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Hey, Thats My Fish! - Board Game Box Shot

Hey, Thats My Fish!

| Published: 2011
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Hey, That’s My Fish!, a game of fishy confrontation for 1-4 players. This lively game balances deep strategic play with a light and family-friendly landscape.

Control up to four hungry penguins in this fast-playing game where you race across a rapidly dwindling ice floe to collect fish and block competing penguins from your food supply. The player with the most fish at the end of the game claims a chilly victory!

Hey, Thats My Fish! home screen Hey, Thats My Fish! setup Hey, Thats My Fish! gameplay

Hey, That’s My Fish! is simple to learn but challenging to master, offering endless hours of fun as you discover the best tactics to use in your fish-grabbing escapades. A variety of map levels of increasing difficulty and an optional imposed time limit on turn length will have you constantly testing your skills. Hey, That’s My Fish! also includes a collection of achievement awards to obtain, should you master their conditions. Rise in penguin rank as you successfully earn each award.

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“Good lord! My phone is full of fish!!!”

As I said before in my review for the hard copy version of Hey, That’s my fish! The game is simple and complex at the same time! The aim of the game is to move around a hex tile board, one penguin at a time with the aim of taking each tile you stop on away from the board and the number of fish thereon.
In the board game this is simple to do and easily becomes a tactical battle of wills with each player attempting to out manoeuvre each other and cast the other players adrift to be eaten by sharks, which until now have been purely theoretical.
Joy of joys, this is no longer the case! Pure digital toothyness awaits for a fantastically low price.

I downloaded the Android version for £1.95 (apply your own currency conversion if needs be but it’ll still be cheap!) for my Galaxy Note and I was so pleased I drained the battery in one straight sitting!
From the brilliantly cartoony animation, including the killer whales eating stranded penguins, to the whimsical music and sound effects throughout this is a fantastic conversion of a wonderful game. The CPU controlled players (for when real friends just won’t do) have three difficulty levels and go from cheeky to downright evil in no time flat. Add a few friends and a long commute and you have an awesome time killer. The new configurations for the ice flows can be used easily with the physical game so you even get a bonus for real life play thrown in!

A brilliantly simple and devilishly complex game which will lose you countless hours of your life for a small amount. 9/10

I had to nit-pick a lot to find even the smallest issue with this game, the only one I have found would be that if I wasn’t playing on a Galaxy Note, my large sausage fingers would have difficulty in playing as even with my large screen I still have the odd issue with the size of the icons. Best on iPad or tablet as the size only helps, smaller screens just wouldn’t do.

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“Cute game that's very easy to learn”

I purchased this game because it sounded cute and fun- penguins, fish, and whales- what’s not to love? Visually the game is cool, and the app runs smoothly every time I’ve played it.


It’s an app, so there’s not any setup other than choosing your options and clicking start. You can choose from 1-4 players (human or computer in any combination), and three levels (easy, normal, and hard). There are also different ice block configurations to choose from, although most of them are locked until you complete certain achievements.

Game Play

The concept is really simple- eat the most fish. To do this, you place your penguins on ice blocks with just one fish. Then each player takes turns moving their penguins to a new ice block. You can move as far as you’d like in any direction, as long as it’s a straight line and there are no holes. Once you move from an ice block, the number of fish on that block is added to your score, and the ice disappears. If your penguin becomes trapped (standing on a lone ice block with nowhere to move), then a killer whale jumps out of the water and eats him. Play continues until all the penguins have been eaten. The player with the most fish is the winner.


Overall, it’s a cute game, and I think the theme would appeal to kids especially. I would recommend playing with a minimum of 2 players (doesn’t have to be two humans). I tried playing 1 player, and that took all the thinking right out of it. I haven’t unlocked a lot of other configurations, so maybe it would still be challenging with only 1 player if you played another scenario.

Personally I do not care for this game- it just doesn’t hold my interest, but I can see how it would be great for some, especially kids and casual gamers.

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“Greedy Penguins”

The object of the game is simple. Eat as many fish as you can before the Orca eats you (by getting trapped in a spot where you can no longer move). Depending on the number of players involved you’ll have 2, 3 or 4 penguins (for 4, 3, and 2 players respectively). On each turn you move in a straight line and remove the spot you are currently standing on eating those fish.

It really is simple and with a random board set up it makes for every game being unique. It’s fun and can either be played like chess, analyzing each move, or like my daughter plays it just moving and eating what looks good.

The great thing about this game is with multiple players it’s hard to know what strategy, if any, they will take. It’s a quick game and my 4 year old actually beat us playing as she took the gobble up all of the big fish while my wife and I tried to out maneuver each other.

Simple, fun, quick, and engaging for all levels. That spells a winning game in my book. Plus the animations are cute to boot.

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“Nice adaptation of Hey, That's My Fish”

My only real criticism of the tabletop version of Hey, That’s My Fish was managing the ever shifting hexagon tiles that make up the board. The Android app solves that problem beautifully. There is no setup or cleanup time, and there are many options to keep things fun. One to four human players can play against each other, provided they share a device, or play a computer opponent. The program is quite intuitive, and the rules and goals of the game are clear.

I like programs that show a player all possible legal moves. It is instructive, and it insures proper scoring. A game of Hey, That’s My Fish takes less than 10 minutes, and it’s tough to play just one game. It’s a clever game with a surprising amount of strategy involved. I usually prefer the tabletop version of a given game over an electronic edition. I like the social interaction involved, and I enjoy the tactile feel of handling real cards and components. But Hey, That’s My Fish may be better as an app version. The best elements of the game are preserved, and the fiddly aspects of the tabletop are a non factor. That’s a big plus.

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“Very nice transfer of fun”

I love Hey! That’s My Fish, so I was happy to see this digital version available.

The game follows the same basic rules as the board version. Lay out tiles (done for you with some extra configurations), place penguins (random order), and start moving (same order).

Again this game is a basic strategy game, the app allows 3 difficulty settings, and is a lot of fun. The easy setting allows younger gamers to develop their skills. The digital version offers a vs computers and vs real opponents option. (This will not stop me from getting the real version out.)


True to real game
Multiple board options
computer and real life opponent.

No vs real life via the interents option
missing the textile feel of real version

Buy this game you won’t be upset!


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