what about the people that think the actual murder would be more fun? In Kill Doctor Lucky it’s up to you to gather up your weapons, elude the other guests, and brutal murder the old geezer…just make sure there are no witnesses. The most tricky part will be catching him though. Pretty spry for an old ****.

The game is a ton of fun. It’s not super deep, but it does require some tricky strategy and planning. Now, this doesn’t mean your plan will come together. Everyone else will be trying to enact their plans as well and they probably don’t coincide with yours. You move the old guy to the wine cellar and wait for him…to bad. Someone else pops him up to the armory before you even get a chance to make your ambush.

You can’t even attempt to murder someone while they can see you. This means usually staying away from the other players. It leaves you open for an attack but it also gives them a chance at victory as you can’t watch them.

The doctor moves on a very predictable path, that is until someone changes that. Before every players turn, the doctor moves to the next higher numbered room. He will keep moving in this circle around the house unless someone plays a room card and prepositions him instantly in another room. From there he will continue on his way, moving to the next higher numbered room until he reaches the end and starts back over at the first room. This is a big part of the game. Be where he will be, move him to you, or move you to him…and all of this with no witnesses.

A nice addition to this game that I didn’t expect, when the doctor moves into a room that is occupied by another player, that player then gets the turn, even if they were not the next player in line. This adds a whole new level of strategy to the game that I was quite pleased with.

When you finally get your shot at offing the old coot, all the other players get one chance to stop you. They do this by playing Failure cards. If they can make the failure points add up to the total of the weapon card you are using, your murder attempt gets thwarted, but all is not lost. A failed murder is hard on a character and might get them a little miffed. This miffedness represents its self in the form of a spite token. You get one after each failed murder and these add a +1 bonus to all your next attempts. Practice makes perfect I guess.

-Easy to understand rules, even though I overlooked a few details on the first play through. We fixed it half way through the game though.
-A good level of strategy
-Humorous card text

Cons: (I’m actually having to nitpick right now)
-Could use some new expansions to add a few extra new things to the game. Simple is great sometimes, but a little extra options are always good.
-Miniatures would be great with this game, but that would raise the price up from a very good, affordable spot where it is now.

I really liked Kill Doctor Lucky. It’s easy to learn, pretty simple to play, and just enjoyable. There really isn’t to much to dislike about it. The price is right, the play time is right, it feels original enough that it will be able to provide something new, and quite frankly the old dude might just have it coming. Right?

Go to the Bang! The Bullet! page

Bang! The Bullet!

60 out of 67 gamers thought this was helpful

Bang! is a fun party style card game. It’s fast, fairly easy to learn, and the games seem to last a pretty good amount of time. Not to long, not to short.

Everyone is given a secret role to play. You might be an outlaw trying to kill off the sheriff or you might be the deputy trying to assist the sheriff. The other players don’t know who you are, but it becomes pretty easy to figure out pretty early into the game most times. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though.

The way you play the game is draw cards. The cards represent actions or items. One action is Bang! and allows you to shoot another player within your shooting range. Everyone will start with a default range of one person over from them, but might be modifiers to allow them to shoot further. You can also get items such as guns that allow you to shoot more people at once or further. You may also get items such as beers that will regain health. There are many more items and action cards in the game. Most of it is pretty easy to understand and easy to use.

-Easy to learn.
-Good game time length.
-Fast action.

-Mostly random chance.
-Not a ton of strategy.

I like Bang! and do want to play it again. A few games go by pretty quick, but that is really all you need. It’s fast action, has a little strategy to keep things interesting, but isn’t a deep enough game to devote tons of time into, but this isn’t always needed. Pick up Bang! for a fun game that a few people can play easily with little to no rejection, but keep something else on hand to fill in the rest of the time.

Go to the Blokus page


75 out of 82 gamers thought this was helpful

Blokus is a a pretty fun game. The point of the game is to get all your pieces onto the board, while preventing your opponents from doing the same. You do this by connecting a piece to another of your pieces by only having them touch on the corners, never side by side. You can touch other players pieces on the side, but not your own. The more pieces you have left over at the end, the worse your score. There is a good amount of strategy involved considering your pieces are all odd shaped and you are limited on your placement.

The pieces and board are well constructed. The pieces are plastic and transparent colors. The board is notched so the pieces fit onto the board without sliding around. A lesser game would have overlooked this and made the game far more of a chore. This tiny aspect makes the game easy to play without a fuss.

Even though the game is enjoyable, I feel it does lack in depth. Yes, it has strategy, but it’s pretty straight forward. This is a good thing for learning the rules and getting new players involved, but the game probably won’t be play as much as some other more complex adventures that are available.

