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1313 Dead End Drive - Board Game Box Shot

1313 Dead End Drive

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Can you survive the traps & inherit my millions?
Never knew you had a rich aunt? Well, unfortunately I've passed on -- but I'm leaving my money to you!

All you need to do is come to 1313 Dead End Drive and escape with your share. Beware, getting out isn't easy. My home is filled with traps like the revolving fireplace, the loose boar's head and oh, by all means, please be careful on the stairs.

Plus there are other relatives and staff you should watch out for. Do you dare to take your share?

Welcome to the family!


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“Super Fun!”

Our gaming group didn’t have any kids and yet we all own a copy of this. I picked it up many years ago at Toys R Us for about $5 and boy am I happy I did! It’s a light hearted game with a little bit of strategy rolled in. We don’t play it often but when we do we are always happy we did.

As for the game itself rules are easy to learn, the pieces are fun and the mansion being 3D makes the experience that much more enjoyable. Play through is about 45 minutes or so depending on how long your group takes to plan out their turns.

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“Really great family game for all ages!”

We played this at a friends house who bought it at a yard sale for $1. Later we bought it at GenCon for $3. All of us really made out since this game is super fun for our family. It does take a little set up for the board traps but it just adds to the charm. We really enjoyed tricking each other into believing who owned which pawn and maneuvering one another onto the devious traps. My daughters (15 an 6 years old) had a blast just trying to beat out mom and dad. It’s a mystery versus game a bunch of light hearted fun.

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“Great family game, better with max #.”

Great family night game. It’s best with max players. Resetting the traps is not difficult but can still be a bit tedious. Game play changes some as you go along so a clear cut winner is not always guaranteed.


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