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If you ever want to get into the Warhammer 40 tabletop game this is one of the best ways to start. The box brings some of the most needed and common parts of the game in a single box set.

First thing to tell you is the rulebook. The main rulebook with fluff and paint schemes and pages and pages of slightly useless information is retail cost of $50. You get all the rules for the game in a smaller and condensed version without the useless stuff in this kit. So basically half the cost of the game is paid for in this rulebook. 😉

Second of all the actual figures. They are mostly a single model with maybe an arm or weapon to attach. Very simple for beginner modelers and players alike. No options for new weapons is annoying if you buy into the game later. But the weapons provided are the basic ones you will be using anyways. Just no room for upgrades. The figures themselves are a high quality model just like all the other GW product. So don’t think because it’s a beginner box you are getting a lesser product. One note, this is the only way to pick Deffkoptas, the Ork helicopter model, unless you pay like $13 for a single Deffkopta model.

Simplicity for this game is not really a problem. There are some beginner rules to get you started before jumping into the full rules for the game. So don’t worry about reading a full rulebook before you can play. There are like 3 pages of basic rules that anybody can pick up in a few mins and get a game going. Once you get a grasp of the basic rules the main ones aren’t much different. They just open up more options for how to defeat your enemy. Also, most 40K players are eager to teach and help new players learn the game. So head down to your local hobby shop to ask a few questions, watch a game or even participate with your new army from this set. This game has a huge community of players and painters alike, and we are always happy to add a new member to the family.

Cost is the only thing I would warn potential players about. This game is not cheap. It is a very expensive hobby, so understand that before you begin. However, a wise man once said, most video games you play are outdated in a few months, and if you’re lucky even a year, until you trade them in for a new one. Warhammer 40K always keeps its value and usually increases in value over time. The models you buy now, you will be playing for years, 7 in my case. And you will create memories, fun experiences and moments in time you can’t really enjoy with a video game. So with that being said, it’s expensive to get into, but the models retain their value. They actually increase in value if you paint them well. So there’s something to think about.

Overall, this is a great way to break into tabletop miniature wargaming. If you only want Orks, sell the other half on eBay, you will make up the cost, and vice versa if you want the space marines. The price varies but usually costs $100 retail. Look around the internet for places that sell GW product for 20-25% off and save some cash though. I recommend this becasue you get everything you need to play minus paint for the figs. You get the main rulebook, models, dice, beginner rules, templates and measuring rulers. Find a buddy to go in half cost or pick up the box and sell what you don’t need. Either way you really get your money’s worth for the models supplied in this set.

A SIDE NOTE OF IMPORTANCE: the new 6th edition of Warhammer 40K is set to release in July of 2012, and there are rumors of a new beginner box set being released with two different armies. So know this before buying, you may be able to pick up this set at a price drop since a new beginner set is planned to be coming out soon.

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This game involves much real time thinking and paying attention. The game revolves around three target zones for each player. Head, left arm and right arm. You have a deck of attacks with names and colors. Examples include red haymaker, blue cross, purple jab, so on and so on.

The game is simple. In real time, like war or spoons, play cards from your decks with each hand on one of your opponent’s three zones. At the end of using all your cards or your opponent ending the round, score points from one of the three zones and who has the most points at the end of the round wins. Each attack has a point value between 0-2 points, the opponent gets to block one stack of the three from being counted, so spread your cards all around so can actually score points after the round ends. Winning three rounds wins the game, or knocking out the opponent ends the whole thing. Simple and to the point? Nope, there are blocks, counters, extra combos and different ways to win every time.

Problem for me is that I’m colorblind and cant tell the difference of some of the colors. Oh well. The game is fun, fast and very much like ERS or slapjack in that paying attention to cards played, and responding to the opponent is crucial.

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