-Simple game mechanics with fun strategy.
-Well made game pieces and board.
-Easy to learn, easy to play, but still has the “hard to master” aspect” to keep it interesting.

-Not enough depth to keep it from being an occasional game.

If you want a fun, simple game that has some strategy, Blokus is a nice fit. It’s easy and inviting for kids or new players without making it a game you just play for that reason. If you find the game on sale, it’s a no brainer.

Go to the Forbidden Island page

Forbidden Island

132 out of 139 gamers thought this was helpful

Forbidden Island is a cooperative game of strategy. You either succeed as a team or fail as a team. There is no middle ground. This can either be an amazingly fun experience or a fight in the making.

Every player is randomly assigned a role card. These all provide unique abilities that other players do not have. All of the roles are useful and using them correctly is pivotal to your success.

Once you have your roles, you are now ready to start trekking over the island to obtain the treasure and then fly away to freedom, but that won’t be easy. The island will start flooding instantly. Flooding is the main weapon the island will use against you to hinder your progress and try to ultimately kill you all.

As the island floods, areas of the island are threatened. If an area floods twice without being saved, it falls away forever and is removed from the game. This makes it difficult to travel but even more importantly, if the piece was vital, such as a treasure location, you loose. This makes for some tense moments as it just feels like the island could destroy everything at the drop of a hat if you do not plan properly.

Don’t misunderstand me. The game is winnable. It will be a difficult journey but the payoff is worth it. Work together and you won’t be afraid of getting your shoes wet, or even massive sections of the island disappearing into the sea.

-Incredibly fun.
-Well designed strategy elements.
-Easy to setup and quick to play.
-Tons of replay ability.

-Players must utilize strategy or they will loose the game for everyone. This is not enjoyable for all types of players.

I love this game. The unique strategy elements mixed with the co-op game play makes for a great time. Working together with your friends to achieve an obtainable but difficult goal is exciting. This game does require the players to utilize their abilities and implement some strategies though. The game encourages discussions to assist other players with their strategies to ultimately provide overall success for your group. Not all players are up to this task or find it enjoyable, but if this does sound fun to you, the game will not disappoint. It’s a very affordable game that will be played more than many much more expensive ones.

Go to the Ascension page


47 out of 53 gamers thought this was helpful

That seems to be the most common phrase said after a game of Ascension. Lots of people think it’s fun. There is no doubt about that. It may not become your favorite game, or even your favorite deck builder game, but there is definitely an audience for this game and it’s easy to see why.

Ascension is well designed. The game is easy to learn but doesn’t feel too simple. The rules are fairly easy to follow even on your first time playing. Some cards might be a little confusing at first, but that gets resolved fast enough. The first game is the most simple on the rules. Both of the expansions add new things that can be tricky to keep up with at some occasional times, but nothing to scary in any of them.

The art is great. The game has a style and all the cards fit together into that style very well. Every card is illustrated by the same artist and every illustration is a work of art.

The game play goes by fast but you still feel like you have accomplished something with your built deck. You can easily make the game quite long if desired with easy house rules, which makes the game even more epic. I recommend it, but only if you are ready to go against some power decks.

I love this game as well as both of the expansions. My personal favorite seems to change from week to week, but all of them are worth picking up and playing at anytime.

-Solid game.
-Easy to learn.
-Great art.
-Keeps you coming back with a different game each time.

-The game can fly by pretty fast at times.
-The first has fewer variation on cards than the expansions.


The game play is fast, easy to learn, but still has a strategy to it that will keep you thinking a few turns ahead. The game play is solid, the art is great and most importantly of all, you and the other players will have fun. Buy it. If you love it as much as I do, buy the expansions. You will not regret it.

Go to the Zombie Dice page

Zombie Dice

37 out of 42 gamers thought this was helpful

Zombie Dice is a fun game at a cheap price. The dice are well made, the art is appealing and the zombie concept makes it more enjoyable, but Zombie Dice is an occasional game. It’s a super simple game that takes no time to learn, but also no time to play. Not saying it’s not fun, but it will get old quick.

By being so simple though it does lend it’s self to house rules very well. This often adds a great deal of enjoyment by just testing out what works and what doesn’t. If you enjoy making up new rules or tweaking the old ones Zombie Dice has a bonus for you.

The dice, the cup and a set of rules. Thats all thats in the package, but honestly thats all you need. The standard rules are straight forward but produce a quick game that is fun. You probably won’t play it often, but when you do, you will be right into the action in no time eating brains and getting shot in the face.

-Easy to learn
-Fun occasional game

-Very simple. Probably won’t have enough to keep you coming back often

If you like games, if you like zombies, and you like dice, pick up Zombie Dice. Keep in mind this probably isn’t going to be a main game by any means. Break out the game, play for about 10 mins then move on to the next thing. It’s fun while it lasted and it will be fun when you come back to it, but it’s not going to be a main gaming piece, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Go to the Ascension: Storm of Souls page

Ascension: Storm of Souls

80 out of 87 gamers thought this was helpful

Storm of Souls is the standalone expansion for the deck building card game Ascension. It can be played alone or added with the original and/or the other expansion Return of the Fallen.

During the game you basically build a deck from cards you acquire from the table that will allow you to have the most honor at the end of the game. You don’t fight the other players as much as you out maneuver them. Build a deck that performs better and you win. You can also play to prevent them from building a good deck so there is still some direct actions you can take against the other players.

The game is easy to learn and easy to play. This has become a favorite among my gamer friends. A typical game can be played in a fairly short amount of time but can be made longer with very simple house rules if desired. Even with a short play time you are still able to see a strategy emerge from your constructed deck fairly quickly which is gratifying.

There are some interesting strategies and combos with certain cards, but they are not required. Pick cards that might compliment each other and you will be able to compete. You don’t have to be an expert at the game to succeed which is always refreshing to a new player.

The addition of the new event cards are nice, but not a huge game changer. This is not really a bad thing as the game was amazingly enjoyable to begin with. When the event is beneficial to you, you are happy about it, when it’s not, you really don’t even notice it. I hope future expansions utilize more event cards though as I think it could become quite inventive. Even forgetting about the event cards, the new cards in this expansion are well thought out and add a lot of new flavor to the game.

Much of the art has also changed and I think it looks great. It is done by the same artist so it still matches with the previous releases. Even with some updated art it still mixes with the other two no problem.

-Fast game play.
-Low learning curve.
-Accessible to new players.
-Good mix of luck and strategy.

-Some games can go by to fast without house rules.
-The new event cards don’t seem to add a lot new, but don’t hurt either.

Ascension is one of my favorite games, and Storm of Souls is my favorite expansion. As I stated earlier, this can be played by it’s self too without just adding to the original. In some ways I think it’s better than the original, but both offer their own flavor of a great game that still sticks with what works. If you are a fan of collectable card games such as magic, deck builder games or just want a fun game that has the nice mix of pick up and play and just enough strategy, I can’t recommend it enough.

Go to the Munchkin page


49 out of 56 gamers thought this was helpful

Hilarious at times and infuriating at others, this game is well known to produce a crazy good experience. The cards are funny, the combos are overpowered and everyone cheats. Just a few of the reasons I love this game.

The basis of the game is this. You are a Munchkin. You and your fellow Munchkins go down into the dungeon and fight monsters, get loot and go home. Pretty straightforward. The interesting part comes when your so called Munchkin “friends” end up being more detrimental to your health than the monsters. See, it’s not about just winning and getting the loot, it’s about being the ONLY ONE winning and getting the loot.

As you progress through the game every player ends up with various cards they can use to hinder their friends/opponents. These can be used during battle to help the monster or just because you didn’t want them to have that particular weapon they seem to value so much. Oh, don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to be that much of a jerk. You can help your fellow Munchkins in a fight…but then you have to share that sweet sweet precious loot, and that just doesn’t seem fair considering it is your loot. Besides, they are cheating anyway.

Holding a small weapon in one hand and a small shield in the other makes perfect sense. But what if you wanted to also carry a chainsaw and possibly a giant two handed ax as well. It may be cumbersome and look quite awkward but with a Cheat chard (or two in this case) you are completely allowed to do this no matter how little sense it would make. A single Cheat card allows you to use any weapon you would otherwise not be allowed to use. Already wearing a helmet? Play a cheat card and now you have two helmets on. It may look cool or stupid, but you now get the benefits from both so who cares what you look like.

Keep a light hearted approach to the game and all the backstabbing will become hilarious instead of infuriating. The exact details of things might become a little difficult to keep track of throughout the game but embrace the anarchy and go with the flow and even when someone does something wrong it’s quite entertaining.

-Humorous art and flavor text. Good quality.
-Chaotic fun.
-Easy to get going and tons of expansions to add to the mix later.
-The silliness of the games makes even losing amusing.

-The chaotic nature of the game can turn some people off.
-Some rules can become a little confusing at times with certain card combos.
-Not everyone finds backstabbing or getting backstabbed enjoyable.
-The strategy is not very deep. Lots of random chance.

If you are looking for an affordable game that will appeal to a large group of people, even people new to board games/card games, Munchkin is an easy choice. The humor is obvious and the rules are easy to understand most of the time. Munchkin is a game that is usually a hit when I introduce it to someone even if it’s not the most in depth game. It probably won’t be a game you play with your group every time you get together, but when it does come out, expect it to be fun.

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